Marijuana flourished in the 1970s and 1980s. The problem for drug dealers was how to get the marijuana into the U.S. from Cuba and elsewhere. Federal and state authorities were making it difficult for the illicit busines to flourish.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The dope dealers came up with a workable plan. Not foolproof. However one by which enough marijuana was able to get into the U.S.

Bales of marijuana were thrown overboard from boats or dropped from airplanes into South Florida waters. The bales dropped at specified spots so those recovering them knew where to be at a particular time. Occasionally bales were missed and washed up on Keys shores.

This past week, bales of marijuana showed up on Sugarloaf and Big Pine Key. The bale on Surgarloaf weighed 9 pounds, on Big Pine Key 8 pounds.

Back in the 1970s, the bales that washed up became known as square groupers. Still so named. The recent two bales are square groupers just as those of 50 years ago.

The bale name square grouper became the name of a U.S. 1 restaurant on Cudjoe Key 10 years ago. The Square Grouper. One of the finest restaurants in the Florida Keys. An exceptional eatery.

The Ku Klux Klan and Key West walked hand in hand in the 1920s.

The Ku Klux Klan was a seed that grew rapidly following the Civil War. The Klan was founded in 1865 by a group of Confederate veterans. It rapidly grew from a secret social fraternity to a paramilitary force. Its initial purpose to reverse the federal government’s progressive Reconstruction era activities in the South. Especially those that elevated local African-American populations.

The Klan from day one was a white supremacist organization. It brought excessive violence down on blacks.

Congress was concerned. On this day in 1871, it passed the Third Forces Act. The Act soon became popularly known as the Ku Klux Klan Act.

The Act authorized President Grant to declare martial law, impose heavy penalties against terrorist organizations,and use military forces to suppress the Ku Klux Klan.

Key West has a reputation today of being One Happy Family. It was not so in the 1920s. At the time, many prominent Key West citizens were members of the Klan. Openly and proudly.

The Key West organization was also known as the Klan of the Keys.

The Klan became exceptionally violent when Key West resident Charles H. Ketchum was Grand Dragon  of the Klan for the State of Florida. During the 1920s, more lynchings occurred in Florida per capita than any other state.

Besides Ketchum, Key West men of power all belonged to the Klan: The Monroe County Sheriff, Key West Police Chief, tax collector, Key West Fire Department Chief and the head of the criminal courts.

Porter Place is public housing in Key West. Has been so for 81 years since its opening. The project is located at the corner of White and Eaton Streets.

The complex was named for J. Y. Porter, a prominent resident and leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

When first constructed, Porter Place was a “whites only” operation.

One week ago on tuesday evening, a group seeking to change the name from Porter to another appeared before the housing agency. The reason being Porter had been a Klan leader. The meeting was boisterous. Some board members of the housing agency took personally the racist charges levied against the  Porter name.

The matter re name change has presently calmed down for awhile. Expected to return, however. The solution to drop the matter from further consideration tuesday was the claim there were 2 J. Y. Porters. One the father, the other the son. The father claimed to be a local Klan leader. The son J. Y. Porter Jr., number one in the Key West chapter. He was the  Exalted Cyclops of the Key West Chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

Two Porters with the same name. One apparently a minor leader The other THE leader.

To calm the storm that was brewing in the room, a way out was found. The reason the “lack of conclusive evidence” as to which Porter the public housing apartments were named after.

The winds of war have risen over the issue. Expect it to rise in the near future once again when proof of which Porter the project was named after is established.

What difference will it make? Both were leaders in some fashion of the local Ku Klux Klan.

Do you know what a tougas is? I did not till this morning. A tougas is the abbreviation for tortuga, the Spanish word for turtle.

The College of the Florida Keys has a new mascot for its sporting events. One with flappers. The Tugas.

Fits the location and many of the courses taught at the local college. Key West a water community. The turtle a resident of local waters. The name fits!

To be frank, I am waiting to see how the federal government finally handles January 6. Over 400 already charged. My concern whether the charges are minor in nature or something significant. From my perspective, what the terrorists did was significant.

Two leaders of Proud Boys arrested and charged were before federal Judge Kelly this past week. The charge: They “planned and coordinated the attack to stop Congress from certifying Biden’s electoral victory.”

Judge Kelly denied bail as to both. He said the two “were dangerous” and “facilitated political violence.”

Good for Judge Kelly. The system must handle the January 6 perpetrators tough. Theirs involved most serious crimes.

I am encouraged it appears something of significance will be done to all of the 400 plus. Judge Kelly reminds me of Judge Sirica who presided over the cases of the Watergate buglers. He was tough tough!

A great American died. Walter Mondale. He was 93. I always viewed him a political star. Better than most politicians.

He was Vice President under Jimmy Carter, a U.S. Senator, Ambassador to China and the Democratic candidate for President in 1984 against Ronald Reagan.

Mondale took a beating. Lost 49 states. I felt sorry for him. Reagan was formidable and would have been formidable against any opponent.

Mondale was responsible for a “first.” One that has received little attention over the years. He chose as his Vice Presidential running mate a woman. Geraldine Ferraro.

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday again! Comes around fast every week. Tonight my blog talk radio show at 9. Tuesday talk with Key West Lou. Join me. You will enjoy! www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!















It was this day in 1927. Mae West was found guilty of “obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth.”

West was starring on the New York stage in the play Sex. Her role, one of a prostitute. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a fine of $500.

