Ten days ago I started featuring former Key West snowbird Tino Gonzalez daily with an “extra” acting photo and brief commentary. Jokingly, I mentioned on 2 occasions that some day Tino would win an Oscar for his “extra” performances.

Lo and behold, he has! I was not aware such were even available for extras.

The Awards for extras a first time event. Held Sunday night in Chicago. Tino won an Oscar for Best Background Actor in the Best Group Scene Category.

Two photos posted today. One of Tino on stage accepting the Oscar. The Oscar in Tino’s left hand.

The other, Tino with a group of others in a scene from the show for which the award was presented. It is from the TV series Shameless which stars the well known Hollywood actor William Macy. Macy is in the forefront of the photo in a pink jacket with his backside appearing. Tino is the first in line on the left of those facing the camera.

Go Tino! Today an Oscar for an extra part. Tomorrow for a talking part!

Label Best Extra awardLabe lBest Extra award

Willie Nelson performed last night in Key West at the Amphitheater.

I did not attend. Feel badly. When the tickets first became available a couple of months ago, I was on the Internet within seconds of their going on sale. Best seats $55. None were available. Less than one minute and all gone. Scalpers.

New prices like $400-$600. Love Willie Nelson, but not that much. So I missed out.

Did go out last night, however.

First, Dueling Bartenders. Rick Dery and Heather performing. Great singing! Cost me the price of a drink.

Mary was there. We had dinner together afterwards at Antonia’s. Nicolle bartending. Been cheating a bit on her diet. Gained a pound. She’s back on.

Watched the second part of the Washington miniseries at home later in the evening.

I was a history major in college. Love history! Washington not moving me. I am learning some things I did not know. However the show itself moves too slowly. Actually, boring. Sad because I am sure a ton of money went into making it.

President Franklin Roosevelt was in Key West this day in 1939. Arrived 3 pm. Driven down by car on what was then called the Over-Seas Highway from Miami.

While in Key West, he inspected the inactive Naval Station facilities. Following which he boarded the USS Houston which sailed for the Caribbean to take part in war games.

A photo appeared with the Citizen article. Roosevelt was seated in the back seat of a convertible. Attired in suit and tie. Hat in hand. Top down on the convertible at the time the photo was taken.

I could not help but think what a horrible trip it had to me on the ride from Miami. Whether top up or down. Even with windows open. Hot heat! No air conditioning back in those days.

The Key West Citizen is running 2 diaries at the same time. Written in the 1800’s.

I have been commenting on May Johnson’s. A 19 year old Key West school teacher in 1896. Her activities more interesting than William R. Hackley’s. Hackley was a government attorney residing in Key West in 1855.

This is Hackley’s day, however. For the first time, his diary entry contains a more interesting comment than any in May’s.

Hackley wrote that on this day in 1855, he “bathed about noon the first time for some days.”

Whew! Had to smell good. How could anyone go days without bathing. Key West days in 1855 had to be as warm and humid as now.

We live and learn. We are all aware of the atrocities the Nazis committed. Turns out I was unaware of one.

On this day in 1943, the Nazis arrested 2 White Rose resistance leaders. White Rose was a youth group opposed to Hitler’s regime. Mostly university medical students. They secretly printed an anti-Nazi newspaper.

They were tried before Hitler’s “People’s Court” and sentenced to death.

I was under the impression that civilians caught under such circumstances were shot, hung, or nailed to crosses. There was one other means of execution. One saved for “political traitors.”


As one of the White Rose members was about to be beheaded, he shouted “Long live freedom!”

Child sexual abuse has been significant in the last 50-80 years. Especially with young males. Pedophilia has been rampant in the Catholic Church.

Turns out the Catholic Church’s wrongdoing is insignificant when compared to that which has gone on within the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Hundreds of sexual abuse cases pending before them. Too much too bear.

A 5 year study of the Boy Scout problem indicated 12,254 victims. Sexually brutalized by 7,800 leaders. All taking place in the past 72 years.

An attorney representing some of the abused boys said, “The scope of the carnage is stunning.”


If not the Catholic Church or Boy Scouts, where are our young lads safe?

Donald keeps telling us the economy is good. And that he made it so.

When one speaks of the economy, it has to be viewed from a world wide perspective. What happens in China affects us in the U.S., for example.

The British headquartered HSBC bank announced it plans to cut 35,000 jobs  over the next 3 years in a deep overhaul. HSBC claims it is having trouble coping with a slew of global uncertainties from Brexit to trade wars to the new coronavirus.

HSBC is a major bank world wide. The fact the need to cut has arisen is an indication that the economy is not good. HSBC appears to be reacting before the problem hits big time.

Trump deludes himself when he tells himself and the people of the U.S. the economy is the best ever. He fails to understand the stock market is not the sole indicator of a solid economy. Especially when more than 80 percent of the monies invested in the market are those of the top 10 percent.

An unusual day today as far as the federal judicial system is concerned. The Federal Judges Association is conducting an emergency meeting. A rarity. Might even be the first time.

The primary issue is the deepening crisis that has enveloped the Justice Department and Attorney General William Barr. Two problems. The first, the Barr/Trump/Roger Stone sentencing. The second, Trump’s comments re Manafort.

In addition to the federal judges, another group is protesting. Its concern directed to the Stone sentencing, also. More than 2,000 former Justice Department officials have called on Barr to resign. They believe Barr’s handling of the Stone case “openly and repeatedly flouted” the principle of equal justice.

