“We are a part of history.” Words shouted by John Earl Sullivan from inside the Capitol January 6. Sullivan the 26 year old black founder of Insurgence USA. A social justice group set up to protest police authority in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Sullivan first helped others scale the outside wall to the second floor. Exclaiming as he did, “Let’s burn this shit down.”

Then inside, “That’s what I’m sayin’, break that shit.”

Finally, “We accomplished this shit. We did this together. Fuck, yeah! We are all a part of history.”

Another who “gained” fame is John Francis Stager from Arkansas. His picture all over the media. The insurgent who was running around carrying a large American flag who beat a Metropolitan police officer with the flagpole. The officer was guarding the entrance to the Capitol.

The mob stormed the building, grabbed the officer, dragged him down a flight of stairs, and  forced him into a “prone position.” He “remained prone on the steps” as Stager and friends “forcibly and repeatedly” beat him on his head and body with “various objects.”

Stager shouting during the beating: “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor. Death is the only remedy for what’s in that building.”

Then there is Alabama’s Joshua Blod. He said, “The spirit of God wanted him to storm the Senate.” Also the following confluted statement” “Plead the blood of Jesus over it.”

Blod claimed, “They stole my country.” He said afterwards, The crowd went crazy when they “found out Pence turned on us and they had stolen the election like officially.”

The proceeding examples of the extreme nuts the U.S. has bred in past years.

As the days pass, it is becoming increasingly clear that certain lawmakers may have conspired with the Capitol attackers in placing legitimate Congressional persons and their staffs in legal peril. The conspiring having taken place the day before the attack.

If true, they should be sought out and charged with the most serious seditious crimes carrying the longest sentences. Benedict Arnolds one and all.

Trump’s reputation has dropped swiftly the past 2 weeks. He is toxic and no one wants to be close to him in any fashion.

Many companies have withdrawn their support. Many prominent persons who previously supported Trump, also.

Ariel Pink, the Indie rock artist, is one who now suffers because of his past support of Trump.

Ariel was on the Tucker Carlson show. Sorrowfully complaining. His label has dropped him. He told Carlson his support of Trump now “leaves me destitute and on the street.” He claims he has been “stripped of his livelihood…..People are so mean.”

Substantiation once again of the Biblical words: “As ye sow so shall ye reap.” In today’s words: “If you go to bed with a dog, you wake with fleas.”

It was announced yesterday that Trump and his entourage will leave Washington the morning of January 20 on Air Force One. Trump heading for his new home at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump’s toxicity and actions over the years have left many Mar-a-Lago neighbors unhappy with Trump. They do not want him as a neighbor. Palm Beach County is looking for a way to end Trump’s agreement in 1993 giving permission to run a business at Mar-a-Lago. The agreement does not provide for Trump or anyone else to live there.

Every nation having a problem with coronavirus has the elderly listed near the top of the priority list to receive shots first. Except, one. Indonesia.

The elderly are at or near the bottom of the list. Vaccines are being reserved for those under 60. Considered “young” by Indonesian standards.

Two reasons therefore. Indonesians claim there is a lack of research as to how the vaccine will affect older recipients. They believe vaccinating the young first is the best way to dampen widespread transmission of the virus. Younger persons are the largest group spreading the virus.

Two years ago, a tiki hut vessel appeared on Key West waters. A boat. Merely a tiki hut with a small bar beneath it. A good way to enjoy a drink  by day and to view the sunset in the evening.

Someone stole the Tiki Hut boat. Twenty four hours later the thief was arrested. Stone drunk!

He is Tyln Earl Morlang, a 36 year old from Missouri.

He apparently spent the night on the boat. Whether he got drunk while on or before not known yet. Could be while on. It was a cold evening. He might have consumed a few bottles of alcohol to keep warm.

He did try to start a fire to keep warm. A series of small fires. One in a coconut, others in plastic cups. None took sufficiently to remain ongoing for very long.

He’s lucky he did not burn the Tiki Hut and kill himself during his night long cruise.

This day in 2009 a happy and proud one. For all concerned.

I am sure you recall.

U.S. Airways Captain Chesley “Suny” Stullenberger was flying an Airbus 320. The plane hit a flock of birds just after take off. Both engines were disabled.

Sully accomplished the impossible. He landed the plane on the Hudson River. All 155 persons on board were saved.

Enjoy your day!


Key West’s tax revenues for 2020 came out yesterday. Today’s Key West Citizen made a comparison between 2020 and 2019.

COVID-19 was with us in 2020. Not at all in 2019.

Guess what? Tax revenues for 2020 were higher than 2019. Amazing, isn’t it. Which means the  bar, restaurant owners and other merchants who were complaining should not have.

If tax revenues were up, bar owners, etc. had to be making a big buck. The bars, etc. are a significant source of tax revenue for the City.

The people of Key West were played for suckers. There was little if any truth being spewed by the bar owners, etc. They were crying wolf. Foisting on the politicians and public there was a problem when there was not.

