Strange day yesterday.

I was tired from the traveling of the day before so I stayed in bed till late morning. Then I had to unpack. Food starting to turn in the refrigerator. So had to grocery shop.

Still early afternoon. I decided to go to the beach. I have not been to the beach in a while.

It is easy here in Key West. Throw a sand chair and towel in the trunk and off you go!

I went to the Federal Beach. Also known as the State Park. Best known as Fort Zach.

The absolute best beach in Key West!

After awhile the sun was getting to me just lying there, so I deceided to take a walk. I went down to the end of the beach where the rocks are. The rocks mark the entrance to Key West harbor. You can see all the boats, large and small, going in and out. A pretty sight!

The beach narrows by the rocks. There were two lovely young ladies sunbathing. Topless! Obviously they caught my eye!

I watched the boats for a time. Hard since my mind was on the topless ones.

On the return trip to my chair I had to go past them again. No problem! My pleasure!

For some reason, the gods were with me. They smiled. I smiled. They said Hi! I said Hi! And we started talking!

They were from France. I should have known!

On an American vacation. Spending two days in Key West. Leaving the next day, today.

Their names were Aimee and Brigitte. Lovely names for lovely ladies with lovely bodies!

Mid 30s. Both single.

We had a pleasant conversation, though a bit difficult for me to concentrate on. We became friends. They wanted to go out on the town and invited me to join them later in the evening. They were not interested in dinner. Just wanted to drink and do the tourist thing.

Who was I to say no. We agreed to meet at Schooner’s Wharf at 8. My choice. I was to be the tour director.

Schooner’s Wharf is a dive! A huge ramshackle tiki hut on the beach. A local and tourist hangout. One of the last vestiges of old Key West.

They were there! They looked as good in clothes as they did topless! One had short tight shorts and a tee shirt on. The other a very short skirt and halter. Mine for the evening!

Great people! We drank and laughed. And started getting drunk. So time to eat.

I took them over to Sloppy Joe’s where we drank some more, they danced and, yes, we ate sloppy joes!

The conversation was terrific! Aimee and Brigitte are smart educated women. We covered a multitude of sins. Politics here and in France, Bush’s screw ups, clothes, cost of living, etc.

I was beginning to feel no pain. They seemed to be OK. Must be the youth factor!

The next stop was steps away. Irish Kevin’s! A real fun place! Aimee went up on stage and bared her breasts for a free drink. I said “…only in America!” Brigitte said “…in France too!”

We were doing shots of tequilla.

I noticed at Sloppy Joe’s, and more so at Irish Kevin’s, that the girls were getting touchy with each other. Turns out they are lesbians. Just my luck! I could not get laid in a whore house!

Their sexual preference however did not deter us from continuing to have a great time!

Now aware of where their they were sexually, I suggested we go across the street to the Red Garter. The Red Garter is a strip joint. They were all for it!

I stumbled across the street. They danced their way to the Red Garter. Oh, youth!

The young ladies dancing at the Red Garter are soooooooooo beautiful! Naked! Not a stitch of clothing to cover those perfect bodies.

Aimee and Brigitte were in all their glory! I was happy, too!

And the dancers socialize between sets with the guests. Many of the strippers are gay. My friends and the dancers soon found each other.

It was fun!

It was also late. I was tired. I was bombed.

I kissed Aimee and Bigitte good night. And some of the dancers also. Called a cab since I was drunk. And went home.

If I ever get to France, I am confident that Aimee and Brigitte will make sure I have an equally good time!

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