Coronavirus has closed many doors. There is one situation however where the virus has opened a door.


Couples sex. People who are married or live together. Doesn’t work for one night stands or booty calls. Those would require the 6 foot safe distancing rule. Such alone eliminates any notion of sexual intercourse.

Many couples are finding “imposed intimacy” a great way to cope with anxiety and stress.

Sex is highly recommended during the crisis since it keeps people calm, boosts the immune system, revives a lagging libido, and is a form of exercise.

Go for it! Remember however couples only!

For me, coronavirus has meant quarantine. Self quarantine. This is day 151.

There have been exceptions. Doctor and hospital visits.

Age seems to add calamities one upon the other. I now have a kidney problem. That is why my frequency for doctor and hospital visits have increased.

I have been told problem not serious, but can be. Doctor assumes it can be treated with medicine. Another pill to add to my already 19 a day.

I am not concerned. Will explain the problem to you another time. It’s interesting.

Airline industry going broke. Few flying.

Arabs are smart people. One nation has come up with an odd ball solution. May be a good one. Who knows?

It is expected that airline recovery to pre-pandemic levels will not occur till after 2024.

Emirate is a state owned airline and flag carrier of United Arab Emirates. The airline is offering customers a “safety net” to induce them to fly with them.

If a customer catches coronavirus on a flight, the airline will cover all costs related to medical treatment, hospital quarantine, and guarantees to pay funeral costs in the event of death.

A heart-warming inducement! Sick! The suggested offer and those who take advantage of it!

Vietnam an interesting country when it comes to coronavirus. A nation of 69 million.

Till late July, Vietnam had the best record for the virus. Its numbers the envy of the world. Seven hundred eighty nine cases and no deaths.

Vietnam did everything scientists suggested. Were not interested in their “freedoms.” Rather, “survival.”

A problem popped up since late July and has gotten worse. Like a second epidemic. Suddenly many being stricken. Vietnam has “quarantine centers” which presently hold 23,356 persons. Isolated, 6,717. An additional 140,384 have been ordered to home quarantine.

How quickly the virus spreads.

Key West  is now experiencing a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases.

The upswing began with opening U.S. 1 to non-residents June 1. On June 1, Key West had only 41 cases.

The businessmen were more interested in their pocketbooks rather than the good health of the community. Since June 1, the number through yesterday has risen to 705.

The tourists drive down from the mainland and bring the virus with them.

To those businessmen responsible, you can’t spend the money if you are dead.

The State of Florida’s numbers rise dramatically. Because of an “asshole” governor who follows Trump’s dictates to the letter.

Brazil is a festering pot for coronavirus. Its numbers rising dramatically. Expected to be #1 in coronavirus cases at some point.

Flights from and to Brazil still operating at Miami International.

Governor DeSantis should do something on his own for once. Ban any flights from or to Brazil.

A poker game is being played between the federal government and the virus. The virus is winning.

It does not appear the game will end soon. Could be a year or two before the virus is defeated. In the meantime, what do the government and the people do for money?

The first stimulus was ok. Another big one needed. Right away. However the politicians are playing games. Games with the lives and health of the American people.

Whether the money comes from Congressional action or Trump’s executive orders, it will arrive too late and run out at some point. The feds will be required to continue with big time assistance. Only a federal government has the capacity to do so. It can print money.

The end could be inflation as never seen in the U.S. Off the wall!

The need is now however and must be addressed. Every decision a difficult one.

Trump’s 4 executive orders signed yesterday are of little help. People need every penny of the $600, not $400.

The $400 is a joke as to its source. One hundred dollars from the States. Where are they going to get the money. All are broke already. Note the States cannot legally print money.

Th personal tax thing a gimmick. It is taxpayer dollars going directly into the stimulus package rather than Social Security. Means in due course Social Security benefits will have to be lowered. At some point, there definitely will not be enough money in the Social Security Trust Fund for it to continue.

Nothing more than Trump playing games. He neither cares nor understands the plight ordinary people.

