11th HOUR OF 11th DAY OF 11th Year

Time moves fast. Fifty days to the end of the year.

Today is Veterans Day. A national holiday.

Originally known as Armistice Day, it is observed annually on November 11 to honor all persons who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In other countries, it is celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.

The purpose of the day is to formally recognize the end of World War I. The War ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Woodrow Wilson did not particularly distinguish himself as President. He was neither bad nor good. Sort of run of the mill.

The first Armistice Day was celebrated one year after the War ended on November 11, 1919. In a message to the American people, Wilson expressed his thoughts as to what the day meant to them: “Out of this victory there arose new possibilities of political freedom and economic concert. The War showed us the strength of great nations acting together for higher purposes…..”

Wilson was politically inept. His ineptness precluded the U.S. from becoming a member of the League of Nations. Wilson had his head on straight however that there was a need for world order and economic dependence on one another.

What Wilson perceived became fact following World War II. Unfortunately, Trump is negating and destroying that world order and economic dependence.

Great Britain celebrates this important day as Remembrance Day. Remembering those who died in service to their country.

Great Britain took a terrible beating during World War I. It lost a whole generation of its young men.

In a National Service of Remembrance held earlier today in London to commemorate and honor the men and women who lost their lives in the conflict, certain words were repeated which clearly set forth the sacrifice of Britain’s young men: “When you go home, tell them of us, and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today.”

Words from the grave.

Sixty years since last I was in college. Things have changed. Some dramatically.

Harvard is considered one of the finest, if not the finest, universities in the United States. Harvard had a one week on campus workshop the likes of I never saw in my college days. Harvard Sex Workshops. Most of the agenda items I never experienced during my college days. Some not since even to this day.

Thirteen topics were shared, discussed, analyzed, etc. Including Self Love, Sex Toys 101, Anal Sex 101, Tantric Sex 101, Oral Sex 101, Period Sex, BDSM in the Dorm Room, and Sexual Fetishes A-Z.

The week long event was organized by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH).

Even more shocking, I find Harvard has hosted Sex Week every year since 2012.

The Harvard Crimson published an op-ed: “Recovering the Beauty of Sex.” An anti-sex week article.

The renowned author and cultural critic Mary Eberstadt in an e-mail to College Fix wrote, “Harvard Sex Week is corporate exploitation at its sleaziest.”

The “corporate exploitation” comes into play because 20 different companies involved in sex pleasure sponsored the event. Provided all kinds of sex toys free and some for sale. Vibrators, anal plugs, specialized condoms, testicle stretchers, strap ons, and ankle restraints.

I must be old fashioned. My age certainly qualifies me. I do not approve of such a sex week workshop on a college campus, especially one of Harvard’s distinction.

I mentioned yesterday that the temperature was going to drop to 76. Advised that at 74, it is cold. I was wrong. I was cold last night when the temperature was 76. My evening at home spent wearing a sweat shirt.

The famous, infamous, respected, well loved Captain Tony Tarracino was elected Mayor of Key West this day in 1989.

Captain Tony’s famous saloon on Greene Street still bears his name. Captain Tony’s Saloon.

The Captain left us years ago. However his life and reputation remain. His life though checkered admired more than frowned upon.

Captain Tony was a saloon keeper, boat captain, politician, gambler, story teller, bootlegger and gun runner.

He ran several times before being elected Mayor. He was “arguably the city’s most beloved resident.” Recalled as “the conscience of Key West.”

The Captain had certain priorities concerning Key West. He always “sought to limit Key West’s growth and to keep its reputation as a refuge for eccentrics and renegades who had found their way to the southernmost part of the continental United States.”

Married 4 times. The last marriage the longest. Thirty eight years. Fathered 13 children.

I know only one. His daughter Toni. A lovely lady who is proud of her father and does much to keep his memory alive.

Jimmy Buffett and Captain Tony were friends. Jimmy Buffett managed one of the Captain’s losing campaigns for Mayor. Buffett wrote Last Tango in Paris following the election. The tale of Captain Tony.

The song begins, “I went down to Captain Tony’s / To get out of the heat / I heard a voice call out to me / ‘Son come have a seat’.”

Lura Gorman died November 4, 2019 in West Palm Beach. She lived many years in Key West and contributed much to the community.

I met Lura when I first came to Key West. She was always at La Te Da. She and her husband Mickey had purchased the property in 1992 and had spectacularly remodeled it.