For shame!

If the tourist level had dropped, why have 2 airlines recently advised they have added Key West to their routes?

Jet Blue announced last year it would begin Boston and New York routes beginning 2/11. Today’s Citizen reported Allegiant Air would begin Key West/Nashville 6/2.

Airlines don’t fly where business is down.

Coronavirus data all over the country continues to be screwed up. Trump’s fault at the national level. State and local health departments also responsible for inconsistent figures.

The Monroe County Health Department reports it received only 1,300 vaccine doses. The Official State Vaccine Report advises the Keys received 1,507.

The Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo is for the rich and famous. Very affluent members.

They are getting far more vaccine doses than elsewhere in the Keys. Why?

The Monroe County Health Department does not know why. In the meantime, many are without.

The right hand does not know what the left is doing. And I at 85 and many other seniors have yet to get a shot.

The swastika painter has yet to be apprehended. On the loose since 1/6.

A tough criminal for the police to apprehend. The culprit was wearing a face mask. The mask covered a good 75 percent of his face. The police have a film shot of him at one of the places he was defacing. So far, it has been no help in catching the vandal.

Now to the national scene.

The House voted to impeach Trump yesterday. Means he has been charged. The Senate’s responsibility is to try him. A date has yet to be determined.

I would have not impeached Trump. I appreciate as Americans we want blood for what occurred on January 6. And it will come in due course. Does not however have to be by impeachment.

I want Biden to be able to jump in on January 20 and do what has to be done from that point forward. He has many Trump caused problems to correct.

My fear is Washington is going to get tied up in the impeachment trial and the Biden’ program will not receive the 100 percent attention required.

Trump will get his. Beginning this year. There will indictments. Beginning with the Manhattan DA and New York Attorney General’s offices.

An avalanche will befall him.

Thousands of U.S. military in Washington and more on the way. Twenty thousand total in the end. To protect Biden and the Inauguration. Also, to provide protections against any significant problems which might arise before then.

I reported last week that Trump may not be able to reside at Mar-a-Largo. The problem is the legal papers permitting him to operate the business Mara-a-Lago does not allow it.

When the ceiling falls, it falls on everyone. Ivanka and Jared spent $31 million on a lot to build a house on in Billionaire Bunker in Miami. They will have to look for another location. Billionaire Bunker blackballed them.

Trump eventually turns on everyone who has tried to help him. The newest person on his “screw you” list is Rudy Giuliani.

Trump is irritated at having been impeached again. He told his staff not to pay Giuliani’s legal bills.

Before the January 6 investigation is concluded, we are all going to be surprised at the people involved.

Claims are being made that certain House Representatives engaged in “suspicious behavior.” The claim is certain Representatives took certain insurgents on a tour of the Capitol the day before the attack on the building. Those providing the information to authorities described the walk around appearing to have been a “reconnaissance tour.”

I am unusually tired today. I have decided to have a Louis afternoon. Read a bit, watch a movie, and take a nap.

Enjoy your day!


No one can say there is no news fit to print. Trump alone is overwhelming. Coronavirus a close second. I am compelled to do a Morning Stew this morning because there is so much. Morning Stew #148.

I share with you that which is important, unusual, etc. in the order such appear in my notes. No organization.

Something is wrong in Denmark! Actually, Tallahassee.

I speak only as to the Keys. I and many others living with the problem.

Many are not able to get the coronvirus vaccine. Including me.

I qualify near the top being 85 with underlying conditions. I have not even been able to talk to someone in authority to arrange an appointment. The rules locally you must have an appointment.

I telephoned the Health Department 4 days in a row at the end of last week to make an appointment. Four times each day. Each time, except for the last day, the message was the box was full and could not accept calls. Finally, I scored over the weekend. The message now was do not call us for an appointment, we’re out of vaccine. Go to the County website.

I went to the page directed. All I could find was a small note at the top saying don’t call, we have no vaccine.

In the meantime, two things happened that upset me. First, non residents are and have already received the shot here in Key West. Someone at a higher level than Key West has to have made the decision.

The other appeared in Keys’ Voice this morning. A man’s father walked into the Health Department and was taken care of immediately. No appointment. We were told an appointment was required.

No one seems to play by the rules.

The Lower Keys Medical Center still needs 100 additional doses to complete vaccinations at their facility.

The County Health Department said in this morning’s paper that it has no more vaccine and hopefully will have more by the end of next week.

Trump told us 3 months ago distribution was no problem. He had a General who took care of these things. Everything would run smoothly. Typical of Trump, it has not.

A vandal/hater is in the Keys painting swastikas on buildings, etc. Two last week near Key West on a front door and sign. More up the Keys.

The bad guy is pictured on a webcam. Only problem is his face is almost totally covered. The police however are hoping someone still may identify him.

I guess sick people will always be with us. The kind that torture dogs and cats.