Tonight, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Nine my time.

Join me. This has been a busy week. I will have much to rant and rave about. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!




Boris Johnson is Great Britain’s new Prime Minister. A friend of Trump. Actually both are fond of each other. Birds of a feather in their ways of thinking.

Dominic Cummings is Chief Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. He has been advising Johnson re persons for  high profile appointment. He said he would stock the offices with “misfits and weirdos.”

Cummings is a man of his word.

Andrew Sabisky has been appointed Adviser to Johnson. He is 27.

Sabisky advocates eugenics, mandatory contraception, and giving children mind altering drugs.

His motivation behind eugenics is that such would help breed a “good class of people.” Mandatory contraception would assist in stopping the creation of a “permanent underclass.”

The use of mind altering drugs on children is to improve their mentalities and make them acceptable to government teachings. Sabisky recognized that the use of such drugs might cause the death of one child a year. His opinion, “Worth a dead child” once a year.

Sabisky also has a problem with the ladies. As to the female gender, “Women’s sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men’s.”

Stopped by Lisa’s yesterday afternoon to have my new cane adjusted. It was 2 inches too long. Most canes are sold with the understanding that the purchaser might have to shorten the cane.

Corey did it for me. Not easy.

Now I have 2 canes. A metal one and a wood one.

I suspect I will purchase 1 or 2 more. Different styles. To wear with different attire or in attending different events.

The cane has become a mainstay in my life. I should have begun using one 2 years ago. I fought it! From my perspective, a concession to old age.

So I continued falling.

I finally gave in. Better the cane than a fractured hip or skull.

I have been religiously using the cane for 2 months. Love it! Sorry I did not begin earlier. I have not had one occasion of even a sense I was going to fall.

The cane is my new best friend.

Decided to skip Hot Dog Church and the Gardens. Went home.

Last night I watched the new Washington mini series on TV. I love history! Not sure yet how enamored I am with the series. I will know better after I have viewed the next 2 parts.

Washington’s history up to the Revolution interesting. I learned things I did not know. It may be the mode of presentation that I dislike. Slow and boring.

Tourist frequently visit the Key West Aquarium. Especially those with children. One of the features is a small round pool containing small sea urchins. Like star fish and small alligators. The children are permitted to touch. In certain instances, remove from the pool and hold.

Robert and Ally were thrilled each time they attended in their younger days.

Today is the Aquarium’s birthday. Eighty five years old. It was on this day in 1935 the Aquarium was opened.

May Johnson’s diary entry for February 17, 1896 interesting.

As to dentistry, shows how improved procedures have become.

I can recall my first visit to the dentist. I was probably 4 years old. The dentist hurt me! I jumped out of the chair and ran out of the building. Refused to go back!

Pain was part of the process in 1896 also. May went to the dentist. She had 4 teeth filled and was to return in a few days to have another done.

May’s comments” “Horrors. How it did hurt. It really killed me.”

So it was.

The pain apparently went away or subsided. May went to La Brisa in the evening. She danced every dance with numerous young men. Miguel not mentioned, however.

Tino wrote he worked only 2 days last week. Big hours! Fifteen one day, 12 the other.

Note Tino gets paid for every hour he sits and waits and does nothing. Not a bad deal.

No photo today. There will be 2 tomorrow. And a surprise.

Police and child sexual abuse quite common. Not knocking the men in blue. Merely stating a fact.

Last wednesday, a Louisiana State Police Trooper was arrested. The charges involved producing child porn and distributing it to his own network.

The officer is Jason Boyet. An 18 year veteran.

The pain of it all: Boyet was Louisiana State Trooper of the Year in 2018.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appeared before Congress last wednesday. He basically admitted the economy was in a bad way. Described by some as “screwed.”

Powell advised low interest rates were baked into the U.S. fabric. They cannot be lowered or raised if a problem occurs. Raising interest rates would topple the economy. The government would be forced instead to print more money. A bad move in itself.

Present economic conditions have been created by the banking industry since the recession of 2008.

The banks again!

The repo market is in full use. Healthy only for a short time, however.

Since June, central bank has been purchasing short term Treasuries and mortgage backed securities to save the overnight repo market from imminent doom. The size of the repo generations has exploded since the start of 2020.

All a clear indication that something is wrong with the financial system.

Smaller banks are in the worse trouble.

The market may be booming. The economy is not. I am not an economist. However as I have been saying for more than a year, bad days are ahead.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 1964 decided Wesberry v. Sanders. The decision held Congressional districts within each state had to be roughly equal in population.

In spite of the decision, the unfairness problem continues to exist. Gerrymandering and outright fraud the reasons.

Election fraud is an issue in this year’s Presidential election.

Do not forget Aqua Idol wednesday night. At Aqua, of course. Lynda Frechette’s baby for 14 years. A major fundraiser for Waterfront Playhouse. A fun time. Don’t miss it.

Tonight for sure, Dueling Bartenders. Followed by dinner somewhere.

Enjoy your day!



England and Ireland are getting the hell  knocked out of them. And the worst is yet to come!

Dennis is an Atlantic cyclone. A non-tropical hurricane. It is heading for England and Ireland. Landfall will be a disaster.

Irma was bad. High hurricane winds in certain parts of the lower keys. Homes in the ocean, boats on the highways, flooding.

Wilma is best known for its flooding. The water arrived 1/2 hour after Wilma passed by. Lisa’s home had 6 feet of water.

