I am back in Key West!


Interestingly it was not humid when I arrived last night. Nor is it this morning. The sun is up and shining. The water moving. A cool breeze running over everything.

Now for the return trip.

I forgot my cell phone in Utica. When I remembered, it was too late. No turning back. I would have missed the plane.

Try living a day without your cell phone. You are absolutely lost! Amazing!

I missed receiving calls. Even worse, I felt handicapped in not being able to make calls.

My flight from Newark to Fort Lauderdale was cancelled. Of course! I had to telephone Lisa to tell her I would be a couple of hours late and what my new arrival time would be. I tried to make a telephone call with my credit card. I don’t remember the last time I did or if I ever did. I felt like an incompetent ass! It took me awhile to figure out how to do it.

I experienced an embarassing and painful moment at the Syracuse Airport. I fell.

I was going from the check in counter to where ever I had to drop my bags off for security. Two large bags. One on wheels and one not. Plus a bulky over the shoulder brief case. I threw the heavy bag on the wheeler and the brief case over my should and moved forward. The bags went down and I followed them.

As I lay there with the world milling around me, I thought “…you DUMB FUCK! You’re old!”

We complain that airline service is lacking and poor. It was not when I fell! Everyone was upon me in seconds. The counter people. Security personnel. Airport police. “Call emergency!” “Get an ambulance!” “Why didn’t someone help him with his bags!” “Don’t move!” “Where does it hurt?” “Why is it taking emergency so long!” And on and on and on!

My knees and shins hurt, my left wrist and my neck. And my pride! I jumped up and assured everyone I was well and needed no assistance.

The counter attendant took my bags to security. And I took Louis imediately to the escalator to escape the entire situation.

The flights were uneventful, except for the cloud banks I could see out the window on the long leg of my the flight. They looked like huge mounds of freshly plowed snow. If my recollection is correct, a nun in grammar school taught me they were called cumulus. The body may be faltering, but not the mind!

Lisa met me at the Key West Airport. Love her! A good daughter!

A few aches were not going to keep me from going out last night. Though I did make it a quiet one.

I had dinner at the bar at LaTrattoria. Some friends were there so I had people to talk with.

Becca the manager was wandering around. Such a beauty! And what a great dresser! This lady has one hell of a wardrobe.

Kathy was bartending. A beauty also! She is originally from Albany. So I filled her in on the north country.

That was yesterday. I am not sure what I am going to do today. Still have to unpack. Will probably walk and I don’t know what else. What a terrible life! But as the saying goes, someone has to do it and I am very willing!

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