A manatee’s body was mutilated. Someone cut the name “Trump” in large letter on the manatee’s back. The injured manatee was discovered sunday 75 miles north of Tampa Bay.

A manatee is huge. Gentle, however. Several times I have petted one.

We live in a sick society.

Vanity Fair recently published an article that Ivanka Trump is planning to run for President in 2024. She may be a very pleasant person. However, she and her family are toxic. The poison will stick with all of them the rest of their lives.

When something of a serious criminal nature attaches to an individual, he no longer has friends. You would be surprised how swiftly they disappear.

Trump’s “friends” who he needs desperately are the banks. They are walking away from him. Already Deutsche and Signature. Trump has $300 million he owes Deutsche. How will he pay it back?

Deutsche has been in big trouble recently for money laundering. Donald, too? It will all come out over the next year.

Trump will also lose income at his many properties. His famous hotel in Washington, D.C. will no longer be packed with persons seeking favors from the Trump administration. His greatest asset, his name, will be of no value.

When you’re out, you’re out.

Various police authorities are working diligently to identify and arrest those involved with January 6. Even to the affluent financiers who provided money  to various hate groups.

The Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney advises he has 170 files opened against individuals who potentially committed cries. The Department of Justice has opened 75 cases.

Both advise that they have only just begun. There will be many more persons identified and prosecuted.

An impeachment vote is schedule’s for this afternoon in the House of Representatives. It will pass. Donald will have the distinction of being the only President to have been twice impeached.

The U.S. was once a white America. Over the years, persons of color have increased in the U.S. Those of color will soon have numbers in excess of the whites.

Republicans represent white America. Their numbers mostly made up of whites. Democrats on the other hand cannot even say half their number are whites. Actually, less than. The Democratic Party is primarily composed of persons of color and other minorities.

The Republicans can’t win. They know it. The numbers in the last 20 years prove it. Consistently upward for persons of color.

Hitler had his bunker in the last days of Berlin. Trump had his bunker wednesday January 6.

Next door to the Oval Office is the President’s private dining room.

Trump earlier in the day had told the thousands at the rally he would be there with them when they attacked the Capitol.

He was not.

He was in the private dining room described watching what was going on at the Capitol through a window, trying to reach on the phone Senators to convince them to vote against acceptance of the State certifications, and eating hamburgers and drinking cans of Coca Cola. In between yelling that he had won the election. A group of supporters were around him. His consiglieres.

Trump initially was happy with the disturbance. These were “his people.” Until Trump saw the big guy with horns and a bare chest. The horned man upset Trump. He described the man as “white trash” and one who was making his people look bad. He was angry.

Slowly and unknowingly to Trump, most of his consiglieres left. At the end, the usual ones were there. Giuliani, Meadows, Miller and Cipillone.

Picture it. Sort of like when Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Trump eating his burgers and drinking Coke.

Biden announced a week ago that his coronavirus plan was to lower the age to 65, release all the doses now, and he would make sure there were enough doses available and distributed for second shots.

Trump announced 2 days ago Biden’s plan. He announced it as if it were his idea.

It ws announced 2 days ago that Representatives, Senators, and their staffs could wear bullet proof vests. At no cost to themselves. They would be paid out of each representative’s already allocated budgets for their offices.

It was announced recently that 2.4 million Americans died in the first 10 days of the new year from coronavirus. We’re literally getting killed.

It was also reported through a different source that vaccines were being thrown out. They had spoiled because the cold storage units holding them in hospitals and medical offices were not sufficiently cold.

And here am you and I who cannot get a shot.

It was reported this morning on Morning Joe that masks are the order of the day in Congress beginning today. Everyone must wear a mask. First time without, the fine is $500. Second time, $2,500.

What happens to Trump when he is out of the White House?

The following will occur whether he is impeached or not. It will be his time to pay the fiddler. His business empire will crumble, he won’t be able to borrow the money he needs, no one will be his friend.

And, Trump will have no one to blame but himself. He did himself in!

Enjoy your day!



Last night, before or after the football game, I heard a brief news report to the effect that some of the Capitol Police or other police did not do their jobs effectively because they appeared to be on the side of the insurgents.

I researched the item on the internet this morning. Came up with nothing. Whether true or false, it will come out in due course. Truth has a way of surfacing.

Fifteen some odd years ago, I spent two consecutive summers in Greece. Six weeks each time as I recall.

Much of what was happening in Greece at the time is comparable to what is occurring in the U.S. today. The situation far worse in Greece. The U.S. may be on its way to experiencing the extreme.

There was no work. There was no food. No work means nothing. We are still better off. No food not like the food lines in the U.S. today. People were starving. Families killed their pets and ate them. Then broke into zoos, killed the animals, and took the meat home.

It reached a point where nothing could be grown. Initially, everyone had their little gardens. Then the ground would grow no more. They dug into the earth and ate roots. The roots were boiled.