Her two subsequent plays Homosexuality and The Contact Sinner were closed down by authorities.

The adverse publicity landed her a Hollywood career and made her one of the highest paid persons in eh U.S. Paramount paid her $5,000 per week. A sum equivalent to $80,000 per week today. The only person making a bigger salary at the time was the publisher William Randolph Hearst.

Paramount paid her the big dollars because it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The film company thought America was ready for a film version of Mae and such would save Paramount. Note she was 38 at the time. Most female actresses were over the hill by that age and could not find work.

Mae’s first movie was She Done Him Wrong. It was her male co-stars first film also. Cary Grant. Mae’s famous line “Come up and see me some time” was born of the film.

A tough woman. Not inclined to take s–t from anyone.

The management of her apartment building discriminated against William Jones, her African-American boxer boy friend. Mae bought the building.

In addition to “Come up and see me some time,” Mae was responsible for other sexual lines that are associated with her to this day. Included are “I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it,” When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad its better,” “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere,” and “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”

This portion I label Mob Rule #2. Yesterday’s blog was titled Mob Rule.

Chauvin is charged with 3 separate crimes in the Floyd killing: Second degree “unintentional murder,” third degree “murder,” and second degree “manslaughter.”

I fear if the jury finds Chauvin guilty of anything but the highest charge (second degree unintentional murder), the rioters on the street will not accept the result. The charge carries a maximum 40 year incarceration.

In addition to a lesser charge not reflecting what the rioters consider the “serious crime,” they will further be shocked when they become aware that under Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines the 40 years will be reduced to 12.5 years.

Gunshot violence is out of control.

Specifically as to civilians shooting civilians, the blame lies with Congress. Most Republicans and some Democrats have failed to pass necessary legislation to correct the problem.

Ergo, Congress must move its ass. I doubt it will in the immediate future. Congresspersons are unaware that Americans on the street do not agree with the philosophy that motivates their elected representatives.

Another possible resolution, would be for the Supreme Court to reverse its decision in the Heller case. Bad law from my perspective. Such would only be possible with a Court which has more Democrats sitting than conservative Republicans.

Packing the court an excellent way to resolve the problem. How many years will America have to wait to see the Heller decision remedied?

Today a most import day in American history. The American Revolution began at the Battle of Lexington on April 19, 1775.

The sides were not balanced. There were 700 British troops. Only 77 Patriots. When the battle was over, 8 Colonists were dead or dying. Ten wounded. No British soldier was killed. Only 1 wounded.

David v. Goliath. The American Revolution had begun!

War wise, this day in 1861 an important day in American history also. The first blood of the Civil War was shed.

The Civil War began on April 12, 1861 with the South’s attack on Fort Sumter. No casualties resulted on both sides. Whereas one week later on April 19, 1861, there were dead in a battle which occurred in Baltimore.

A secessionist mob attacked Massachusetts troops headed for Washington, D.C. Four Union soldiers and 12 rioters died.

A time to be exceptionally careful has begun once more in Key West as concerns turtles. The event an annual one.

It is turtle nesting season. Turtles come out of the ocean and onto the beaches to bury their eggs under the sand.

Two dangerous situations arise.

Those walking the beaches must be careful not to step into one of the nests and destroy the eggs beneath their feet. Day time and night time.

The other problem concerns lights.

When the young turtles hatch, they crawl out of the sand. Their first natural inclination is to look for the moon. The moon is out over the ocean. It becomes the young turtles’ beacon as to where the ocean is.

Condo lights across the street from beaches a problem. The baby turtles see the condo lights and believe it is the moon. They are run over and killed by passing vehicles.

Even street lights become a problem. Take South Roosevelt Boulevard for example . Especially where the condominiums begin at Bertha and run north.

Several years ago, new street lights were installed. Made for bright evenings. The baby turtles mistook the many street lights for the moon and crossed South Roosevelt Boulevard. Many were found dead the next morning having been run over by cars. Key West immediately noted the problem. Streets lights in that area are not lite during nesting season.

Enjoy your day!


Mob rule has been taking over the country slowly but surely. It may have reached an acceleration stage.

Tomorrow the jury in the Chauvin case begins its deliberations. Looks like a winner for the prosecution going away. However, there is no certainty where a jury is involved. One vote in Chauvin’s favor will mean he was not convicted and will walk out of court a free man.

A hung jury an excellent possibility. The defense from day one has hit time after time that Floyd could have died from other causes. The repetitiveness can stick in some jurors’ minds.

The blacks will go crazy. I need say no more.

There there is the Daunte Wright killing. Occurred in Brooklyn Center, a mere 10 miles from where Chauvin is being tried. This case shows mob rule working to determine an immediate outcome.

The black cry immediately was to arrest the female police officer for the gun rather than taser shooting of Wright. She a 26 year veteran. Claims she pulled the wrong gun.

Does not give her an out of jail free card. However, she should be given all the rights to which every citizen is entitled. Instead the local government and prosecution succumbed to the cries on the street to arrest her. She was arrested in less than 24 hours.

No up front investigation of a crime under the facts involved can take place within 24 hours. The police officer was thrown to the wolves.

Police shootings have become an almost daily thing. A cure must be found. Otherwise the peaceful life all desire will never occur

The U.S. has reached a point where it is acting reactively to the shootings. Unless the killing was a murder per se and the police officer clearly guilty, the system should be permitted to proceed. Let the system determine guilt. Let the system find resolution so reaction is no longer required.