Dennis has already been reported as one of the 5 strongest non-tropical cyclones of record. Waves in the ocean on their way to shore presently in excess of 100 feet. Accompanied by hurricane winds.

England and Ireland experienced heavy rains last week. Dennis will bring more. The waves will contribute heavily. Flooding an obvious problem. The English and Irish are getting ready. Flood barriers being built up and down their respective coasts.

Dorothy Downs is a lovely woman. I have known her and her husband for years. She is better known as Dot.

Dot’s husband passed on several years ago. Dot is getting on in her years. My Contemporary. She is 82.

I had not heard from her in a year. She lives in Miami. Thought she might have left us. She contacted me last week. I was close. She had a stroke in June from which she has made a relatively good recovery.

We met friday night at the Chart Room. Her friend and care taker Carmen was with her.

Dot has spent her life involved with art and art galleries. Writing, also. She is very knowledgeable re the Seminole and Miccosukee Indian tribes. She has written several books re their art.

We had dinner afterwards at Outback.

Dot gave me a signed copy of her recently published book: Her Soldier of the Queen. A different topic for her. Love and war. I have just begun reading it. I could tell by the end of the first page it will be exciting.

Even more exciting was the time I spent with Dot and Carmen friday evening.

Watched Syracuse/Florida State yesterday afternoon. Florida State having an exceptional year. The game was close. Either team could have won. The lead kept changing hands in the last 2 minutes. Florida State won by 3 points.

A difference in the game was rebounding. Florida State out rebounded Syracuse 47-29.

I anticipate my day today will be a visit to Lisa’s, Hot Dog Church, and Kate Miano’s Gardens.

When I first began exhibiting Tino’s photos, I explained why. Some of you may have missed the explanation.

Tino and his wife Maria are from Chicago. They bought a home in Key West and were snowbirds till several years when they sold it. They wanted to be close to their children and grandchildren all year.  Except for the 2 weeks each year during the season now when they return to visit their Key West friends.

The two were loved by everyone.

Tino and Marie played bocce. Both good. Tino became an artist. Good, also. Tino even became a musician of sorts and bandleader. He had gigs around the island.

Tino’s “musical instrument” was a washboard. He strummed it like a guitar.

Tino is 77. He now works as an extra in TV shows and movies. In demand. I suspect it is his face. He has become successful as an extra.

The job pays well, also. Even though Tino has no need for the money.

Today’s photo of Tino shows him at acting school. A for real experience. Tino is taking acting lessons in the event he moves up from being an extra to having small talking parts.

I admire seniors who get up and do something every day. As an old guy myself, I know the alternative would be laying in bed all day or watching TV all day. Worst of all , it could be sitting in a wheel chair in a corner of a room in a nursing home with my tongue hanging out.

That is why I write and do talk shows. That is why Tino is into acting.

I admire those our age who get out of bed early every morning and move their asses!

New York’s Governor Cuomo and Trump met in the White House this week. Trump is leaning on New York. I think he is doing it to get even with Cuomo and New York for a number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with what was being discussed.

I am confident one if the issues involved had to do with ICE and BORTAC seeking out and arresting illegal immigrants. New York is a sanctuary city.

It was announced following the meeting that nothing had been resolved. It appeared the parties intend to keep talking.

Trump will have his hands full with Cuomo if he tries to overpower him. Cuomo will beat him to a pulp.

Los Angeles is another city the Border Patrol’s SWAT team BORTAC will be sent to in order to assist ICE. The Los Angeles County Sheriff announced such would be an “irresponsible deployment.”

BORTAC is wrong. Trump is playing with fire. People can be injured. Not the way to run a government.

Climate change / global warming constant issues today. One area of special concern is the Antarctica.

On this day in 1840, American Charles Wilkes discovered the Shackleton Ice Shelf. It is part of Antarctica.

Climate change and global warming are affecting it. Melting the ice. Increasing water levels further north. Endangering even our Key West coast lines.

A Summary Study was published in 2018. Ice is measured in gigatons. A gigaton is a unit of explosive force equal to 1 billion tons of TNT.

The Study revealed that between 1992 and 2002, the average total ice loss was 43 gigatons per year.

The average increased dramatically in recent years. From 2012 to 2017, the average total ice loss was 220 gigatons per year.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Enjoy your Sunday!



We live in perilous times. The statement cannot be disputed. Internationally and nationally. My concern today is what may occur on the streets of our major cities.

Trump has not made the immigration problem better. His actions have resulted in untold human abuse and billions of wasted dollars.

People in general have a better grasp on right and wrong these days than our elected leaders.

Sanctuary cities have become common place in many areas. Places where the people have drawn a line and said by their actions…..no more, not here.

Trump dislikes sanctuary cities. Such have limited his ability to remove immigrants from their homes and throw them out of the U.S.

I have written often of the potential dangers ICE presents. They are a group responsible for arresting illegal immigrants and exporting them. I fear they are the Gestapo of yesteryear. Under Trump, ICE has increased in power. Federal dollars have been forthcoming to increase their strength.

ICE has not been successful in capturing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. To the frustration of all concerned at the federal level. The Trump administration has come up with what it believes is the solution.

More guns on the ground!

The New York Times in a special article yesterday warned of a secret operation underway. If correct, it scares the hell out of me! And should you, also!

What follows is what the Times reported.

The U.S. Border Patrol has what is described as an agent. The U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit. Known as BORTAC.