When peoples’ lives change as to food and work, their politics become acerbated and change. Food is a first concern when there is none.

Politics were crazy.

I was staying at the Gran Britannia hotel in Athens for a few days. My balcony faced the Parliament building across the street. It was morning. The noise aroused me. There were thousands surrounding the building, carrying signs and shouting.

No way was I going to miss this. Threw on some clothes and ran out. I spent several hours each day with the demonstrators. No one bothered me. I did not understand what they were shouting, but there was no question they were upset.

There was one thing I could comprehend. Every time Angela Merkel’s name was mentioned, they spit on the ground. Young and old alike.

What about the police? As I think about it, I cannot recall seeing any at the site of the demonstrations.

No damage occurred at Parliament nor do I believe there was an intent by anyone to enter and do damage. The damage occurred later on the top commercial street in Athens. It ran directly perpendicular to Parliament.

Top retail stores and offices on the street. In a very few hours, a total mess. Windows all broken. Graffiti on the outside of some buildings. Cement walls somehow broken and lying on the ground. Fire damage evident also.

I was shocked.

Which brings me to the police.

The cops were cops. There was also at the time a neo-Nazi party called Golden Dawn. Half the police department were members of Golden Dawn.

The Golden Dawn members were scary. By day and night, they stood in groups on downtown busy streets. Aryan appearing one and all. Good looking young men. All blonds. Their attire the same. Shirts, pants and shoes black. They carried guns on their waists and batons in their hands.

I walked Athens day and night. Black Dawn groups standing everywhere. I found it interesting and will not deny a degree of fear was within me each time.

They never bothered me. However, their heads and eyes would follow me as I passed.

There were instances both day and night where I saw Black Dawn beating the hell out of someone on the sidewalk. A police officer was once nearby. He turned his back and walked away.

Black Dawn’s neo-Nazis controlled.

I learned that half the police force were members. Most judges, also.

Black Dawn was a smart operation. Recall food was scarce. Each day they would drive to certain corners with truck loads of food. Citizens were welcome to it. However, each receiving had to sign up to be a Black Dawn member.

Things have changed. Greece’s economy improved. People are working. Black Dawn if it still exists is a mere sliver of what it once was.

I spent the time this morning sharing Greece and its police with you in light of what seems to have occurred on January 6. In Greece, police became protesters and joined Black Dawn. If the news report I heard is correct, the same is occurring here. No where near as bad.

However not even one American cop should jump the fence. They should be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.

There are many videos of what happened at the Capitol. Some showing Capitol or other police opening barricades and letting the protesters in. Another shows one of the barrier guardians saying to the protesters as they went by, “I respect you.”

I spent some time each trip on a few smaller islands. Whether in Athens or the islands, it was next to impossible to get people to discuss politics. They were afraid.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. No problem having enough to talk about. My problem is I do not have enough time to get everything in.

Enjoy your day!


Ginni Thomas is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She white, he black. Their marriage of long standing.

Her name first came to attention when her husband had been nominated to the Supreme Court. There where whispers and innuendos that she was actively involved in far right extremist activities. Such never became an issue.

Her husband was before the Judiciary Committee for approval purposes. Joe Biden chaired the Committee.

Everything was running smooth for Thomas. His approval was expected. If my memory proves correct, he was the second black nominee ever to the Supreme Court. He was appointed to replace the great civil rights leader Thurgood Marshall.

It was near the end of the proceedings when the proverbial s–t hit the fan.

Anita Hill was a Constitutional law school professor. She forwarded a letter to the the Committee that Thomas was not in her opinion qualified. She had worked for him in some bureaucratic position when he headed a federal agency. She accused him of improper advances and claimed he was always talking about his great pornographic collection. He would ask Anita to watch porn with him.

The Committee called Anita. They bruised her badly. Democrats and Republicans alike. How could this woman say those things about a person like Thomas?

I was disappointed with Biden at the time. He was not fair in the way he handled her. It was a male/female thing.

The morning after Hill testified, Thomas was recalled. He waited for no man. He went into a tirade that the proceeding had become a lynching. Recognize he is a black man saying those words before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. He was on the verge of tears.

His explosion won the day. Hill’s testimony in effect was rejected. Thomas’ believed.

Hill continues to be a Constitutional law professor in California.

To this day, I believe she was not treated fairly. I believed her. Thought Thomas had lied.

Thomas has been on the Supreme Court bench more than 25 years. I believe he has been one of the Court’s worst Justices.

The Supreme Court is an appellate court. Justices ask questions. Rarely does an attorney have the opportunity to provide his well prepared argument. Questions from the Court come one after another. The attorney feels a bomb has been dropped on him.

There is no rule a Justice must ask questions. However, everyone in every appellate court in the U.S. does. Up to about 2 years ago, Thomas never asked a question.

I attributed his silence to a feeling he was not up to the job. In the past 2 years, for whatever reason, he asks a question here and there.