I would run into her occasionally at La Te Da. She was always pleasant. Charming best describes her. I enjoyed our conversations.

May she rest in peace.

I mentioned several days ago that a great white shark was hovering off Smathers Beach.

Great whites are like many humans who frequent Key West. They summer on Cape Cod and winter in the Keys.

OCSearch, a research group, says more are coming. Seeking the warmer waters off Florida and the Carolinas.

OCSearch advises there were 2 great whites off the west side of Key west in September. Still there. One is Unama’ki who was tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia early in September. By late September, Unama’ki was off Key West.

Unama’ki has been described as a “big girl.” She is 15 feet 5 inches long, weighs 2,076 pounds.

Not a lady to meet while swimming.

Enjoy your day!


There is an outstanding article published in the November 4, 2019 edition of The New Yorker: Why We Can’t Tell The Truth About Aging. Authored by Arthur Krystal.

Since my doctor told me this past week I have the mind of a 40 year old in the body of an 84 year old, I read the article. Ever the desire to learn more.

I came upon the article via a short Letter to the Editor in this morning’s KONK E-Blast: About Aging. Authored by local icon Roger C. Kratmayer. A man on in his years, also.

As one ages, the mind can keep pace with the body or remain behind as mine has. A problem nevertheless are those things an aging body (regardless of the mind) loses. My age deprivations are alcohol, smoking, sex, golf and bocce.

I hate it! Nothing I can do about it, however.

Krystal’s article is a bit lengthy. Every line worthy of reading. So much wisdom. Many age related experiences.

Quotes and references to comments by philosophers and writers from the ages. Back even to Aristotle.

One quote by a person who relatively recently died. A man I got to know well over a 10 day period.

Rodney Dangerfield.

He died just short of his 83rd birthday.

We met for the only time in the mid 1970’s at La Costa outside San Diego. La Costa a “fat farm” at the time. We were both there to lose weight. Permitted 800 calories a day. Exercised big time all day.

Obviously, no alcohol.

I met Rodney on my first day in a hot tub. We immediately hit it off. I was there to tone up. He to lose significant weight.

We would meet in the bar after dinner each evening. Drank Perrier water and smoked cigars.

A smart man in his own fashion. What you saw on the screen and TV was the man. He made a living being what he was! Except that regardless how he expressed himself, his words were gems. His thoughts right on.

In Krystal’s article and repeated in Kostmayer’s Letter to the Editor is Rodney’s aging advice: “With aging, food takes the place of sex…..install a large mirror above the dinner table.”

I strongly suggest those 70 and over read Krystal’s article. Definitely, if over 80.

Thinking about the aging factor this morning, it came to me if I were to write a book about the plus and minus’ of aging, it would begin “As I stand in the twilight of my years…..”

It is “twilight” time for me and many others.

Watched the LSV/Alabama game yesterday afternoon. It finished around 7:30 so I never went out.

LSU beat Alabama 46-41. LSU remains undefeated. Alabama now with 1 loss.

The college football season still has 3-4 weeks more. Only 5 teams remain undefeated. All could lose 1 game. Only 1 or 2 could remain undefeated. Which means that if Alabama wins the rest of its games, it could be in the final four in rankings and get to play once again for the major championship.

Trump was at the game. He was cheered. No booing. I expected such. Alabama a deep red state. Trump won it by 30 points in 2016.

A cold wave moving across the north. Freezing temperatures. Key West’s temperature will drop today. By 10 degrees. From 91 to 81.

Don’t laugh. We will feel the chill.

Tonight, the temperature will drop to 76. Colder! We can handle it till it hits 74. Then we feel the cold big time.

The reason I have been told is because our blood is thinner.

Again, don’t laugh. Seventy four in Key West is similar to 44 up north.

The State of New York has been investigating the Donald J. Trump Foundation. A not for profit. It was discovered that $2 million of Foundation funds had been misused. By Trump and members of his family.

The money is to be repaid. Charitable funds cannot be used for personal purposes. Called “self dealing.”

Since the Trump Foundation no longer is in business, the court has allocated to what charities the monies are to be paid.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Australia has a problem about which Trump claims to have expertise. Wildfires.

The North Wales portion of Australia is experiencing more than 100 wildfires at the moment. Dozens are “out of control.”

The causes are extreme heat, dry and windy conditions. Drought a contributing factor. Rainfall unusually low.