The Trump administration plans to deploy BORTAC from the southern border to assist ICE. Its function will be to assist ICE as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country.

An escalation in the President’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement.

Major cities including New York and Chicago are involved. Trump’s people believe the BORTAC deployment will boost ICE enforcement.

One hundred BORTAC officers will be the first to be deployed. A spokesman for Custom Border and Protection said their assistance to ICE in conducting arrests in the interior of cities will “enhance the integrity of the immigration system, protect public safety, and strengthen our national security.”

The deployment will take place between February and May.

BORTAC is an elite tactical unit. Acts essentially as the SWAT team of the Border Patrol. Its equipment includes stun grenades and military vehicles. Their attire war like. They receive Special Forces type training, including sniper certification.

The high type specially trained force will be asked to support ICE in its run of the mill immigration arrests.

Note that local police do not send a SWAT team to make an arrest for a relatively minor offense. Yet the federal government will when BORTAC is sent in to assist ICE.

It is intended that BORTAC will merely beef up ICE agents. Act as a show of force. Nothing more. Such does not mean things will not get out of hand and suddenly BORTAC is busting down doors or engaging in shootouts. It only takes a spark to cause a major forest fire.

What happens if things get out of hand even in the slightest? Warfare in the streets between people and ICE and BORTAC? Or, State and local police authorities standing against ICE and BORTAC?

I cannot believe for example that New York’s Governor Cuomo and New York City’s Mayor de Blasio will sit idly by when BORTAC arrives on their streets. Suddenly, State and City military and police authorities will be in a confrontation with the federal government.

Note that what I am talking about is militarization of our streets. BORTAC will come in like the military force they actually are. People will become upset. Inflamed a better word. The seed of open conflict.

Visualize what I am suggesting. ICE/BORTAC coming into a neighborhood could at some point be similar to Nazi troops and vehicles coming into what previously was a peaceful city.

This is the United States. Such should never occur here.

We are losing our democracy. We are losing our way.

Enjoy your day!



Amazing the path life experiences take us.

Valentine’s Day, for example.

Born of pure unadulterated sex. The ancient Roman festival Lupercalia. Pagan fertility rites and the pairing off of women by lottery.

At the end of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day.

The poet Chaucer in the Middle Ages was the first to link St. Valentine with romantic love.

Today, lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.

I recall vividly my early grammar school years. St. Valentine’s Day was a big deal! We exchanged little love cards and candy. It was exciting. I can recall sitting at the kitchen table the night before deciding which of my female class mates would receive a card from me. Wondering whether each would give me a card the next day.

A day dedicated to love! Making your special one feel even more valued.

A few love lines remembered by all. Aristotle’s…..Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s…..How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

In researching this morning, I came across an extremely sensitive  love statement. Surprisingly spoken by Judy Garland…..For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

The face of Tino.

Tino is an interesting person. Seventy seven, still active, and earning money. An art photographer saw Tino while he was performing as an extra. He asked to take Tino’s picture. A black and white photo solely of Tino’s face.

The photographer advised Tino he would be showing the photo shortly in an exhibition. I can understand why. The photo reflects character and strength. It can be said to touch one’s soul.

My yesterday began with haircut time. As always, Lori most enjoyable. She looks fine. A few months ago she had to take 2 months off. She was sick. Appears to have fully recovered.

While Lori was cutting my hair, I noticed a young boy having his hair cut on the opposite side of the room. I could only see the back of his head. He was relatively short, his hair blond and short also. A boy’s haircut.

Seemed like the hairdresser was working on the young man forever. A haircut is a haircut!

I asked Lori why the haircut was of the young boy was taking so long. She quietly laughed and said it was no boy, a woman! In fact, a mother. Her little girl was standing to her front.

When I was leaving, I could see the “young boy’s” face. Absolutely beautiful!

Then to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch. Chatted with some locals.

The cupboard was bare and so it was off to Publix for groceries.

I do not take the cane into Publix when shopping. The cart is more than enough support.

About one third through my shopping, I suddenly became tired. Extremely so. Thought I was going to pass out. Left the cart in the middle of the aisle and walked out of the store.

Sat in my car a while. Though still a bit groggy, started for home. I figured my car was like a horse of old and could find its way home.

Laid down for a while. Remained exhausted.

Dorothy Downs is an old friend. I was to meet her at 6:30 at the Chart Room.

Dorothy is an author. Her husband of many years died 2 years ago. She lives in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. She retains the Key West home she and her husband had, also.

She had called in the morning to say she had written another book and wanted to know if I would read the transcript. The book not published as yet. I agreed.

Dorothy has written 3 previous novels. Art of the Florida Seminole and Miccosukee Indians, Patchwork: Seminole and Miccosukee Art and Activities, and Canoe Back in Time.

She inferred the transcript she wanted me to read was different from her prior works.

It was 4 o’clock and I continued to be exhausted. Called Dorothy and begged off our meeting for last night. It has been rescheduled for this evening.

I continued to be tired and slept off and on till 9 in the evening. Have no idea why I was so tired.

I think this good living might be too much for me!

The great whites are getting bigger! Climate change?

A 20 footer was seen a mile off shore from the Breakers in 55 feet of water. Eleven scuba divers were in the water at the time. They spotted the great white beneath them.

All reported how excited they were. None spoke of fear.

Barr’s rebuke tweet of Trump yesterday interesting. A stunning surprise. The two were and perhaps still are attached.