Which brings us back to wife Ginni.

She was a far right extremist when her husband was nominated. She has kept active in Republican far right circles. Even to today.

Ginni supports Trump’s argument that the election was illegal. On the day of the Capitol rally, she was on social media cheering on the protesters. She sent her “love” to them. Also, “God bless each of you standing up or praying.” How about, “We all have guns and concealed carry to handle what’s coming.”

The worst of the worst involves the story reported in several news releases. It was suggested she sponsored 80 buses for protesters to travel to Washington. Assuming 30 passengers per bus, Ginni  would have assisted in excess of 2,000 people to make the trip.

“Sponsored” may may not mean her money paid for the busies. It could have been as a board member of CNP Action.

One news article reported her assistance with the buses was “akin to paying for the plane tickets of the 9/11 hijackers.”

Her other far right activities prior to January 6 included her assistance in helping to handcraft lists of “disloyal” government officials. Shades of Senator McCarthy.

She is apparently anti BLM. She wanted authorities to remove a BLM banner from a city.

Ginni has been a virulent organizer against the Democratic Party and leftists.

If the facts are correct, it would appear she aided and abetted the Capitol insurrection. If such is the case, she should be charged where appropriate with those who actually stormed the Capitol.

So many stories coming out of January 6. It will take days/perhaps weeks to cover the more important ones.

Enjoy your day!



I gorged myself last night on home made lasagna.

I was half asleep around 5 when I heard the doorbell ring. Threw on some clothes and ran downstairs. Hoping I would not fall because I was hurrying.

Opened the door and there stood Dan Riordan

I told him right away “don’t touch me…..I don’t want to shake your hand.” Then I proceeded to chastise him for coming to Key West this year. My concern coronavirus.

Dan’s wife Lisa was smart. She remained in the car. We waived.

Dan and Lisa have been visiting Key West for many years. Generally rent the same place January and February. We are die hard Syracuse fans. We would watch Syracuse play at Don’s Place, Jack Flatts, or some other bar.

They live in Skaneateles, New York. Very few have ever heard of it. A small community about 15 miles west of Syracuse. Located on Skaneateles Lake. Homes are year round and owned by the Syracuse elite.

Dan and Lisa operated a restaurant in Skaneateles for years. Dan the cook/chef, Lisa ran the front. Hostess, bookkeeper, etc. They worked hard. Sold the place 2 years ago. It was time to pack it in.

Here I am inside the house chastising Dan who is standing on the porch. He hands me a package. Dinner. Thank you I responded and he was on his way.

The greatest cook in my lifetime was my grandmother. My father’s mother. She could make round steak taste like filet mignon.

She came to America from Italy as a young lady. Married my grandfather.

My grandmother never learned to speak English. Rarely left the house. I guarantee you however she was a happy woman each day. Eight children and all the grandchildren that followed.

Pasta was big with Italians. We used to call it macaroni back then. Enjoyed it every sunday and wednesday.

Rarely did the pasta come out of a box purchased at the store. It was home made. A major production.

Grandma’s daughters and daughters in law would come over. They all made the pasta together. I do not recall every step. Two however stick out in my mind.

The white large sheet. Before anyone did anything, a clean large white sheet was laid on a bed.

The steps I do not recall, except for the machine used to make the macaroni. Stood about 10 inches tall. The home made dough was entered into the top. An arm on the machine was cranked and the pasta came out of the bottom. Whether lasagna, linguine, or whatever, each piece carefully carried and laid on the sheet.

I have not enjoyed the quality of lasagna similar to last night’s made by Dan since my grandmother passed on. It was glorious. And the sauce! Not out of a bottle. Home made.

Some additional doses of the vaccine were available in Key West this week. A portion made available for the over 70’s.

I did not know about it. Donna and Terri got their shots thursday. Called me to tell me and to call the Health Department. The shots are being given at the Gato Building.

Tried all day friday and yesterday. Voice box full. Even tried today with the same result. I will begin again at 8 tomorrow morning.

Donna said very efficient. You had an appointment. You were taken on time. Then given an appointment for the second shot 3 weeks hence.

The supply is limited. Last week the County expected 800 doses. Received 312. I have a feeling the Gato Building supply will be exhausted by the time I make contact.

I received several e-mails and calls from snowbirds and short term visitors to Key West who are presnetly here. Also received the same number of e-mails and calls from locals.

Someone made a rule that visitors could receive their shots here in Key West. Residency not a requirement. The visitors were thrilled. Never expected to get their shots while here. The locals upset.

I am a local. I am upset. There is not enough of the vaccine for us living in Key West. “Foreigners” should return home where they have been included in the numbers.

I do not know who was responsible for the decision. My initial reaction is Governor DeSantis. He would make a stupid move like that.

Syracuse/Georgetown last night at 7. I laid in bed to watch the game. Missed it all. Fell asleep and did not wake til the game was over. I can’t win.