Concededly local authorities may try to white wash a wrongdoing. They have been getting away with it. However the tide is turning. My point is lets not lose the law as our guidance. If we do, we may never get it back.

It is not justice to hang an alleged murderer without due process, nor convict any criminal without a trial first. In the end, mob rule will not win. It will only delay significant resolution of underlying problems more years.  During which the number of people killed on both sides will significantly increase. Men in blue will have joined the club of those dying.

A few thoughts on Biden’s announcement he is withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

The New York Times in a 4/13/21 article updated 4/17/21 wrote concerning the situation. The title: Biden to Withdraw All Combat Troops From Afghanistan by September 11.

Something like 2,500 troops involved.

The war has been ongoing for 20 years. Two thousand four hundred American lives lost. The cost $2 trillion.

Biden correctly said it is time to get out. Twenty years and no victory nor sign of victory is enough.

What Biden failed to tell the American people was that an American presence will still exist in Afghanistan. Nor has the media except for the New York Times even payed attention to what I am about to share.

There is a shadowy combination not labeled precisely U.S. forces which have been financed for many of the Afghanistan years and also in other parts of the world. A group of mercenaries involving Special Forces, Pentagon contractors, and intelligence operators.

Eighteen thousand strong. They will remain.

Note the U.S. finances these not for real U.S. Army people with American dollars. Significant ones. My recollection is the American military budget is around $750 billion. A good chunk finances the shadowy forces.

Which means in effect Biden is merely “drawing” down the war, not ending it.

Afghanistan has become the “Graveyard of Empires.” For more than a century, first the United Kingdom and then Russia, have tried to conquer Afghanistan. Each has walked away with their tails between their legs. The U.S. is now following suit.

There is something inbred in Afghanistan’s people that they do not give up. They continue to outlast major nations.

The Taliban has been the U.S. problem for 20 years. They are still there. Will remain. And presently are shouting to the world the Afghans won again!

A recent study indicates Monroe County is a “very high risk” area for cononavirus cases.

No wonder. The Keys are a world vacation spot. Everyone wants to come. Most do. Tourists bring the virus with them. Leave many in the Keys infected when they leave.

I believe DeSantis has opened everything up too soon. Also, our local government people. A one or two month roadblock would solve the problem. Will never occur, however.

A study issued indicates that as of last friday, COVID-19 was on the rise in the Keys. Six thousand seven hundred eleven cases since the pandemic began.

Key West has had the highest number 3,134. Key Largo the next highest number a distant 1,019.

Restaurant wait staff is minimal all over Florida. When coronavirus hit, many were laid off. They could not afford Florida rents and left the state. Florida is now open. Restaurants are reopening.

A problem exists. Not enough wait staff.

Mr. Q’s House is a famous restaurant on State Road 7 in Hollywood. Across the street from the Hardrock Casino. Weekends at the restaurant are especially busy. Many of the gamblers have come to enjoy dining at Mr. Q’s.

Management came up with a solution. They purchased 3 Robo Servers. Robots to host and serve meals. Human waiters only required to take orders.

Cost of the the 3 robots $30,000.

Joy Wang is the owner of Mr. Q’s. The robots are working, she says. She also advised why from her viewpoint she could not find waiters to hire. She said many employees “would rather sit at home and collect unemployment.”

Enjoy your Sunday!


A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning took me back to my early youth. Very young. Like 3-4 years old.

First the comment: “Someone who was born 80 years ago on their grandmother’s kitchen table may not have gotten a birth certificate. Now they won’t give them a government ID because they don’t have that document.”

The kitchen table for birthing understandable. Many medical activities were performed on kitchen tables back then. I am an example.

The tables were not as today. Back then, metal tops.

It was 1938 or 1939. We were still living third floor front in the Italian neighborhood. My parents had been out of work a couple of years. The Depression still ongoing. It took World War II to get the nation out of the Depression.

I got sick. I do not remember getting sick. My recollection today of what happened begins immediately before the operation.

I had some sort of an ear infection. The doctor had to go in and do whatever he had to do.

My recollection is my father laying me on top of the kitchen table. My grandfather and uncles hholding my arms and legs. My father held my chest down.

A cloth was placed over my nose and mouth. I assume it was chloroform.

My grandmother, aunts and my mother in the living room. I could hear them crying as I was put under.

I recall it was dark outside when I first was placed on the table.

Why the table and not a hospital? Had to be one of two reasons. No time to get me to a hospital. Or, my parents did not have the money for a hospital.

I recall nothing following the surgery.

Oh, my God! Holly died!

My first reaction seeing her obituary in this morning’s newspaper.

Her full name Holly Cmiel.

First met Holly and her partner Peter Diamond Illacqua some 25 years ago when we bought our Key West Home.

Peter was an entertainer. A vocalist. He worked most evenings. Holly was always with him. A warm person, I could always depend on Holly hurrying over and giving me a hug and kiss. Not just me. Everyone. That was Holly.

She and Peter were together 31 years. Hang in there, Peter.

Holly, I send you a hug and kiss. You will always be remembered by everyone.

Another shooting. Do we ever go a day without one?

The most recent a shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis.

One thing certain, mass shootings have definitely become an American story.

Roger Stone was and I assume still is one of Donald Trump’s closet friends. Recall Trump gave him a pardon.

Now it comes out Stone owes nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes and fees.