Trump should contact Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison    and advise him to “sweep” and “rake” the forest lands.

College football. Alabama is ranked #3 and LSU #2. They meet today in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Trump is flying in for the game.

Trump probably attending because he wants to carry Alabama by 30 points as he did in 2016. He is not known to be a sports fan per se.

Trump appeared at a Washington Nationals baseball game last week. He was booed. An organized effort has been made in Tuscaloosa asking the fans not to boo.

Booing is not my concern at the moment. The cost of Trump’s trip is.

Who pays for the President’s plane, crew, extra Secret Service, extra local police, etc.

His attendance at the game is either for personal pleasure or political in nature. Perhaps both. He or one of his political PACS should pick up the tab.

Trump is doing 1-2 rallies a week. I asked the same question recently. Who pays the expenses?

No one talks about it.

I have lived through 2 “impeachments.” Nixon and Clinton. Both as an adult and practising lawyer.

Nixon’s did not reach the impeachment trial stage. He resigned. Clinton went through it all.

The country was somewhat split. Republicans and Democrats went at it. None however as the parties are waging war re impeachment activities directed at Trump.

I worry. The statesman of today are not those of yesterday. Today’s Congress has many “thugs” in its ranks. Especially the Republican Party.

The walls are closing in on Trump. The noose gets tighter each day.

How will matters end? How will Trump’s “supporters” react as matters proceed?

The American people are split. On one side the anti blacks, Klu Klux Klanners, white supremacists, authoritarians, etc. On the other, those who still believe in the values upon which America was established.

Confrontations have been few. Some involving actual fighting, fires, and on one occasion a death.

Will matters get worse? Especially in view of what is unquestionably coming down on Trump.

Will Trump encourage his supporters to take to the streets and fight to keep him in office? A possibility. Maybe a probability.

Today is the anniversary of the Night of the Broken Glass. This day in 1938. Though directed by Hitler against the Jews, a similar situation could arise involving Trump’s people and the rest of America.

Night of the Broken Glass is also referred to as Kristallnacht. In Germany and Austria, Hitler’s dislike of the Jews resulted in an escalation of his purge against Jews.

During the Night and days that followed, 100 Jews died, 7,500 Jewish businesses were damaged, synagogues, homes and graveyards vandalized, 30,000 Jews arrested.

Hitler’s Gestapo and Hitler engaged followers received a free hand. Police were told not to interfere. Some Jewish families committed suicide.

Trump could bring us to that point. ICE is his Gestapo. Perhaps even local police. His followers in the thousands. Their actions directed against those who do not support Trump.

Sound crazy? You may think I am. However, a good possibility. Our country is strained. Consider the damage Trump has done nationally and worldwide in less than 3 years.

All I can say is what I have in the past. Beware.

I have no sports weekend. Syracuse has a bye in football and the basketball team does not play till wednesday. I will be aggravation free!

Blog short today. I want to “comment” on 2 recent Comments to my blog. Concerning Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the Berlin Wall. My comments will be found in the Comment section.

Enjoy your day!



Certain government officials have taken to testifying against Trump. More will probably do so. One may come forth with more information than that of all the others put together.

Politico Magazine this date has run an article asking who next will stand up to Trump. Who with great significance? More information than any other.

The cover of Politico is a picture of what purports to be the Last Supper. Trump, Jesus. The apostles surrounding him. An error or two. The “disciples” number 10 rather than 12. Also, there is no Mary Magdalene.

The purpose of the cover immediately obvious. Who of the men surrounding Trump would be his Judas?

There will be a Judas. Inevitable.

How Trump handles the attacks upon him I do not understand. So many. Daily. Such does not mean I am sympathetic to the man. As the good Book says, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

He deserves what is befalling him.

A new book being released November 19. Copies are already in the hands of the media. The book titled A Warning.

The author strange. Anonymous. Unusual. Yet Anonymous’ book already receiving notice and acclimation.

The work anti-Trump. Its contents spell out reasons against Trump’s re-election. The author believes the re-election would be courting disaster.

The book appears to be directed at the undecideds. Generally independents. The author suggests they supported Trump 3 years ago and have lived in a cave since. Time for them to come out and observe what has been going on.

The author is thought to be a high ranking White House official. Described as a senior administration official. A Republican at heart. He appears happy with conservative judicial appointments, deregulation, and tax cuts. His concern is with Trump’s stability. As reflected by his “unbecoming” behavior and “unseemly antics.”