I occasionally write that the rich have taken over the Republican Party and the country. Most of those we “elect” no longer have the power they once did. Also, they have learned to dance to tunes selected by the elites.

Canadian blogger Ian Welsh had descriptive words for American elites/rich in a recent column.

“American elites are predators.”

“Greed is good.”

“Covid-19 is making the rich richer.”

At the end of the Pandemic, “U.S. elites will control a larger percentage of the U.S. economy than before. They will be richer and more powerful. And that means tens of millions of Americans are homeless and hungry.” Prices will go up. As far as the elites “are willing for YOU to pay.”

The Bahama Village Arch has returned. The overhang at the intersection of Petronia and Duval.

Years of sun exposure had faded the Arch. It had been taken down to be repainted. Work completed and Arch back up. I am told it is bright and shiny.

The Hackley baby saga continues. A sad one.

William Hackley’s diary entries for August 8 & 9, 1855 advise Mrs. Hews cannot nurse baby anymore. Her milk is no longer sufficient.

Hackley wrote the baby is now on corn starch and seems “to like it very much.”

The next day Hackley wrote a Spanish woman was found who lives nearby who says she will nurse the baby three times a day.

I wish Hackley would tell us the baby’s name. Is it “Baby?” He leaves me confused.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Mary Burgess was one of the finest people I have known. Witty, fun, caring, etc. Everyone I have spoken with this week describes her in those or similar terms.

Mary died monday night. Brain cancer. It hurts to even say those two words.

I first met Mary 3 years ago at Blue Macaw. Those were my falling down days. I was fighting using the cane. She must have noticed me wobbling around.

When I went to leave, she came over, took my arm, and said let me walk you to your car.

And so it began. She would walk me to my car each time we met at Blue Macaw. Which became often.

A relationship of sorts developed. Good friends. Not a romance. We enjoyed each other’s company.

We became a thing for almost 2 years. Sometimes once a week, sometimes twice. Other times 5 consecutive nights.

Monday night we always met at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. Never called to say lets meet. We both knew we would be there.

It became a monday night custom. After Aqua, we would walk over to La Trattoria or Antonia’s for dinner. Some nights chatted at the Chart Room. The movies every now and then.

Until I got the cane, she always held on to me as we walked. A warm and secure feeling.

We started drifting when I stopped drinking. Pancreatitis. Doctor said no more alcohol and smoking.

I found it difficult to be with other people who were drinking and smoking. So I stopped going out.

Mary seemed to be in excellent health. A walker. Everywhere. She had the body of an athlete.

Mary worked at the Little White House as a Storyteller. That was her title.

She kept me abreast of Truman’s life. As and when she learned something that few knew about Truman, she would bring it to my attention so I could put it in the blog. She frequently sent me books about Truman.

The strangest part of our relationship occurred this past weekend. Note Mary died monday.

I had not seen nor talked with Mary in a year. I doubt I even thought of her. Saturday, sunday and monday before I heard, I could not get her out of my mind. I did not know she was sick. I could not understand why she was in my head those few days.

Sunday, I telephoned her. The answering machine responded. Left her a message to call me. Of course, I never heard from her and now never will.

Why was she in my mind? Did she want to tell me something, make me aware of her situation? I don’t know. Strange.

Tammy Renee sent me an e-mail tuesday that Mary had died. Never met Renee. I thank her for letting me know.

I have been crying off and on since. Mary’s death made an impact on me.

I know not where she died. Key West, Miami, Gloucester her home town, Boston, etc. Many have called or e-mailed me since tuesday to share Mary’s passing. Details as to where, etc. no one knew.

There was an e-mail on Facebook that talked about Mary. The name of the writer was not available.

The two were together on July 20 when Mary first got the news she definitely had brain cancer. Mary had just had a CT scan. The doctor’s office called and told her to get in immediately, that she had a problem. The CT scan had verified the malignancy.

Mary said to the person with her: “I’ve had a great life. I have a beautiful family whom I love and I know love me. Whatever God says is ok with me. It’s in His hands.”