Questions arise. Was the tweet merely to cover Barr’s ass professionally? Was Trump aware it was coming? If Barr should be gone, can Trump function without an Attorney-General who does his bidding all the time? Was the tweet an act of insubordination?

Finally, many who were close to Trump have eventually left or been fired. Is Barr on his way out?

Trump lies in an unending fashion. Were he Pinocchio, his nose would have fallen off by this time caused by the sheer weight of the lies.

In November, Trump denied sending Giuliani to the Ukraine to discover damage information re Biden. Yesterday, he admitted he did while being interviewed by Geraldo Rivera.

How does Trump keep track of his lies? Has he reached a point where he cannot remember what he said previously? Or is it that he is emboldened by his acquittal and doesn’t care?

Donald has a tough life in this regard.

“I knocked on Hell’s door.” The words of a recovered 21 year old coronavirus victim. He fortunately has recovered.

He resides in Wuhan where the epidemic began and is at its worst.

The young man also said, “I suffered from high fever and pains that tortured every part of my body…..I was coughing like l was going to die.”

Stay healthy!

Enjoy your day!


It’s the little things that are important. Paving Simonton street beginning February 18 is one.

Simonton is a major Key West thoroughfare. I travel it every time I go to the Chart Room.

For several years, it has been a mess. Not potholes like up north. The road merely sinks in spots. Just as bad as a pothole.

I have complained off and on for several years. Fix Simonton! To no avail. My voice one in the wilderness.

Finally, it will begin. I am thrilled. Excited. That is  how much the repair work is needed and how happy I and others will be.

The ultra right continues to insult those on the left. Demean and speak poorly of liberals.

Ann Coulter’s “liberalism is a mental disorder” is on the move again.

An informal survey was done by an outfit called Slate Star Code. More than 8,000 surveyed. The survey found left wing thinkers more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Like having been “formally diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.”

Wowie! I have been a nut all my life!”

The survey further revealed 38 percent of those questioned identified politically as Marxists.

The ultra right qualify as crazies to the nth degree.

Sick people. The survey itself sick.

They forget who there leader is. Donald Trump. Can anyone be further out? How many of the mental conditions mentioned define him?

Me thinks Republicans should look in their own backyard before criticizing liberals in such fashion.

History speaks of many tyrants. How they gradually obtained control, conducted themselves while in power, and the ultimate ruination they brought to their country.

There are more than Donald Trump.

He has been compared to Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s. I worry that Trump will leave the U.S. looking like Berlin when the Allied troops entered.

It could happen. It has happened before.

Attorney General Barr has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee March 31. Roughly 6 weeks hence.

Why so long? He is involved in many things requiring immediate attention. Six weeks is too long to wait. Things have been moving since Trump’s “acquittal. What next? How many more “wrongs” have to be committed?

There definitely will be many more in the next 6 weeks.

A patient bleeding internally requires immediate attention. Otherwise, the patient could be dead in 6 weeks.

I was raised to pay my bills. Bill paying was an obligation. I suspect most of you were so raised.

Student debt is a major continuing problem. Placing a hold on moving ahead in life while paying the bill post-education.

Many bills in excess of $100,000.

Student college debt today exceeds $1.7 trillion. Thirty percent of that amount is in default or delinquency. Student debtors exceed 44 million.

Former students are revolting. Refusing to pay. Screw you their attitude. They have gone on “strike” in refusing to pay.

An organization called Debt Collective has been formed  which encourages them to avoid payment. Composed of a group of activists who met during Occupy Wall Street 10 years ago.

My generation and those that immediately followed had no where to borrow. Loan money for education was unheard of.

So those of us who did not have parents who could afford to pay for our educations worked.

Two to three jobs constantly in addition to classes.

None of us considered it an imposition or tough. It was something that had to be done in order to get an education. We made it and graduated owing no one anything.

I must admit had a loan program been available, I would have been first in line to borrow.

Something has to be done to help those presently burdened with near impossible of repayment loans. The Democrats are talking about it. Hopefully no matter who is elected, a solution will be arrived at.

Whether a solution becomes available, there will remain one unquestionable problem. These kids now young adults will never understand the propriety and necessity of pay back.

Staying with debt for a moment, the Federal Reserve Bank reported U.S. debt exceeds $14 trillion for the first time. Borrowing has increased for 22 consecutive quarters.

Debt can be somewhat comparable to part of the marriage vow: Till death do us part. As to debt: Until debt tears us apart.

The saga of May Johnson continues. On this day in 1896, May wrote in her diary that after dinner she went to La Brisa with her “Mama.” La Brisa was a resort at the end of Simonton on the Atlantic.

They returned home. May combed her hair and returned with Charlie to La Brisa. Apparently Miguel was not there. May wrote, “My how I did miss Miguel.”

Three years later of February 13, the Key West Electric Street Railway operated its first car on Duval Street. Carried almost 500 passengers the first night.

The street car went to the Atlantic. Simonton was one short block from the end of the street car line. People began using the line to get to the La Brisa Resort. May Johnson’s favorite place.

The Keys Electric people were smart. They also owned La Brisa. Smart in the sense that the street car line could deliver La Brisa customers to the resort.

Finally though not the least important…..Tino. This time performing as a flower street peddler. Amazing the many diversified parts Tino can perform.

Enjoy your day!


Title says it all! We are in trouble! Trump does not know when to stop.