One example of Trump’s unforgiveable conduct occurred at the time of John McCain’s death. The flag above the White House was at half staff in memorial and recognition of McCain. Trump ordered the flag raised above half mast. Trump was “determined to use his office to limit the nation’s recognition of John McCain’s legacy.”

Out of the blue comes Michael Bloomberg! If he seriously intended to run, he should have joined the other Democratic hopefuls at the beginning. Not now after almost a year of them campaigning.

I respect Bloomberg. Think he would make a great President. Have said it several times over the years. I dislike however his method and timing for entering the race.

What Bloomberg is saying in effect is that he does not consider the present front runners as competent. Horrible! Hurting the candidacy of each!

By his announcement that he was filing for the Alabama primary, Bloomberg comes off as another Trump: I am a rich man and can do what I want.

By his conduct, he has hurt himself, the Democratic Party and the United States. He could very well be what Trump needed to get a second term.

Two thing have impressed me in my life. Man walking on the moon and the Berlin Wall coming down. Both impossible till they happened.

Thirty years ago on November 9, 1989, the people of East and West Berlin began taking the Wall down. At 10 in the evening. The impossible had become possible.

Two great American Presidents spoke at different times in Berlin re the Wall.

John Kennedy in Berlin June 26, 1963 before 450,000. He said, “Ich bin ein Berliner.” “I am a citizen of Berlin.”

Ronald Reagan stood before the Brandenburg Gate on June 12, 1987. His words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

A side thought. What happened to Presidents the quality of Kennedy and Reagan? Trump is certainly no Kennedy or Reagan.

This day in 2016, a sad day for America. Trump defeated Clinton for the Presidency.

Yesterday, my primary care physician. Dr. Norris.

Neither he, my heart physician Dr. McIvor, and the emergency room can tell me why the chest pains. Probably good. I hope.

Next week, 2 more doctors to visit. I am on a “specialist” route.

Workers require unions. Without, management controls. Working people are in danger of getting screwed. They generally do.

Yes, I support unions.

Unions are at a low level today. Management and most workers are happy that is so. A mistake. Non-unionized labor can only survive so long before employers take advantage.

All this a lead up to a labor situation in Key West. Back a few years. It was 1899. A strike had been ongoing at the Gato Cigar Factory. It was settled this day in 1899.

One of the first successful union led strikes in the U.S.

Florida has been part and parcel of Presidential elections in the modern era.  On this day in 2000, the famous Bush/Gore recount began.

Wednesday night, the official college basketball season began for Syracuse. Syracuse lost to Virginia 48-34.

Virginia was ranked #1 last year. The team must be as talented this year as last.

My alma mater may be causing my chest pains. Syracuse’s football season absolutely sucked. Much better is hoped of the basketball team.

Enjoy your day!





College loans are an issue in the 2020 Presidential election. Borrowing easy. Repayment a back breaker.

The system will be recorded as one of history’s major rip offs. It is geared so everyone benefits except the student. Everyone consisting of the government, private lenders, and universities.

One example of the system’s abuse is the way universities handle a facet of the student borrowing experience. The more a student borrows, the more that person’s cost for an education increases.

Cato Institute economist Neal McCluskey spells it out thusly: “The basic problem is simple: Give everyone $100 to pay for higher education and colleges will raise their prices by $100, negating the value of the aid.”

Students are plagued by pay back of the loans.  Some loans in excess of $200,000. Whether $50,000 or $200,000, impossible for most.

Access to huge sums of money is required. Most post college graduation jobs pay insufficient amounts to handle repayment at any level.

Some female college students and graduates believe they have found a better way. Prostitution. By their way of thinking, a more reasonable and sophisticated approach.

On July 14, 2016, I published an article covering the “new” female repayment program. Titled: The New Prostitution. Following it is set forth in its entirety. Draw your own conclusions as to the righteousness of what is occurring.


Bernie Sanders argued for a free college education in the recent primaries. College is expensive. Tuition a back breaker. Rent a killer. Borrowing resulting in long term debt.

There is a new phenomenon in the country. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. Considered trendy.

It is referred to as the girlfriend experience. Ladies selling their bodies for a fee. The ladies generally college girls or in their 20s. The men rich.

No pimps or street corners involved. The ladies use the internet to make contact.