Syracuse did win however 74-69. Syracuse blew an 18 point lead, but hung on to win.

Someday I must share the Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry. Interesting and exciting.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Years ago, the Carpenters brought us We’ve Only Just Begun. The song’s title fits my reaction to January 6 and the attack on the Capitol.

Many of the insurgents probably participated in previous demonstrations. All kid stuff. The Capitol was major league.

So many things I want to write about. Share. I am going to set them forth in the order my mind releases them. No organization.

Several of the insurgents told police and others that they were going to take care of the pedophiles in the building. One insurgent was carrying a rope. I don’t know whether to merely tie some up or hang them.

Trump was to be the judge.

For some strange reason, many far right conservatives believe those of the leftist persuasion are pedophiles.

Recall the  picture of the man seated in Pelosi’s chair with a foot on the desk. He has been identified and arrested. Richard Barnett. He told whoever would listen to him that he scratched his balls while siting in her chair.

The group as a whole thought they were doing nothing wrong in gaining access to the building and doing the things they did. They believe in their cause. They are saving the nation and helping Trump to correct the election fraud perpetrated on him and the nation.

Many wore ID badges. Others were familiar from appearances or statements made with a photo on social media. No one appeared to want to prevent identification.

VOX on 1/8 carried an interesting comment: “Those who stormed the Capitol didn’t leave social media breadcrumbs for law enforcement to follow in the front doors – they left entire loaves of bread.”

There was a rather large white tent to the front of the crowd waiting for Trump to speak before they went down Constitution Avenue to deface and insult the nation’s legislative home. Their legislative home.

The white tent was enclosed on 3 sides. Many people in and under it.

Trump was waiting to do his thing.

Someone took a video of other persons standing in the back. A disgraceful video. Those videoed were laughing and joking like their sides were going to split.

Donald Jr. and Mark Meadows. Donald shouting into the camera what and how they were going to do what occurred an hour or two later. Meadows laughing big time behind him.

Trump’s girl friend Kimberly Guilfoyle took a prominent position. Formerly with FOX. She came into the camera’s view dancing and shimming to the quick music being played under the tent. She spoke into the camera as if she expected it to be seen by others. As it subsequently was. She said/shouted: “Have the courage! Fight!”

The Capitol’s invasion 2 hours away and the leaders of the event openly having fun. Sort of like in old Roman days in the Colesium. Everyone having a good time and joking, except of course those soon to be eaten by the lions.

Many far right groups participated in the attack. To name only two, Proud Boys and Neo-Nazis.

My impression at this point, before they marched to the Capitol: This is the start of a White Revolution. I saw no blacks. It was a blatant display of white privilege.

Trump comparable to Nero during the attack within the Capitol. As Nero played the violin while Rome burned, Trump was on the telephone with certain Senators pushing them to vote to overturn the election.

I do not agree with Pelosi’s desire to impeach Trump. He will be out of the White House in 11 days. There is insufficient time. The same for invoking Amendment 25.

Let nature take its course. The authorities will get them all, including Trump, in due course.

This is Trump’s last hurrah. It will extend over time till he gets arrested for a multitude of crimes. All at a time when a pardon will unquestionably be unavailable to him.

I find it amusing that Trump has been permanently suspended from tweeting. Such will hurt Trump more than anything else. He is going to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Trump’s legacy: He went out in a blaze of violence.

Enough of Trump and January 6 for today.

Coronavirus next on list list.

Monroe County has approximately 4,500 confirmed cases. Key West makes up 2,400 of that number.

Note that Key West continues to account for roughly half the cases. Nothing to be proud of. The number of cases represents the failure of the City and bar owners to keep tourists out. They brought the virus with them on their weekly jaunts to Key West.

I again congratulate Key West for its efforts over the New Year’s eve weekend. They finally stood up to the task and did a hell of a job enforcing the restrictions.

Syracuse plays Georgetown at 7. A very old rivalry. They fought hard against each other while Syracuse was in the Big East. Now they meet every 2 or 3 years to keep the rivalry alive.

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One of the terrorists was questioned by a police officer during the Capitol invasion. The police officer asked why. The terrorist responded: “What are we supposed to do? OK? The Supreme Court’s not helping us, so no one’s helping us. Only we can do it.”

A protester soon to turn terrorist was listening to Giuliani’s talk. No one will forget Giuliani’s directive: “So let’s have trial by combat.” The protester was heard to say: “He just said trial by combat!…..I’m ready! I’m ready!”

Trump’s January 6 failure affects his family also.

Ivanka was standing next to her father as he spoke to the protesters egging them on. One of Ivanka’s friends later asked, “How do you associate yourself with the worst, most toxic people in U.S. history?”

Ivanka’s former friend also said, “People used to fear Trump’s wrath, now they fear his affiliation. The stink of his family is impossible to get off.”

A Capitol police officer died from injuries sustained while the protesters were on their way to the Capitol. His name Brian D. Sicknick.  He was injured while physically engaging with the protesters.