The IRS has sued him.

Guns have become an epidemic. The numbers support the statement. Daily in the U.S. an average of 316 are shot and 106 of that number die.

Every day!!!!!

Ghislaine Maxwell is in jail awaiting trial. She was Jeffrey Epstein’s lady friend who assisted Epstein in acquiring young girls to have sex with older men. A pedophilia ring of sorts.

It was revealed this week by her attorneys that they need more time to prepare for her trial scheduled to begin July 12. Discovery was assumed to have been completed. The prosecution must have discovered some new evidence. Two thousand one hundred “highly confidential” photos were forwarded by the prosecution to defense counsel.

Maxwell’s attorneys have asked the Judge to reschedule the trail date as they will need more time to prepare in view of the 2,100 photos received.

If Maxwell is in any compromising photos, she is is deep turd trouble.

Moderna and Pfizer both came out with similar announcements yesterday.

Moderna plans to have a third booster shot available to Americans in the fall.

Moderna is supposedly 90 percent effective. A good number. However, it has been determined the first two shots may only be good for six months. Moderna is not certain how long immunity from the virus persists.

Pfizer basically came out with the same statement. They will be recommending a third shot for the same reasons given by Moderna. One difference however. Pfizer claims the third shot will be required within 6-12 months after the second shot.

I close with Syracuse basketball. Two new pieces of information.

Coach Boehiem’s oldest son Jimmy is finishing his senior year at Cornell. As a junior, he was a star on the team. Averaged 16.7 points and 5.6 rebounds per game, plus making 31 three point shots.

Jimmy sat out his entire senior year because Cornell cancelled all its games due to the pandemic. He still has a year of eligibility, however. He will do that year of graduate work at Syracuse rather than Cornell.

The Boeheim family is ecstatic. Jimmy and Buddy are excited they will be playing together.

ESPN announced its Way-Too-Early-Top 25. Syracuse is ranked #14.

Enjoy your day!






Not my usual Cocktails at 7 friday nights with friend Cathy in Seattle. Yesterday was boys’ night out. Four of us at Guy deBoer’s home for drinks.

A terrific two hours.

Guy deBoer had set up the event at his home so Fred and I could meet. Fred is a labor lawyer from New York City. He has a home in Key West, also. There is a connection between Fred and I. He too writes a blog. Friday Night with Fred. Read it. You will enjoy. www.gothamnetworking.com/blogs.

Fred is a labor lawyer closing in on retirement. Seventy nine at the moment.

Fred and I have communicated via e-mail a few times. It was Guy who brought us together.

Last night was our first face to face meeting. Fred’s friend David Berger was with us also. Berger a mere 65 and already retired. A Long Island doctor. Anesthesia his specialty.

He too has a home in Key west.

Fred a Syracuse graduate. He was wearing s Syracuse T shirt last night. We were at Syracuse a brief time together. One year. Fred was an undergraduate University freshman and I a senior in the law school. We never met back then.

A lot of Syracuse talk ensued. Some of Fred’s fraternity brothers were football and basketball players. Like Ernie Davis and Dave Bing.

We spoke of Joe Biden. Another Syracuse alumnus. The law school.

David had spent some time in Syracuse as a student. Although Upstate Medical is not a part of the University, it sits right next to the campus. Doctors to be and for real ones staff the facility.

Guy’s race came up. Time was spent discussing the race. I am ashamed to admit I did not know it was such a big deal.

Called the Golden Globe Race. Not run every year. The first was 1968, the last 2018.

Guy’s race is labeled Golden Globe 2022. The race begins September 27, 2021. Ends 530 days later in 2022. The race begins somewhere in the Canary Islands. It is the longest and loneliest race in the world. Each boat is piloted by one person. No one else on the boat for company or to help.

Guy solo! All alone by the telephone as Irving Berlin once wrote. I’m not sure if even telephone service is available, however.

Buy’s boat the Tashiba. Thirty six feet long

The trip non-stop.

I thought 412 days of self-quarantine was difficult. Guy is going to do 530 on the high seas which probably will have its moments for concern.

Guy, I think you’re crazy. I wish you well, however.

Do not plan crossing the Seven Mile Bridge saturday from 6-9 in the morning. The Annual Seven Mile Bridge run will be taking place. A thousand plus will be making the run.

Read an article this morning that Trump’s donors are flocking to Florida Governor DeSantis. Now I am convinced Trump’s supporters were and are crazy.

I have for the past year pointed out how incompetent and inept DeSantis is. He is a lousy Governor, he would make a worse President. Trump constantly referred to DeSantis as the best governor in America. No wonder, DeSantis did everything the President suggested.

The title of the article referred to is “A Nicer Version of Trump.” We can do without DeSantis.

Insanity prevails in the Halls of Congress. Especially the Senate.

I cannot understand how some Senators think.

Josh Hawley was an open supporter of January 6 before it even began. Ted Cruz for all his intelligence and experience has lost it. He probably thinks his conduct will buy him the Republican Presidential nomination in 2024. Will he be surprised!

Whatever, both are targeting Major League Baseball for its position re the new Georgia voting laws. Both want Major League Baseball “to pay.” Their voices in unison with Trump who said, “I would say boycott baseball.”

Not what is happening in this country. What has happened in this country?

Ivanka Trump in the news in a good way. She got her first vaccine shot yesterday.