Problem is Trump thinks as President he is almighty, all powerful. He is not. Everyone knows it but him. If he read more and thought American, he would be aware.

Trump is interfering with the Judicial part of out government. A separate and distinct body in every respect, including power.

Four Americans stood up to him. The 4 Justice Department attorneys handling Roger Stone’s case. Per custom and law, they had submitted to federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson the government’s recommendation as to sentencing. Seven to nine years.

Trump had the Justice Department recommend a revision of the sentencing recommendation. The Justice Department in this instance being Barr himself.

The 4 attorneys withdrew from the case immediately. One even quit his position at the Justice Department.

During the past few days as this scenario was unfolding, Trump was tweeting all sort of nasty things about Judge Jackson and others involved.

Barr stepped in and said he was taking over. Forthwith he was going to be handling all cases the President had a personal interest in.

None of Barr’s business.

Trump is going to learn a lesson in this matter: Don’t screw with a federal district court judge! They are the most powerful in our governmental system and under the Constitution. Even more powerful than a President.

The wrath of the federal trial bench will befall him. Some judges may become blind in cases in which Trump is involved. What goes around, comes around!

If “justice” does not prevail in this matter, we are a step closer to becoming a tyrannical state.

Hillary Clinton in a tweet yesterday wrote: “Intimidating judges is the behavior of failed-state fascists.”

My day yesterday began early. Eight in the morning. Blood work.

Spent the rest of the day home till dinner time working on my Tuesday Talk blog radio show for last night.

Ran out for dinner. Shana Key. Good food, good company.

Twenty minutes of Tuesday Talk was eaten up with the Social Security/Medicare budget issue. Important enough to have taken that much time.

The show went well. Social Security, Medicare and Trump’s veracity close to my heart.

Big night ahead! Aqua Idol. Six o’clock at Aqua. Lynda Frechette’s fundraiser for the Waterfront Playhouse.

Not to be missed. Extremely entertaining!

Tino plays all sort of extra parts. Today, he is a prisoner. Third from right in photo. His back to us. Prisoner shirt, stubby, salt and pepper haired.


The New Hampshire primary was interesting. The mix moved a bit.

Sanders won. Buttigieg a close second. Klobuchar a strong third.

Sanders may be on borrowed time. His best states may be behind him. Klobuchar a flash in the pan. Buttigieg keeps moving ahead.

Biden and Warren may be yesterday’s news. However, there is still Nevada and Super Tuesday.

This whole thing may change dramatically once Bloomberg is in.

Key West loves Judy Blume! Judy and her husband must love Key West or they would not have settled here. Actually, settled has more than 1 location. They also have homes in New York City and the Hamptons.

Judy was born this day in 1938. Happy birthday, Judy!

Judy the famous author of children and young adult books. An occasional adult themed one along the way. Among others, she has authored Are You There God?, It’s Me, Margaret, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Blubber, and Forever.

Her books have sold 85 million copies world wide. They have also been translated into 30 plus languages.

Judy can be found daily at her special Key West love: Books & Books at the Studios of Key West.

The diary of May Johnson published daily in the Key West Citizen continues to garner interest. Especially her relationship with Miguel.

Continues to appear May’s mother does not like Miguel. May does. Yesterday’s February 11, 1896 entry has May visiting people and “then to Miguel’s.” Today’s entry: “Out for the evening: Miguel and I had it all to ourselves for a while. Ah much!’

Young love and a disapproving mother.

Things never change.

Cemeteries are wonderful places. Peaceful. The tranquility can be felt. Historical, also. Headstones tell stories.

The Key West Cemetery is beat up. The sun and salt air contributing factors. Then there are those stones/plots not cared for because the deceased’s families no longer reside in Key West.

Mayor Johnson has appointed an Historic Key West Cemetery Restoration Committee. Its mission a fact finding one. Determine how to restore the cemetery while maintaining its historical significance.

One of Key West’s more notable citizens in days gone by was Bum Farto. Key West’s fire chief, drug dealer, pimp, etc.

A checkered career.

The drug thing got him in trouble with the federal authorities. On this day in 1976, Bum was found guilty of 3 drug violations.

Bum faced 31 years in jail. He disappeared prior to sentencing. A Jimmy Hoffa type disappearance. Never seen since.

Bum and his story still available to locals and tourists. T-shirts. In Duval stores. Emblazoned on the front: Where Are You Bum Farto?

Trump is going to find out his “friends” may not be so. I refer to the birds of a feather thing. Though whose thinking and traits are similar.

The Philippine’s Duterte. In the process of proving that what goes around, can come around.

The situation arose when Trump had the visa of a Philippine senator revoked. Duterte waited a while. The visa was not returned.

Duterte took action.

The U.S. has a security agreement with the Philippines. Permits U.S. forces to be on the islands and train U.S. forces there.

Duterte unilaterally revoked the agreement. Sent a Notice of Termination to the U.S. Embassy. With the admonition that the agreement would not be reinstalled unless terms were “favorable” to the Philippines. The agreement would also be required to be of  “mutual benefit to both countries.”

Both sides can play the game!

Voltaire’s words have meaning in today’s society where the hand of Trump is becoming heavier: “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Enjoy your day!


Trump lies. Nothing new. Everyone knows it.

Politicians have a way of saying things which help their reelection.

Social Security and Medicare always an issue.