Mary, you were loved! Enjoy your new life!


On this day 1945, the first atomic bomb ever was dropped on Hiroshima. Three days later, on Nagasaki.

Japan surrendered. World War II was over.

Since then, no atomic/nuclear weapon has been dropped on any peoples.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.

A B-29 fortress named Enola Gay dropped the bomb at 8:16 am. There was a “blinding flesh-melting blast.” A 500 foot fireball heated the air to 500,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Three hundred thousand injured, 200,000 died.

Setsuko Thurlow was 13 at the time. Fortunately, survived. She is 88 today.

She was one mile from ground zero when the bomb went off. Her recollection is probably why no nation has since dropped such a bomb.

“I could see some dark moving approaching to me. They happened to be human beings. They just did not look like human beings. I called them ghosts.”

“They were covered with blood and burned and blackened and swollen, and the flesh was hanging from the bones. Parts of their bodies were missing, and some were carrying their own eyeballs in their hands. And as they collapsed, their stomach burst open.”

Interesting how things occur. Yesterday, I wrote re Wisteria Island. This morning’s Key West Citizen has a follow up article on what is occurring at Wisteria.

Sheriff Rick Ramsey is upset about the decision. Specifically as how it will impact care of the island. He is concerned which government agency will manage the island.

Ramsey says Wisteria is a haven for violence and “lawlessness.” Recent incidents include a stabbing, assault with a baseball bat, and rape.

Several years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management lay legal claim to Wisteria. A federal court recently ruled the U.S. owned the island.

Ramsey basically says the Bureau of Management has done nothing to mange the island over the years. He refers to the Bureau as the “Bureau of No Land Management.”

Ramsey reiterated the “island is a dangerous place.” He wants to see it made useful again so people can visit to picnic and bring their children.

The Wisteria Island story is not over.

The PGA begins today. Due to coronavirus, it will be the lone major remaining. Soon after, the Fed-Ex Cup Playoffs will begin.

Tiger Woods is playing. He believes he can win the PGA this year. It is going to be exciting golf!

It was announced yesterday that Deutsche Bank gave Donald Trump’s financial records to the Manhattan prosecutors some time ago in response to a subpoena.

Ho, ho, ho!

Someone in a comment to yesterday’s blog got involved with “stupid”. Something that can’t be fixed.

I opted to do some research re “stupid.”

Urban Dictionary defines “you can’t fix stupid” as the response to seeing some moron doing something incredibly asinine.

“You can’t fix stupid” is a relatively recent term. American comedian Ron White titled an album with the phrase in 2007. The album peaked at #1 on the Billboard Top Comedy Album chart.

Forrest Gump gave us “stupid is as stupid does.”

I came across a “stupid” joke re Mitch McConnell. Printed underneath a photo he is featured in the words: “You can’t fix stupid but your vote can send stupid home.”

Ronald Reagan was one tough President. Fair, but his way. If a person screwed up, he told the person to his face what was wrong and advised it be fixed immediately. Not to listen to Reagan was a mistake. If a person rejected Reagan’s advise, that person was rejected with rapid speed.

An example the Air Traffic Controllers Union.

The Union struck. Reagan said go back to work or I will fire you. The Union did not believe him.

On August 5, 1981 Reagan true to his word fired 11,359 air traffic controllers. With the firing went a lifetime ban on being rehired.

There were 13,000 controllers at the time Reagan said go back to work or else. A little more than 1,600 heeded his warning and did return,. The other 11,359 had to find new occupations.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice had an interesting comment. It concerned Key West and coronavirus. The numbers are a bit difficult to compute. I leave that to you.

“OK. Let’s do the math together. According to the New York Times, COVID-19 cases have gone up 12 fold since the roadblock came down (6/1/20), now at 576. If the rate stays the same, that means that in a little more than 2 months, all 25,000 residents will be infected. I know of no other city in this country that expects its entire population to be infected before mid-October.”

Enjoy your day!