She reacted like most others who have or are getting their shots. Thrilled! She told the world on Twitter. Again on Instagram with a photograph of her receiving the shot.

She said in Twitter and Instagram, “I got the shot. I hope you do too.”

Republican donors and fans are upset. They view her as a turn-coat.

Virginia Torrelino and I are Facebook friends. Have been so for quite a while. She lives in the Philippines.

Loves music! Says “music is my stress removal friend.”

Recall the Three Tenors. What great singing!

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a 3 person group who sang like the Three Tenors. In fact, held themselves out as  Three Tenors. Ages between 30 and 40.

I saw their video on the internet. Decided a few days later, I wanted to share it with everyone who reads my blog. The three sang that well.

When I went find it, I could not. Knowing how Virginia feels about music, I asked her to look. She is. In the meantime, Virginia sent me a video of the original Three Tenors Luciano Pavarotte, Placido Domingo, and Jose Carreras. A performance they gave in Italy in 1994.


Enjoy your day!



A great lunch yesterday at Geiger Key! The location, atmosphere, people, and food!

I had a ton of things to do between late morning and early afternoon. Decided to go north for lunch rather than south. Geiger Key.

Geiger Key is a ramshackle open air restaurant located on the ocean. It has been there as long as I can remember. A place I have been eating at least once a month for 25 years.

A good crowd still lunching when I arrived. One end of the bar was empty. Six seats. There I opted to sit. Away from everyone.

It felt strange to be around people with my mask off.

From the moment I sat, this is a good choice Louis kept running through my mind.

One of the waiters stopped by. “You’re Louis Petrone the lawyer, aren’t you?” I was apologetic. I could recall neither his face nor name. Politely told him so.

He said he was not surprised. It was 20 years ago. He was a waiter at Louie’s Back Yard when I frequented the place.

He called over two waitresses and another waiter to introduce me to them. I was embarrassed. He kept stressing “lawyer” like I was someone important. They appeared impressed, however. Chatted with me a while. Returned off and on to talk a bit more.

Introduced me to Lou. The bartender. Roughly a 21 year old beauty. She had finished college and came down to the Keys in October. Loves the area. One drawback, however. Everyone a bit old and on vacation.

I probably would have felt the same if I were she.

Key West and the lower Keys have changed in various ways over the years. Thirty years ago there were an equal number of young and old. What impressed me the most was they socialized together. Many parties back in those days. The mix always the same.

Today primarily a 50ish place. Still friendly and fun. Though the disparity in age is obvious.

Bobby came in and came over to say hello. Bobby owns Geiger Key. As well as Hogfish. The same menu at both places.

We got into the pandemic. Bobby was excited. He had received his second shot yesterday. Amazing how people are thrilled to have received their shots!

My fish was spectacular. A huge thick piece of fried Mahi Mahi. Accompanied by some sort of avocado sauce.

Spent well over 2 hours at Geiger Key. By the time I got home, it was pushing 5. I decided the day had been good. I felt good. Did not feel like going out again. Stayed in and watched TV.

I recommend Geiger Key. It is about 15 miles up U.S. 1. Then a left on Geiger Key Road and a 3-4 mile ride on Geiger Key Road to the restaurant.

It is 11:30 and I have just begun the blog. Began as usual at 6 am. For some reason, I could not get on the platform for my show till an hour ago.

Running late.

Guy deBoer contributed to the lateness. He called me at the last minute to fill in on his morning show. Which I enjoy doing, so I cannot complain.

Spoke with Sheila Cullens soon after arriving home. She was all excited. She was on her way to the Airport to pick up Jean and Joe Thornton who were arriving. Key West will shine brighter with them here for the next month.

The blog is shorter than normal today. Reflects however a happy Geiger Key afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


A right on COMMENT in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice: “Governor DeSantis doesn’t want the federal government dictating how and when cruise ships can sail out of Florida ports, but he’s fine with Tallahassee telling Key West how to manage its ports. That doesn’t square up. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

I believe the DeSantis’ path taken has nothing to do with the quality of Florida harbors. It is DeSantis sucking up to his affluent Florida business donors.

There is a special honor and pride in being a “conch.” A conch is a person born in Key West.

Where does the label conch come from?

In modern U.S. today, many fly balloons in front of their homes to signify a new birth. The conch shell had a similar purpose.

In days gone by when a new born arrived, it was noted by the proud father putting a 3-5 foot stick in the ground and placing on it a conch shell. Conch shells are large. Some as big as a football.

Thus was born the term “conch” to signify a Key West new born.

Karl Tanzler aka Count von Cosel in the news again.

The Count was in love with the younger Elena Hoyos Mesa. She died at a relatively early age.

The Count had a tomb built for her in the Key West Cemetery. Therein lies the reason for a phase of the Count von Cosel story being reported today. KONK Life and the Citizen ran a photo of the mausoleum the Count had constructed. Massive for one body. Beautiful.

Elena was laid to rest.

As discovered seven yeas later, in the dark of night the Count removed Elena’s body from the mausoleum. He took the body to his home where he lived with his Elena unknown to anyone.

When seven years later it was discovered Elena’s remains were in the Count’s home, the body was removed and the Count charged. Nothing ever came of the charge for some reason.

Elena was not returned to the mausoleum for reburial. She was buried elsewhere so the Count would not be tempted to steal her again.

The Count left town. Hours after he left, the mausoleum blew up.

Thus ended the Count/Elena story.

Biden has announced the removal of all American troops from Afghanistan by September 1.