Saturday (a mere 3 days ago) Trump tweeted his new $4.8 trillion budget would be forthcoming soon. He was clear there would be no cuts to Social Security or Medicare: “We will not be touching your Social Security and Medicare in the filed 2021 budget.”

Nothing could be clearer.

Contents of the proposed budget were revealed sunday. Yesterday, the budget was forwarded to Congress for its review and approval.

The proposed budget contained “steep reductions” in social programs. Included were cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

The “do nothing” Republican Senate has announced it will not hold hearings on the budget.

The Democratic House will, without question. I am assuming the cuts will never become law. It is inconceivable the House would permit cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

The noted columnist Dana Millbank in an Opinion piece in the Washington Times yesterday made some interesting observations. He opened with: “The budget reveals a tremendous fraud.”

The budget was spelled out to the press by Acting Budget Director Russell Vought.

He began with: “Promises made, promises kept.” Cheerfully said.

Now came what was involved from Trump’s perspective. Not. cuts. Actually the purpose was to “remove certain parts of the program, and once those pieces are no longer called “Medicare,” it would moderate their growth with reforms.”

In simplified verbiage, the removed portions would no longer exist so nothing was really reduced.

Difficult to understand! Cut it out, no longer there, so no reduction in benefits! Wow!

Another approach to justification is simpler and equally as strange.

Spending on Social Security and Medicare will be higher because of increasing enrollment. Means increasing costs. So actually no cuts even though amount received by beneficiaries would sharply drop. Ergo, not a cut.

Another Wow!

Vought was of the opinion that “cuts are good government reforms.”

My admonition to seniors who voted for Trump in 2016: Beware. You were misled initially. Don’t let it happen again. Vote Trump out of office!

Millbank made an interesting observation in his column. He was of the opinion that the Democratic primary candidates are missing the point: “Democrats should be shouting this from the mountain tops. Instead, they are bickering over who has the purest form of Medicare for all.”

A lie is a deliberate mistruth, deceitful, and false. Yet the American people continue to buy the snake oil Trump peddles. Wake up! A lie is a lie! Especially when it affects your pocketbook!

My evening last night began with Kate Miano’s birthday party at the Gardens. Big crowd! As would be expected.

Love Kate!

Then to Dueling Bartenders. No Dueling Bartenders. Don’t know why. The bar was empty. Not one soul. Not even Rick Dery.

Drove over to the Chart Room. Glad I did.

Met the new bartender who is replacing John. Jason. Seems to be a nice guy.

I was actually excited because David was there. I have not seen him in at least 2 months. Spent an hour with him. His warped sense of humor always amusing.

There was a woman sitting to my left at the bar. Fiftyish. From Marco Island. She was with what I thought was her husband. Not. Her boy friend.

The boy friend lives in Key West. She comes down periodically to visit him. Her husband remains home on Marco Island. He is aware.

The world turns. Changes. People probably did this 50 years ago. However back then they did not openly brag about it.

Time to eat. Opted for Antonia’s. Nicolle bartending.

Nicolle has now lost 34 pounds. Into new clothes. All excited. I wish her well. Whatever her goal, she will make it.

Today is tuesday. Means Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 tonight my time. A quick half hour of Louis ranting and raving. Guaranteed you will enjoy. Does not mean you will necessarily agree with me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

My daily podcast What Bugs Me Today will be on again today and every day. Join me. A quick few minutes on one topic. Today obviously will be Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

What Bugs Me Today can be found on my Key West Lou site. If you cannot get it, it is because we are not “friends.” Ask to be my friend so the podcast will be available to you.

Tino time!

Extra/silent actor.

Today 2 pictures of him from the Empire series.

Tino gets to play all kind of characters. Yesterday, a man in a tuxedo. The day before a politician sitting next to a mayor. Today, a beat up run down type.




Enjoy your day!





Today is Kate Miano’s birthday. One of the finest persons in Key West. Loved by all.

Kate is the proprietor of the Garden’s Hotel. The Gardens reflective of Kate’s qualities.

Happy birthday dear friend!

A Civil War sea battle was fought saturday as part of Civil War Heritage Days. The battle took place near Fort Zachary Taylor.

Two schooners involved. The Union’s America and the Confederate Jolly Rover.

Union soldiers in Civil War attire joined viewers watching along the shore.

Key West’s roaring 1970’s. Wish I could have seen and tasted the days.

Another world. Nothing like one sees today.

One of the most popular establishments was the Monster. A bar and disco. A wild place! Frequented by gays, hippies, and visitors.

No longer exists. Gone like Atlantic Shores.

The Monster opened on Front Street in 1975. An instantaneous hit with gays and straights. The original Monster opened in 1970 on Fire Island. A jolly gay environment. Even today.

The Monster closed at 2 am. Those inside shed their few remaining inhibitions. Clothes also if so inclined. Partied till early morning.

Celebrities frequented the Monster when in Key West. The likes of Devine, Eartha Kitt, Phyllis Diller, and Leonard Bernstein.

Word has it Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and wife recently visited Key West. His father and mother own a condominium at 1500 Atlantic.

Secret Service were seen about.

Poor Mulvaney was stung by a man of war.

April is around the corner. The starting time for repairs to the Cow Key Bridge.

Oh, the pain and suffering it will bring!

May Johnson’s diary. This day in 1896.

May was at a social at the Parsonage. Miguel came for her. They took a carriage to Las Brisa where May said, “We had a most delightful evening.”

Miguel again. May’s mother does not like Miguel. A storm is coming.