Machiavelli: “The rich are as much a threat to a republic as a standing military.” The Discourse on Livy, First Book, Chapter III.

The terms elites and rich are used interchangeably.

Elites have the habit of making an “issue” a “selective issue.” Roe v. Wade a perfect example.

Roe was decided in 1973. It received the usual post decision fanfare as any other significant decision. The issue then died.

It was resurrected 6 years later in 1979.

A group of evangelical leaders were searching for an issue to make a mountain out of a mole hill, so to speak. In order to defeat Jimmy Carter’s reelection bid. They seized on abortion not for moral reasons. Rather as the rallying cry to defeat Carter.

The evangelicals actually wanted the issue to be segregated schools. Keep suburban areas white. Keep blacks separated from white children.

Segregated schools as a moral issue seemed too far out. Something more palatable for the religious right to rely on was required. Abortion became the choice.

Wealthy persons with far right thinking were becoming more involved in politics. They liked the idea of abortion as the issue.

The beginning of the elites pouring money into the Republican far right began in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The billionaires tossed big dollars into the effort. Richard Mellon Scaife of the Mellon banking family and Joseph Coors the beer baron two individuals who gave the most.

Coors far right thinking was described by many as “a little bit right of Attila the Hun.”

Coors financed the Heritage Foundation which stands strong today in promoting issues that help the rich to quietly control American society.

The rich could not understand why peons should control the U.S. Their procedure became a simple one. While remaining in the background, they threw billions of dollars into Republican far right conservative causes.

Elected officials became subservient to those who provided funds for the party. Elites contributed to far right groups to protest and push causes they believed beneficial to their aims.

The peons loved it! Thought they were running the U.S. Blind fools! The rich took over. From behind the scenes, they now call the shots.

Interestingly, abortion one of the issues still working for them.

Trump’s recent 5 o’clock TV shows I have labeled Trump’s follies. I have compared Trump to Howdy Doody’s Buffalo Bob and Clarabell.

One thing that irritates me is that Trump is never on time for the show. A half hour to an hour late generally.

Such reflects a definite disregard and lack of respect for the American public who wait to hear his words.

The substance of these shows based on inaccuracies.

Last night, Trump said coronavirus was “under control.” How? The U.S. has 4.85 million confirmed cases. Deaths 159,000. Deaths occurring one every minute.

He said U.S. testing the best in the world. Results available in 5 to 15 minutes. Where does he get his facts? Testing still sucks. Testing not yet readily available. Results not generally available for 3 to 5 to 7 days. Sometimes, 10-12.

Trump proudly claims all kinds of supplies readily available. Like masks, testing equipment, gowns, gloves, inhalators, etc. Ask hospital personnel. They will tell you the truth.

He shocked me when he said Florida, Texas and California were in good shape, the numbers coming down. The three states still disasters.

I was of the opinion that Trump lied most of the time. Now, I think not. He is ignorant. Such is the problem.

Trump’s demand that the U.S. get a cut of any TikiTok sale ridiculous. Something new. From the genius of Trump’s mind.

Not just a cut, Trump believes the dollars should be “substantial” and “very big dollars.”

Wrong to do. Not the usual way of doing business. The government getting a piece of the action where a private business transaction is involved.

Trump is doing this to further aggravate China. China owns the company that owns TikiTok. Trump continues defecating on China. He is pushing China as FDR did Japan re oil. The result was Pearl Harbor.

Alan Dershowitz is one of America’s outstanding criminal defense attorneys. Spent his lifetime teaching at Harvard Law and handling these cases on the side.

It is claimed Dershowitz was a guest at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. One of the young girls, I cannot recall whether 12 or 16, he allegedly had sex with.

Dershowitz denied it. The girl now a young lady. She has sued Dershowitz.

He denies frequently. Like every other week. He comes up with another reason why her claims are not true.

Me thinks Dershowitz complains too much. I give him the advise he would give a client in a similar situation: “Shut up!”

Banks are whores. They got away with murder as the saying goes in 2008. Coronavirus another story. Appears to be doing many banks in.