I agree the U.S. should get out. We have been in Afghanistan 20 years and accomplished little if anything. Except in some fashion for permitting the poppy growth to flourish.

The U.S. presently has 3,500 troops in Afghanistan.

I disapprove of a specific date being announced by which the U.S. troop contingency would be removed. It tells the enemy (whoever they may be at the moment) to sit back and relax. Stop the fighting at their end. Then after the U.S. troops leave, get busy again in killing, looting, and making war in and out of Afghanistan.

A stupid move on Biden’s part. Not wise militarily.

The departure also represents what can be described as another American defeat since the end of World War II.

Netanyahu continues to be a major threat to peace in the Middle East.

Netanyahu is another Donald Trump. A bully and liar. A deceiver. Perhaps a thief. He is under indictment on several corruption charges.

Netanyahu wants Iran defeated and a new regime to replace the present one. He is convinced Iran is out to get Israel. He is correct. The abuse Netanyahu has been heaping on Iran since the Trump yeas and now were generally uncalled for.

Trump emboldened Netanyahu in every conceivable way. They need not be itemized. The world knows.

This past week a bomb planted by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, blew up their main and back up electrical power lines to Iran’s nuclear center in Natanz.

The purpose was to sabotage U.S. peace talks with Iran. The talks recently underway. The issue resumption of U.S./Iran talks about the dormant nuclear deal. The one Trump threw out early in his administration.

One news agency described Netanyahu as behaving like a “sneaky saboteur.”

Putin has returned as an active aggressive player on the world stage. He had Trump conned for 4 years. Got away with many things. With Biden, it is not the same.

Putin is one smart individual. He sees the political discord in the U.S and has decided he can step actively back onto the world stage.

He is getting ready to attack Ukraine as he did Crimea. Russian troops are on the border on 3 sides.

Putin’s popularity has been diminishing at home. He needs a war to boost his fading popularity.

Biden’s recent reference to Putin as a “killer” bothers him.

Almost simultaneously, Putin got his vaccine shot and put 28,000 troops on the Ukraine border.

What Putin wants is a “mano-mano” battle with Biden. It would make him look good. Not a war exactly. Merely confrontations that makes it appear war is an excellent probability. Such would return Putin’s image to Vlad the Terrible.

What Putin is telling the world at the moment is “I’m back!” He is pushing for a confrontation with Biden to prove it.

Biden was preparing to send U.S. warships to the Ukraine area. Putin retorted with a warning to the U.S. that the U.S. should stay far away for “their own good.”

Enjoy your day!


One police shooting after another. We forget the other kind. Ordinary people killing ordinary people. Lay persons shooting in schools and churches. Random street shootings.

This one is sick. Sick, sick. I don’t know how else to describe it.

The shooting death of an 11 month old baby girl Dior. Her shooting inexplicable.

Sunday night in Syracuse, New York. Three children in the back seat of a car. Eleven month old Dior and two other children 8 and 3 years old.

Dior’s mother Desiree. Not in the car. The car was being driven by her cousin Shakema.

Shakema reported a car pulled up along side her. The window on the the car’s passenger side rolled down. She could see a man look back into her car between the front and back seats.

The man suddenly began firing a gun into the back seat.

Eleven month old Dior was shot 3 times. She died. The other two children were also shot. They are expected t0 survive.

The car then drove away.

Dior’s mother Desiree is expecting May 11. She passed out three times upon being made aware of her baby daughter’s death. Desiree would have been one year old in 18 days.

A suspect has been arrested. A 23 year old man. No further details available at this time.

We are a sick society. Alleged good people like police officers shooting good non police citizens. Persons going on a rampage and shooting wildly inside schools and churches. Incomprehensible killings such as 11 month old Dior’s.

It’s only getting worse. Will it ever stop? Not soon, I fear. Perhaps, never.

A police officer not knowing the difference between a taser and a gun. How can it be? Not an infrequent occurrence as it turns out. News reports this morning indicate such.

The most recent such shooting occurred in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Ten miles from where the Chauvin police killing is being tried.

In another stupid traffic stop involving excessive police force, Daunte Wright was killed. The police officer saying she thought she was tasering him.

I am coming to the conclusion that a bad cop is being equated to the saying there is always a bad apple in every basket. My thought process is there may be only one good cop in the basket.

The police traffic stop in Windsor,Virginia late December. Recently came to light because the Army Lieutenant involved has brought a federal case against the police officers involved.

Carson Nazario is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He was driving a new SUV. Cardboard plates on the vehicle. The rear one taped to the back window.The Lieutenant was waiting for the metal ones to arrive.

He was in uniform.

Two police officers spotted him. They claim they went after him because of “no tags.” Erroneous based on the facts.

The Lieutenant I suspect was “Black smart.” It was dark where the police were trying to get him to stop. He put on his emergency lights and drove 1 1/2 miles till he came to a brightly lit gasoline station.

While there, he was pepper sprayed and held at gun point. Cops screaming at him. Later the police officers said they considered the situation a “high risk traffic stop.” Covering their asses.

The facts suggest it was 2 white police officers chasing a vehicle which had a black person operating it. When finally stopped, the police treated the Second Lieutenant in uniform as they did other black drivers.

No ticket given nor an arrest made. The police advised the Lieutenant not to make any trouble, etc. or they would charge him with something and ruin his military record in the process.

Police excessive force a story which has become part of the American landscape in the last 20 years.