The formal Tino today. In a tuxedo. Second from the left. Tino tells me he is often portrayed in a tuxedo while working as an extra.

Lynda Frechette’s Aqua Idol wednesday night. Six to 7:30. Suggest you arrive at 5 to be sure to get a seat.

The show spectacular!

Enjoyed the Academy Awards last night. One of the event’s finest shows.

South Korea had a big evening. Won 4 major awards, including Best Picture.

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary tomorrow night. Trump doing a rally in New Hampshire tonight. Not sure if he is in a Republican primary race.

If he is not, he should not be in New Hampshire tonight. It’s Democratic time. He wants to draw publicity away. Also, it is his way. Do anything to screw up the opposition.

I recall a movie starring James Cagney and Doris Day. An oldie. Cagney played a tough hood type guy. Day her sweet typical self.

Cagney was without taste. Somewhat like Trump.

Cagney and Day were having an argument. She told him he had no “couth.” He responded she should tell him what it was and he would get a truck full.

That’s Donald!

Trump’s proposed budget is being revealed today. Big. $4.8 trillion.

The proposed budget does not touch Social Security or Medicare.

An election year gimmick. If reelected, Trump will be for cutting both next year.

Giuliani back in the news. Once an outstanding prosecutor and the nation’s Mayor, he has reappeared back in the gutter. He announced yesterday he has the “smoking gun” re Hunter Biden. Three witnesses willing to testify and “name names.” Their testimony will result in “total vindication” for Trump.

The news this morning reported Giuliani has opened a “back door” to Attorney General Barr.


Sounds like another Bangladesh to me.

On this day in 1936, Nazi Germany’s Reichstag passed a law investing the Gestapo with absolute authority, exempt from legal review.

Are we headed in a similar direction?

There is a place where the government provides everyone with food, housing, and healthcare. Prison.

If government can do it for the worst of us, why not for the best?

I ask the question. However I do not subscribe to the thought.

A Biblical quote. Psalm 27. “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

I don’t know anymore.

Enjoy your day!




Max Yasgur was a farmer who will forever be known because of Woodstock. It was the summer of 1969. He rented his farm land for 1 week to Woodstock’s sponsors.

The sponsors had been trying for some time to find a site to hold what would become a musical event never to be forgotten. They sought a central New York place for the event.

The area small town America. City fathers and residents were not in favor.

Finally, the sponsors discovered Max Yasgur. He owned a farm in Bethel, N.Y. He agreed to rent 600 acres of his farm for 1 week. The rental fee not certain. Most suspect it was $75,000.

Max was approaching 50 at the time. He was a pro-Vietnam War political conservative. Believed in the right of free expression. Respected people with lifestyles and beliefs different from his own.

Once word got out re Yasgur’s renting of his farm, his neighbors became aroused. Most were unhappy. Yasgur not only grew produce,  he was a dairy farmer. Signs suddenly went up around Bethel: “Don’t buy Yasgur’s milk.”

Fifty thousand were expected. Five hundred thousand showed up.

Everything was insufficient. Crowd control, toilets, water, food being examples.

Some neighbors sued Yasgur after the event for damage to their properties. Yasgur sued the sponsors for failing to do whatever was necessary to control the event. Everyone sued everyone. In the end, the lawsuits amounted to next to nothing.

Yasgur’s neighbors gradually returned. They threw him a dinner to show their renewed love for him. Except for the proprietor of the general store. Yasgur and his wife remained persona non grata.

Yasgur purchased a vacation home in Florida. In the Keys. Marathon to be exact. He moved to Marathon full time following the sale of his Bethel farm.

Yasgur died in Marathon in 1973.

Rolling Stones published obituaries. Only musicians were given the honor of a full page obituary. Rolling Stones opted to give Yasgur a full page. Though not a musician, he was recognized as having played a vital part in Woodstock.

Key West has many musicians residing here. I am confident a number were at Woodstock. I am only aware of two. My friends Larry Smith and Chrstine Cordone. They had to be kids back then.

Larry often talks about Woodstock.

Last night was Syracuse basketball. Syracuse beat Wake Forest by 2 points 75-73.

A typical Syracuse game this season. Syracuse had a 12 point lead in the first half, 10 at half time, and then had to work hard to come out on top by 2.

A win is a win, however. Syracuse keeps crawling back.I think they have won 7 of their last 9 games.

Today busy. Sloan at noon. Hot Dog Church later in the afternoon. Followed by Kate Miano’s Gardens.

Shoestring Weekends ran an interesting blog this morning. Made reference to the Last Chance Saloon. Not a Key West bar. Rather located just south of Florida City at mile marker 126.7. The “unofficial official” entrance to the Florida Keys.

The significance of the Shoestring blog was a sign on the outside of the Last Chance Bar: Inside Toilets.

Brought to mind a Stock Island bar that was the place to be for fun and rowdiness in the mid 1900’s. Its name I cannot recall. The sign on the front of its building I can: Free Beer Tomorrow.

I have begun the podcast show I stopped doing 2 yeas ago. Renamed it. Now: What’s Bugging Me Today.” Found on my Key West Lou page.

The podcast short. Yesterday’s 7 minutes. Today’s will be less than 1 minute.

Tino time again.

Tonight, the Academy Awards. There should be an award for best “extra.” Tino would win.

Yesterday he played a political hack. Today, a mail man.




Enjoy your Sunday!