HSBC is headquartered in London. It is Europe’s largest bank.

Its net profit for the second quarter dropped 96 percent! Plummeted!

HSBC blames coronavirus and lower interest rates.

Numbers best describe HSBC’s problem. The bank’s second quarter net profit for this year $192 million. Sounds like a lot of money. Not when compared to HSBC’s net profit for the second quarter last year.

The bank’s net profit second quarter last year was $4.37 billion.

Something definitely wrong at HSBC.

Trump rarely consistent. The past couple of weeks, he has been decrying the use of mail in ballots. Specifically mentioning many of the states who use them or intend to use them for this year’s Presidential election. Florida one of the states mentioned.

Yesterday, Trump urged Florida to use mail in ballots. He claimed Florida’s “election system is safe and secure, tried and true…..Florida’s election system has been cleaned up.”

No further elaboration. No reason why he changed his mind.

Wisteria Island back in the news.

When I first came to Key West 30 years ago, two small islands sat west of Key West. One whose name I cannot recall. The other Wisteria Island. Both islands a five minute boat ride from Key West.

Both islands used by the homeless, not taken care of, etc. The State would visit each island once year to remove all those inhabiting them for 24 hours so such persons would not be able to later claim title under adverse possession.

Then came Sunset Key. The island whose previous name I could not recall. Today a place of beauty and elegance. The finest homes and a superior restaurant. Everything on Sunset Key expensive.

Wisteria Island continues to sit next to Sunset Key. Looks like a garbage dump. Overgrown, people leave the island unclean, etc.

The Bernstein family (F.E.B. Corp.) has owned Wisteria for years. The intent to develop Wisteria similar to Sunset Key.

Ownership has always been an issue.

The most recent lawsuit began several years ago. I forget who was contesting the Bernstein title. May have been the State.

At the last minute, the U.S. government got involved in the lawsuit. They had not been heard from the decades before.

The U.S. claimed it owned the island.

A federal court recently decided the U.S. does: “It was built up by Navy contractors, who used the land for teh government’s purposes and benefit of storing fil;l accumulated from nearby dredging operastions.”

A lousy decisions. The government has never made beneficial use of Wisteria and never will. Its last minute entrance in the lawsuit was to exercise its right of claim. Utilizing mentally a never give up title to anything thought.

Sad because Wisteria is going to sit idle forever. A tiny black eye sitting off Key West’s waterfront.

Enjoy your day!



A beautiful blog today. Elites and control of the Republican Party, We shall overcome, German TV show Achtung Abzock, a coronavirus update, dengue fever, the Key West Copacabana of yesteryear.

I lost it! It’s somewhere in outer space.

Don’t bother telling me to be more careful. I was. Lost it when I sent it to publish. Have no idea what key I pressed.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Insufficient time to redo blog and prepare show. Ergo, no blog today. I do promise however to redo some of the topics as they were extremely interesting.

Enjoy your day!


A major whoring class in America today are bankers.

A perfect example. The banks caused the 2008 recession. Were in not for the government bailing them out with taxpayer dollars, the banks would have gone under.

The banks saved, they then turned around and screwed their customers royally. Especially homeowners whose mortgages the banks held. Millions of Americans were forced into foreclosure and lost their homes.

Bankers have always been considered bad guys. Recall Jesus throwing the money lenders out of the temple. Their reputations have not improved one iota in the centuries since.

There was a banker who extended a helping hand to his customers without the customary bullshit that accompanies borrowing money. Years ago and even today. His name, Amadeo Giannini.

In 1904, Giannini opened the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. The Bank of Italy developed into the Bank of America. Prior thereto, Giannini had been in the produce business. He sold out in 1892 at the age of 31 and retired.

Italian immigrants at the turn of the century were greatly discriminated against. Banks refused to do business with them.

Giannini was one of the first bankers to offer banking services to middle class Italian-Americans. Note, middle class. Prior to that time, banks only did business with upper class persons.