The island of St. Vincent has experienced several volcanic eruptions this past week. People have been told to evacuate. Cruise ships are arriving to take them off the island.

The Prime Minister advised that those who have not received the coronavirus vaccine will not be evacuated. Some were those who did not consider the vaccine safe or for some other odd ball reason refused to be vaccinated.

Which means those not vaccinated will be left to fend for themselves. Not a welcoming thought when poisonous smoke, hot ash and even hotter lava is feared will cover the island

Nora O’Donnell on CBS Evening News reported: “We went from vaccine passports being a conspiracy theory to ‘fuck you die’ so fast.”

A message to those in the U.S. who refuse to be vaccinated. If an emergency situation as has arisen on St. Vincent occurs here, you will be left on the ocean in a row boat without a paddle.

On this day in 1992, The Bridges of Madison County was published. A modern day Romeo and Juliet with its lovers older people. A big seller!

A movie followed. Starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.

A massive power outage yesterday. 3.5 hours in late morning into early afternoon. Another one around dinner time for 1.5 hours.

I had nothing. I hate it when that happens. Especially when the computer is down. I am one of those who is constantly on the internet.

A friend cell phoned me from New York. Hey, understand you have a big power failure. Thirty thousand affected. Covers the lower half of the Keys.

He was not aware as to the cause. It had not been reported.

I told him the problem arose because of one of two reasons. Either a car or truck on U.S. 1 had driven into some power facility. Or, a boat got screwed up in the power wires under or near the Seven Mile Bridge. Both happen frequently.

Turned out a sail boat got caught up in the power wires at the Seven Mile Bridge. Live in the Keys long enough and you know about such things. Their frequency makes you aware.

It was reported the winds and waters were a bit rough and the sailboat could not be removed yesterday. Winds 40 mph. Whipped up the ocean a bit.

Being out sunday must have been too much for me. Never got out yesterday.

My game plan was to go out at 5. A few stops downtown. Drinks and dinner. Meet interesting people to chat with.

What happened is I laid down at 3 for a nap. Never woke till 7. Still had to shave, etc. and drive to Duval. I would not be there till 8:30.

I am early to bed and early to rise. Would not have worked for me.

Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show tonight. I will be working on it from about 2 this afternoon till 8 in the evening. I never go out on a tuesday.

Join me for the show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Love doing the show which I am proud to say has an excellent following.

Enjoy your day!




Yesterday was the day! Out of the house and out and about after 412 days of self-quarantine.

It was 3 in the afternoon. I was excited. Opened the door and stepped outside. Almost turned around and went back in.  The humidity was horrendous. Heavy! I then recalled humidity begins being heavy after Easter.

My first stop was COLLECTIONS Key West. An art gallery. Read about it in one of locals last week. COLLECTIONS was having an open house Sunday from 1-6.

Location on Stock Island. Stock Island not necessarily known for art galleries. I telephoned the number on the ad. Talked to some woman. She instructed me to park at Hogfish. Then walk back behind Hogfish till I saw two red doors.

I had never been to the back of Hogfish. A different world.

Signs made it possible to find COLLECTIONS easily. The walk back was quite a distance for me and my cane, however. Especially on stones.

Reached my destination. Second floor. Met charming Karen Wray, one of the owners.

I was taken by what she had available. If you want to experience something different in a different setting, visit COLLECTIONS. Telephone for an appointment. 305-923-4778.

It was a turn on for me. It was old Key West. Old!

The paintings, wood work and artifacts primarily from a different time. Even the room was special. Wood walls. Not sure what kind. Whatever, added to my viewing pleasure.

Karen knowledgeable and pleasant . Enjoyed talking with her.

Her husband did much of the wood pieces available for sale. Karen told me his workshop was about 100 feet away. Stop in. I did.

No one there. Doors wide open.

I was impressed with the machinery and tools. Her husband must be a wood master. I have known a few men capable of good work with wood. I was familiar with what a master’s place would look. This one looked that way. I could vision the man after he was working with a piece taking his hand and rubbing it along the piece he was working on.

My trip back to the car was a bit difficult. I went the wrong way. Zigged when I should have zagged. All I could see was a marina with boats. Most big. Could not see Hogfish. I was somewhere out in the Atlantic.

Fortunately ran into a couple. They set me straight. I was going in the wrong direction.

Something else that was appealing. The structure behind Hogfish is from another era, also. Wild!

When I reached the car, I noticed I was not tired. Surprising. Note that I have not been out of the house in over a year except for doctor and hospital visits. Each time was able to park 50-100 feet away.

Drove to the Pier House. Surprised the traffic on U.S. 1, the Boulevard and Eaton Street was light. Half of what I expected. Pulled into the Pier House. Parking lot half empty. Walked to the Chart Room. Knew it had not opened yet.

Sad to see it closed.

Hit the Beach Bar. Knew I would find Janine. A 20 year fixture there.

A beautiful woman!

We chatted a bit. Told her I was looking for Tammy. She was not sure where. Could be Sloppy Joe’s or the Ocean Key bar by the water.

Another long walk to the Ocean Key bar. Tammy and I saw each other at the same time. She ran around the bar and gave me a big hug. Love her!

The bar half empty. I was concerned about seating. Did not want to be near anyone. Took a seat with the guy to my left 6 feet away. To my right, 3 empty seats close together. Close to where I was sitting.