He returned to the station and dropped.

Interestingly, a number of high police officials from various departments are resigning. As they should. They were ill prepared for the onslaught and should have been. There was ample advance notice.

Pelosi wants to impeach. Many agree with her. Others want Amendment 25 to be invoked.

Neither feasible. Statements being made nothing but political talk.

Twelve days remaining till Biden’s inauguration. The House can impeach Trump with a vote. That merely says he is impeached. It does not say he is guilty of anything. The Senate decides guilt.

There is not sufficient time to conclude an impeachment proceeding.

Amendment 25 does not fly either. It requires the Vice-President and entire Cabinet to agree. Good luck! I do not seeing everyone joining in.

Even if all did, this is a first time event for Amendment 25 to be invoked. There will be all kinds of court proceedings immediately following its invocation. Time during which Trump will probably be permitted to continue actively as President.

I could be wrong re Amendment 25. My problem is I cannot envision a court failing to give Trump the usual immediate and up front court arguments. The same normally available to every person.

Trump and self-pardoning. Can’t see it happening and be found later by a court to be valid.. A sinner cannot forgive himself.

Word is Trump has been questioning the possibility big time with office staff and outside attorneys. The inquiries have increased since January 6.

Interestingly, Trump has had the issue under research since 2017. What did he do before 2017?

A gamble at best for Trump. A losing hand in the end.

Podcaster Michael Snyder made some interesting observations on January 4, two days before the Capitol riot. His comments were titled: The U.S. Has Become A Banana Republic.

His primary concern was the U.S. borrowing money as it has been: “If we continue destroying the U.S. dollar at current pace, toilet paper will eventually be more valuable than U.S. dollars.”

Stimulus dollars are especially killing the American economy. The U.S. presently borrows to meet its needs. A situation that cannot go on forever. Money is going out faster than coming in.

My housekeeper is from Guatemala. She was shocked by what happened at the Capitol. She said that she came to the U.S. because her country was a banana republic. Governments frequently changing. Without benefit of the ballot. Force to accomplish a takeover.

Her concern genuine. She asked what I thought. I said I did not know. I never expected a January 6.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis is Trump reincarnated. I have said so many times over the past 2 years. He has been Trump’s lap dog.

Trump said several times DeSantis was the best Governor in America. The reason being DeSantis danced to Trump’s tune. Did everything Trump said should be done the way Trump thought it should be done.

Florida’s vacine distribution is screwed up. Dramatically. Other states also to be fair. CNN host Brianna Keller recently called DeSantis “an ass” for scolding a reporter who blamed him for vaccine distribution issues at Florida hospitals.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month.

A crisis situation.

Most Americans believe those trafficked for illicit sex are from Europe and Asia. Not the case. Most are U.S. young girls and boys. Abducted forever in their home country the United States.

Foreigners trafficked and brought to the U.S.average 14,500 to 17,500 in recent years. Americans at risk are estimated at 200,00 per year.

The three highest states in the U.S. where human trafficking exists are California, New York and Texas.

There is a division between females and males. Seventy percent are young females, 30 percent young males.

I don’t believe it! Is Syracuse going to have a bad basketball season? No way. Too good for it.

My impression of the team’s abilities were stomped upon in wednesday’s game against Pitt. Syracuse had a 14 point lead at half time. Syracuse lost 63-60. Pitt never led till 8.2 seconds were left in the game.

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The White House is our house. It belongs to the American people. Yesterday’s insurgency raid affects us all. We should be upset to the nth degree.

I have been predicting such an attack for some time. I have written in my Key West Lou blog several times of my concern. I have also spoken to the danger in at least two blog talk radio shows.

As part of today’s blog, I would ask that you also read yesterday’s blog if you have not. In order to get the total picture. Titled: Attila the Hun, Sherman, and Trump. 1/6/21. www.keywestlou.com.

We have all seen yesterday’s carnage. Properly described, an insult to the American people. The news on TV, internet, and media kept us well abreast of things as they were happening. I am not going to bore you with repetition. What I am going to do is share some brief thoughts. Mine, those of persons who have contacted me, and those expressed in media reports.

Dark day for America / Comparable to 9/11 / Chaos / Protesters really insurgents / Trump’s comments to the protesters before they headed for the White House: “I’ll be there with you…..walk down to the Capitol…..You’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

Rudy Giuliani: “Trial by combat” / Donald Jr.: “We’re coming for you and we’re going to have a good time doing it.”

Five killed / One a woman shot by police / No other information available re the deaths / The conduct that of a banana republic, not a democratic republic / Improvised explosives were found on Capitol grounds.

Number arrested by various police agencies difficult to determine / Whatever the number, arrests insufficient / No organization, no leadership by authorities / Authorities warned but were not ready / Heads will roll.

