To all fathers, a Happy Fathers’ Day!

It is nice to be remembered one day a year. However better would it be to be remembered 365 days a year!

We live in a society where many have forgotten their parents. Today’s children, now adults, live well and enjoy life because of the sacrifices made for them. But memories are short. Recollections of sacrifices made non existant.

Fathers’ Day, and also Mothers’ Day, should be a daily thing and not a once a year event.

Graduation was a big deal yesterday! Nicole is finished with one stage of her life and about to step into another. She was beautiful yesterday in her long yellow gown. Radiant appearing! Love her!

My 94 year old father and I sat together at the ceremony. He reminded me that I had graduated from the same high school oh so many years ago! And so had my 4 children! And now two of my grandchildren!

A wonderful tradition! Solid! Speaks well of our life in this country.

Played golf yesterday at Turning Stone Casino with my friend Bob from Rochester. You will recall he visited me in Key West for a week earlier in the year.

We had a good time. And I played well! Very well! The best in ages! I hope it holds up so I can show off this week when I play in Key West.

Last night Bob and I had dinner at Club 2-1 at Turning Stone. Newly remodeled, it is absolutely beautiful! A man’s place. Heavily dark wooded.

Enjoyed myself. Ran into old friends I have not seen in some time.

Turning Stone has been in business in central New York for about 15 years. From a small casino, it has turned into the best of Las Vegas in the onion country of upstate New York. An absolutely beautiful facility that has grown from a gambling casino into a first class resort.

It is Indian owned and operated. Employs over 5,000. The major employer in the area.

What goes around, comes around. This country cheated the Indians early on. Now it is their time. Their gambling casinos are successful enterprises. And as a result thereof their people benefit. It must be recognized though that all of us benefit where ever these casinos are located. They contribute greatly to the ecomony. And also and importantly are major charitable contributors.

Good neighbors! Good people all!

It is Sunday morning. Church time.

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