Giannini was upset Italian immigrants were not able to bank. Such led to his opening the Bank of Italy in San Francisco.The Bank was opened in a converted saloon. He made it known that the bank was for the “little fellow.”

It was the bank for hardworking immigrants that other banks would not serve. He offered savings accounts and loans.

His customers had no accountants or paperwork. Giannini judged them by their “character,” not “wealth.”

Deposits the first year totaled $8,780. The next year, $700,000, $13.5 million in 2002 dollars.

In 1906, disaster struck San Francisco. The earthquake and resultant fires leveled most of the city.

Giannini set up a temporary bank. He collected deposits, made loans, and proclaimed San Francisco would rise from the ashes.

His bank began operations literally in the street. From a plank set on 2 barrels. Giannini made loans on a handshake to those interested in rebuilding. In later years, Giannini was proud to report that everyone of those loans was paid.

Prior to the earthquake and fire, money was kept in vaults. When the vaults were opened, the heat would destroy the cash. The heat was that intense when a vault door was reopened.

The banks were reluctant to open the vaults. Many vaults remained closed for weeks and banks were unable to do business.

Giannini anticipated the danger. He emptied his vaults immediately, thereby avoiding the danger.

The money was moved to his home in San Mateo 18 miles away.

Giannini had a concern that thieves might steal the money while in transit. He came up with a plan. He moved the money in a garbage wagon. The money was hidden beneath the garbage.

While others could not make loans or do any kind of banking, Giannini was ready on the go. He was one of the few bankers who had cash. He was easily able to provide for withdrawals and making loans.

Giannini banking types no longer exist. Today’s bankers prefer doing business wit the very rich, make it difficult for the middle class to borrow, and care not for those in the lower economic strata.

Staying with banks for a moment.

HSBC is Europe’s largest bank.

This is going to be hard to believe. Its net profit for the second quarter of this year plummeted 96 percent. The net profit was $192 million. The net profit second quarter last year was $4.37 billion.

HSBC attributes its bad times to coronavirus and lower interest rates.

My heart bleeds for HSBC. Welcome to the world of difficult times!

Deutsche Bank. A huge banking enterprise. Suspected of being Putin’s bank and one that has been doing business with Trump and Kushner. Deutsche is/has been Trump and Kushner’s “personal banker.”

Deutsche has a major internal investigation underway.

The personal banker involved is Rosemary Vrablic. The investment “Bergel 715.” Two of her co-workers are claimed to be involved also.

Facts still murky. Appears Vrablic purchased a $1.5 million Manhattan apartment from Bergel. Kushner held an ownership interest in Bergel at the time.

During the time frame being investigated, Deutsche through Vrablic allegedly made $190 million in loans to Trump and Kushner.

Bankruptcies of old time businesses continue.

Men’s Warehouse and Joseph A. Banks’ parent company is Tailored Brands Inc. Tailored Brands filed for bankruptcy.

The result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sales for both entities were down 60 percent the first quarter of this year.

Lord and Taylor filed for bankruptcy. Lord and Taylor the oldest department store in the U.S.

I loved Lord and Taylor! It was one of my places to visit while in New York City. The store had the best and largest collection of wing back chairs.

Day 145 of my self-quarantine. I’m doing ok. Gets rocky on occasion. Thank God for my writing and researching. Keeps me occupied.

Trump is screwing around with the Post Office. In so doing, he is screwing around with my vote and yours come November.

It is offensive that he would carry the mail in ballot situation this far. The man is no good!

Trump is also considering banning the media from the Republican Convention.

Hackley’s poor baby. Matilda’s milk and the baby not working well together.

Medicines and 3 goats have not helped. Mrs. Hews may be.

In William’s diary entry for this day 1855, he writes, “Yesterday sent the baby to Mrs. Hews four times, she is getting better.”

Enjoy your day!



Lt. John Kennedy was captain of a PT boat in the south Pacific in World War II. His crew consisted of 13 sailors.

On August 1, 1943 while on night duty, the PT-109 was cut in half by a Japanese vessel. Eleven survived, 2 died.

