Good morning!

Today I return to Key West. Where I belong!

Yesterday was a pleasant family/friends day. Father’s Day gifts received. Hugs and kisses given. A Father’s Day gift to my father.

What do you give a 94 year old man who no longer drives. The worst thing in the world is not being able to drive any longer. It robs an individual of his freedom. It jails him in his home.

So he reads a lot! And books I bought him!

Two baseball novels. He loves sports. And happily for me he was thrilled with both books!

May he be here next year for another Father’s Day.

Nicole’s party was a wonderful!

Large white tents in the yard. Pretty tables. Great food. Italian and Lebanese. My granddaughter Andrea is of Lebanese extraction.

The party gave me an opportunity to be with many friends I have not seen in a while.

In between the partying, I was in and out of the house with others watching the U.S. Open. Tiger did it again! And with only one good leg. Mediate is to be congratualted. This tournamnet is his time. Today will be a great 18 holes!

Have to hurry now. Shower and shave and all those good morning things. And then off to the airport!

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