Passions of protesters intensified by falsehoods and false hopes / Trump lit the match/ Trump fueled the event / An insurrection, not a protest / Trump used Presidency to destroy trust in our elections / Protesters thugs / Rioters should be prosecuted to full extent of the law.

Impeachment too slow and arduous / Amendment 25 also too slow / Mob violent / Republican Party in disarray / Trump’s protesting mob received white glove treatment / Compared to police tactics against BLM in previous Washington protest.

Trump has committed treason / Trump’s actions leading up to the attack and on the day of the attack seditious / Capitol Police poorly prepared / Arrest Trump and his key followers / No bail for Trump / Trump has money and ability to leave the country.

Today another day.

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Attila the Hun, Sherman, and Trump. What a combination! Destroyers all! Attila half the world. Sherman Atlanta. Trump the Republican Party.

Fortunately, the Constitution worked once again. It always does when America is in trouble. The American people have a sense and throw the bums out.

Let’s start with the Georgia run off Senate elections. Warnock won. Ossoff is ahead at the moment. Appears he will win, though he might face a recount.

Warnock made history. The first Black Senator to be elected from Georgia. Also, the first Black Democratic Senator.

Ossoff this morning is on the brink of completing a Democratic sweep of Georgia. The Presidency and two Senators. In the most Republican of Republican states, Georgia.

A new day for America. A rebirth.

One thing especially stands out. Who would expect Georgia to elect a Black and a Jew to such high office. Wonder of wonders.

Today bothers me. Causes great concern. Trump’s rally in front of the Capitol. He has rabble roused the rabble to appear and protest with him in opposition to Congress’ certification of the Electoral College.

A loser should be humble. Past Presidential losers have been. Humility is not part of Trump’s DNA, however.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog and stated in no uncertain terms on my blog talk radio show last night that today HOPEFULLY will be Trump’s final Hail Mary. I also conveyed that I believed blood would taint the Streets of Washington today.

The crowd was already there last night. And the event does not begin till today. Thousands of Trump supporters. Shoulder to shoulder. Very very few wearing masks. Social distancing impossible.

Six were arrested before 9 pm. Some on multiple charges. Weapon charges including carrying guns without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of an unreported firearm. In addition, assaulting a police officer and simple assault.

Trump’s supporters last night and today are from all parts of the U.S.

Some already clashing with police as described by the arrest charges.

Force will be required by the police, national guard, Secret Service and White House police where necessary. Protests are legal. Constitutional. However as with everything else, there are/should be limits.

A person can drive a car, but not speed or do so when under the influence. Sex is acceptable, except not with children nor adult persons against their will.

The rights of protesters has been carried a step too far. Time to reign in the excessiveness. Police must enforce laws. Eventually people will back off the confrontations. Their protesting will continue. However, in a civil manner.

Violent protesters must be confronted where they have their headquarters, in the woods at training camps, etc. There should be no delay in such confrontations. Crimes will at the very least involve conspiracy, seditious and treasonous acts. Illegal weapons inevitably  will also be discovered.

Far protesters who cause damage, maim and kill must be nipped in the bud.

Trump is scheduled to speak today in front of the Capitol to those who believe in him and support his policies. His speech scheduled to take place before Congress begins with its duties.

The rally is labeled by the protesters as a “March for Trump/Save America.” Organized by Women for America First.

What a joke! Proud Boys will not even permit women to join their ranks. No ladies allowed membership.

I believe Washington is ready to meet the onslaught. We shall see.

Trump leaves behind many problems. Our nation is in shambles, so to speak. Biden and his team will place the U.S. on the road to recovery.

Thought should be given to Trump’s number one parting gift. I see it as the GOP civil war that has only just begun.

I mentioned yesterday that it had been reported in the Scottish newspaper Sunday Post that Trump and family would land at Prestwick Airport in Scotland 1/19. Reason so he could avoid appearing at the inauguration. He was going to spend time at his Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland.

Turns out such is not the case. The White House denies there are any such plans for Trump to be in Scotland.

Scotland is in total lock down because of coronavirus. No one is permitted to enter the country, except in case of emergency

Scottish officials also say the story was false. Due to the coronavirus  problem.

From Trump’s primary speeches to this day, the man has encouraged bad talk about people he opposes or oppose him, and even suggested to his minions that physical violence might be appropriate.

Trump has encouraged bad behavior in every possible way.

What occurred at the Salt Lake City International Airport over the weekend a perfect example.

Mitt Romney was sitting quietly working on his laptop. Trump supporters harassed him. A successful businessman, U.S. Senator, and former Presidential candidate. He was attacked with comments like “a disgusting shame.” One man said to Romney “Trump is a juggernaut, your legacy is nothing.” Another comment: “You’re a joke. An absolute joke.”

It did not stop while the plane was in flight. Many began chanting “traitor” and “resign, Mitt.”

My America? Your America?

The basketball season begins. Syracuse plays Pittsburgh this afternoon.

I am off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz later this morning. A hospital test.

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