A young couple eventually sat down. He was right next to me. Like 2 feet away. Then he started talking to me. He was breathing on me!

My mask was off because I was enjoying my first drink in months. A Hendrick’s. They did not  have Beefeater.

Now the fun started for me. People to talk with!

Tammy introduced me to her two cohorts working with her. They returned frequently to chat. I also engaged with the people on both sides of me.

The guy to my left was from Ohio. Probably in his 60s. Our conversation was golf. The Masters and some of the players.

Talked to the couple on my right. Young. From Wisconsin. Down for the weekend. They were happy to be here. This had to be the trip of a lifetime for them. Their enthusiasm was obvious.

They return home today.

I asked where they were eating last night. They had reservations at Bagatelle. Told them a great choice. Excellent food. They would enjoy.

They were thrilled to hear my words. Apparently they were not certain if they had selected a good restaurant.

Sitting at the bar and talking with people made me feel good. Something I have been doing for over 20 years in Key West. It was as if I had returned home.

Then the walk back to my car. Not a short one.

Drove to Lisa’s. First time I have been allowed in the house in 412 days.She did not want to be in my home and I was not to be in hers. The coronavirus fear. I understood.

I stayed only 5 minutes. I was welcomed! Even Jake was thrilled to see me.

Then home. I was only out and about for 3 hours. Surprised I was not tired from all the walking. Though I must admit I slept well last night.

Mask wearing. What mask wearing? I wore mine. I would be surprised if even 5 percent of the people I saw were wearing masks.

Stayed in last night. Watched the end of the Masters and then a movie. I felt good. Did not want to spoil the feeling by overdoing.

An interesting factor. I did not feel for a moment as if I were returning somewhere after a long time away. It was like I had been out and about the day before.

Obviously did not see anyone I knew other than those already mentioned. Many have left. Some working in different places. I will catch up with many by week’s end.

Spoke with Jean Thornton in Birmingham this morning. She and Joe are flying in wednesday for a month’s stay. It will be good to see them. My benefactors for 12 days when I escaped Irma.

I plan on being out again tonight. Where, I know not.

Enjoy your day!


This is the day! After 412 days, my self-quarantine ends!

I have received both shots and waited 2 weeks before going out.

I am excited.

I’m even going to shave. My last shave was a few weeks ago.

My intent is to start out with a visit to an art gallery I’ve never been to before. Then find an open air bar to have a drink. I have no idea what will follow.

My father’s birthday was yesterday. Born in 1914, he would have been 107 years old.

He did not quite make it. Passed on 9 years ago at 98. Not bad!

He was in relatively good shape till the end.

Longevity seems to run in my Dad’s family. Hopefully, it is a part of me. My grandfather made it to 94. My father’s sister my Aunt Mary to 102.

Later years are interesting. I find I am my father. I am were he was at 85. Not just physically and mentally. Disposition wise also.

Happy birthday, Dad!

In addition to being a unique story, what follows is also a happy one. It involves superfetation. Never heard the word till I read the story.

Superfetation is where a woman gets pregnant while already pregnant. The mother here ended up having “twins.”

Superfetation is not common. The last study done was in 2008. Up to that time there had been less than 10 such births ever.

Jenna Romaine wrote the article. It was published in Changing America 4/9/21. I highly recommend you go to it for no other reason that to view a photo the very young twins today. A touching sight.

Basically, the story involves a U.K. woman. Thirty nine yeas old. Never pregnant before. She and her husband had been trying. She was undergoing fertility treatments at the time she became pregnant. Her doctor and others in the medical profession have said the fertility treatments had nothing to do with the double pregnancy.

The woman conceived a second baby 3 weeks after conceiving the first. Her obstetrician Dr. David Weller said, “It just doesn’t happen.” He has been delivering babies for 25 years and never came across a similar story.

The first sonogram showed a single fetus. The second was done 12 weeks later. Twins! Medical staff and parents surprised!

Technically, the babies are not twins. Merely described that way. They are separate pregnancies where a woman already pregnant conceives a second time.

When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes hormonal changes that impede her conceiving a second time.

Obviously not the case here. Instead of ovulation stopping, the mother released another egg 3-4 weeks later, which miraculously fertilized and implanted in her uterus.

The exact cause of such an occurrence not known.

The second baby is actually 3 weeks younger than the first.

The doctors were concerned the second baby would not survive. The 3 week difference affects rate of development.

A typical delivery time is 40 weeks.

The umbilical cord of the fetus of the second baby was not functioning correctly. A Caesarian had to be performed.

All’s well that ends well. Noah is the older. He spent 3 weeks in neonatal intensive care. His sister Rosalie, the second. She spent 95 days.

Both are home now and thriving.

Again, the picture accompanying the article must be seen. So beautiful! So Moving!

No age is attached to the photo. I would suggest the babies are 4-5 months at best. Noah is one third larger than his sister.

The photo shows them laying next to each other. They are holding hands. The mother said they do it automatically when laid down next to each other.

I have twin grandsons. Now in their early thirties. When young, they did strange things that only could be attributed to their having been close together for nine months.

Trump invited a group of big dollar donors to Mar-a-Lago last night. In his 50 minute speech, he was Trump 100 percent.

He called McConnell a “dumb son of a bitch.” He was “disappointed” in Mike Pence. He called last year’s Presidential election a “fraud.” He mocked Tony Fauci.

One thing you can say for Trump, he’s consistent.

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope I do mine!