Though injured, Kennedy helped save the remaining crew members. His performance that evening and until they were all saved days later would not have occurred without Kennedy’s leadership.

Kennedy’s calm gutsy approach in the PT-109 saga was similar to that he exhibited during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We were on the brink of war with Russia. The U.S. had blockaded Cuba. Russian ships were within several hundred yards of the American ones when the Russians blinked first and turned around to return home.

We need more Kennedys, no more Trumps. We have had our fill of Trump.

I wonder on occasion how Trump’s bone heel chips are doing.

Waddell is a strange name. Key West has a street named Waddell. Louie’s Backyard is located on Waddell.

Did some research to figure how who Waddell was. Quite a while, in fact. It was difficult verifying the little I came across.

Turns out Waddell was named after James I. Waddell who was a banker and twice Mayor in the Key West of the second half of the 1800’s.

The first person I discovered was of course named James I. Waddell  also. He resigned from the Union Navy to join the Confederate one. Assuming such to be true, I thought a dissertation of sorts was in order that the name Waddell be removed as the street’s name.

It would be politically correct to rename Waddell based on the fact Waddell was a Confederate naval officer who captained a Confederate vessel that did much damage during the Civil War.

Waddell’s track record as a Confederate captain impressive. He captained the Confederate cruiser Shenandoah. Two hundred thirty feet long, 8 large guns, and a crew of 73.

Waddell’s performance is marked with 2 distinctions.

He did not engage in ordinary combat. His responsibility was to seek out and destroy Union fishing vessels. He was adept at it.

He sailed the south Atlantic, across the Indian Ocean, and into the north Pacific. Even to Arctic waters.

His greatest feat the capture of 10 U.S. whale vessels in the space of 7 hours after the war had ended.

Such was his second distinguishing factor. He kept fighting after the war was over. He never knew it had ended.

He found out when he was in English waters off the coast of Great Britain. He immediately surrendered his vessel to British authorities.

Key West has its exciting moments most years. This year too many. However, tough people we are!

Floridians and Keys residents are accustomed to playing the cards they get. This year coronavirus, hurricanes, dengue fever, and pythons to name a few.

Me thinks Alan Dershowitz complaineth too much! A good lawyer would tell him to keep his mouth shut.

The average age of cars and light trucks still on the road continues to spiral. Now, 11.9 years.

New car sales continue to plunge as they have on a steady basis since the 1970’s. Sales were tough before the pandemic. They are tougher now with the Pandemic.

The 11.9 percent figure is the highest in 12 years. Sales of new cars and light trucks are down 24 percent for the first six months of this year compared to the same time period last year. They are expected to continue sliding in the second half of the year.

It is not only the normal American buying public that cannot afford a new car. The care rental companies are taking a beating. No one is traveling. The need for a rental car down drastically.

Hertz and Advantage filed for bankruptcy this year.

Coronavirus is crippling everyone, except the very rich. The rich are getting richer.

Jared Diamond wrote concerning the reasons why societies collapse: “Societies collapse when elites are isolated from the consequences of their decisions as expressed by the rest of the population.”

Robert Reich wrote on the same day as Diamond: “New York’s billionaire class saw their collective net worth grow by $77,300,000,000 since the start of the Pandemic…..while “the state’s budget deficit for 2020 and 2021 is/will be $13,300,000,00.”

The number of zeroes mind boggling!

Reich’s admonition: “Tax the rich!”

Ian Welch recently wrote: “The personal self-interest of American elites is now so completely divested from American society and everyone else that there is no recovery without a revolution, peaceful or otherwise.”

Enjoy your Sunday! Quarantine, wear your mask, distance 6 feet, and wash your hands frequently!


Lincoln’s words of wisdom went far beyond the Gettysburg Address and Emancipation Proclamation.

Following are additional words he uttered more than 150 years ago. Words spoken back then giving warning to today’s Americans. It is as if Lincoln knew his words would be needed: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Welcome August!

August is National Breastfeeding Month.

Breastfeeding was the way babies in William Hackley’s 1855 were fed. If the mother’s milk was foul or such that the baby could not tolerate it, bad repercussions occurred. As we have been reading in Hackley’s diary.

If good fortune prevailed, a mother who had a super abundance of milk or had lost her child might be available. I am assuming the Mrs. Hews Hackley writes about is such a woman.

He reports in today’s entry: “Sent the baby to Mrs. Hews to get some milk.”

Having experienced Irma, I am skiddish every time a hurricane is reported which might hit the Keys.

Isaias made me nervous for 24 hours. Though still far away, its cone ran right over Key West. Similar to Irma’s cone.

Fortunately for the Keys, Isaias turned east. It will completely miss south Florida. Landfall is expected in the Palm Beach area. Following which it will run off and on the eastern seaboard. On wednesday, it is projected to be over Boston.

Coronavirus will compound the impact of any hurricane that hits. How are people to be protected? Shelters are of no use. People packed in. The virus will have a field day moving from one person to another.

Florida announced it is not opening any shelters for Isaias. First time I can recall no shelters being open. And I go back 25-30 years.

Coronavirus deaths for 7/31/20 in the U.S. were reported at 1,465. Means one American was killed every 58.9 seconds.

There are well more than 1 million pythons in the Everglades and northern Florida. Could be 2 or 3 million or more. No one knows for sure.

What is known is that there are now so many that they are impossible to eradicate. Florida hopes to be able to control their growth, however.

Hurricane Andrew is blamed for the large number of pythons in existence today. Many people kept pythons as pets. Andrew took down whole blocks of homes. To ground level. The python pets took a trip through the air and settled in wherever they landed.

Sexual beings. They propagated.

Florida failed to pay timely attention.

Every so often, Florida comes up with a new approach to the problem. Never one that will work to totally eliminate. Rather will that will merely diminish.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the South Florida Water Management District came up with a new idea.

They have asked people living in the areas where pythons exist to call either agency immediately and report the sighting. As well as the location. State workers then go out to kill the python reported.

Best program yet! It has been reported that 5,000 pythons were killed this past year. A huge number! The largest ever!

However a drop of water in the ocean, a grain of sand on a beach. Too little too late. When talk is in the millions, 5,000 is non consequential.

While Floridians are worried about coronavirus (and hurricanes and pythons), dengue fever has returned. Just as deadly as coronavirus. Except infects substantially fewer persons.

Infection carried by mosquitoes. The problem has been under control. However every few years, the fever returns.

Twelve cases alone reported for the month of July. A huge number for the disease. All 12 cases reported in the Key Largo area where several had been reported prior to July 1.

Trump consistently makes the wrong move where the health and welfare of the U.S. and other parts of the world are at stake. Not where Putin is concerned, however.

Trump announced he is pulling 12,000 troops out of Germany. That number have been stationed there for more years than I can recall.

Part of a NATO supplement. Stationed in Germany to protect former Soviet Union countries.

Putin wants NATO destroyed. Its sole purpose is to protect Europe from Russian aggression. Putin is happy the 12,000 troops are being pulled out of Germany. Less for him to worry about if he pulls another Crimea situation.

Trump says he is doing it because Germany fails to meet its NATO contribution.  Also, Trump hates Angela Merkel. A woman who has consistently stood strong against him.

All lies. The real reason Trump is doing it is to accommodate Putin.

Mail in ballots are in the works already this month in Florida. A “local election” is scheduled for August 18.

The Supervisor of Election reported 18,051 by mail ballots have been sent to persons who requested them. So far, 5,609 have been returned.

I asked for mail in ballots. I have received the local election one and plan to mail it back today. I am also listed for a mail in ballot for the November 3 election.

The Supervisor announced 19,529 persons have already requested mail in ballots for the November 3 election.

The preceding numbers apply only to Monroe County.

Last night was most enjoyable. Cocktails at 7. My socialization for the week. It helps.

Enjoy your day!