The ladies sell their bodies in order to pay tuition, student loans, rent and some to afford designer labels.

The girlfriend experience is the new prostitution economy.

The experience is not a meet, quick bang and thank you m’am. More is involved. The men want the perfect short term girl friend. Well groomed, cultured, classy, able to converse about anything. A lady that never brings her personal problems to the relationship.

The time involved may be an evening, a day, a weekend, a trip.

The men are older. Decidedly so. Generally 40 to 60 years. Affluent. Money no object to them.

The wages of sin are pretty good. All over the place. The price generally set forth in the site ad. Anywhere from $400 an hour to $2,000-$5,000 an evening. Some higher.

One young lady in South Africa offers herself for $42,000 an evening. She will travel anywhere. I cannot conceive what she can do for that kind of money.

The lady friend of today is the sugar baby of yesterday. The men, the sugar daddies of yesterday. Interestingly, both labels still apply.

Most arrangements last 1-3 years. A weekly meeting. A set figure in advance. Many contract for $5,000 a month. That is $60,000 a year. One hundred eighty thousand dollars over three years.

The ladies generally have 2-3 sugar daddies they provide service for during the course of a week.

The money earned astronomical. Described as an allowance.

The men seek a cultured sexual relationship with a much younger lady. The ladies view the relationship as a job. They do it for the money. No emotional entanglement involved.

The men view the women as sex objects. Whores. Beneath them. Though the ladies are treated with respect at all times.

Most of the men involved are married. They receive from the younger ladies that which their wives fail to provide.

In addition to the agreed remuneration, there are perks/incidental gifts. Extra cash, shopping sprees, jewelry, travel. Benefits of a high end easy life.

The ladies kiss. A no no in the prostitution trade. Men do not kiss the ladies and the ladies not the men. The relationship of sugar daddy/sugar baby is closer and different. The relationship more than that found in other prostitution situations. Kissing is expected and welcomed.

The parties meet via the internet. The leading site is SeekingArrangement.com. More female subscribers than men by a 10-1 ratio. The ladies in their ads set forth their asking price. Men, their net worth.

The ladies are listed free. The men pay $44.95 per month. For an additional $1,200 paid by the man, Seeking Arrangement offers a Diamond Club. The Diamond Club verifies incomes and net worth for the ladies.

Other oft mentioned internet sites are SeekingMillionaire.com and SeekingBillionaire.com.

The feminist movement has mixed feelings. To some, it is empowering. The ladies are entering the work force. The sex industry. Others consider it slutty.

Some maintain the ladies involved are oppressed. Many of the sugar babies have a contrary opinion. They believe those working for $7 an hour are the oppressed ones.

The business world has found a new way of not paying new or entry level employees. They call them interns and make them work for nothing. A sugar baby does not have to tolerate such an experience.

2014 found a large spike as regards the ladies. Especially in southern states. The University of Austin had the greatest growth. Two hundred twenty seven percent.

The top four universities in every area reported were Georgia State University, Kent State University, Arizona State University, and New York University. Number one was New York University.

A top ten listing of cities with the highest density of daddies showed Atlanta #1 and Austin #10.

The ladies are sometimes referred to as hidden hos. Websites such as Seeking Arrangement as convenience stores for adulterers. More dignified, a virtual brothel.

I wish to venture a personal opinion.

Prostitution is illegal in the United States, except for Nevada. Whether sexual activity constitutes a crime is dependent on the services provided. If something more than sex is provided, the acts are not viewed as prostitution. The something more such things as house cleaning or companionship. All difficult of proof.

More than 15 nations world wide have legalized prostitution. Included are New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Sometime in the early 2000s, Germany legalized prostitution. The reason/excuse was to give dignity to the women. Also provide a means by which the ladies had rights, pension plans, and hospitalization coverage.

The real reason was Germany wanted to tax prostitution. They taxed it at every level of government and form of participation. Germany has made a ton of money and continues to do so.

The ladies have not benefited as anticipated. The reason being the influx of immigrants from Europe’s eastern block and North Africa. Too many new prostitutes. Prices for services rendered dropped dramatically. The old story of supply and demand.

The United States has moved swiftly in the past ten years in certain areas. Same sex marriage, transgendered  accepted in the military, marijuana legalized.

Marijuana is not yet legal in every state nor via federal law. It will be in the next 5-10 years.

I see prostitution on the same path as same sex marriage and marijuana approval. Legalization. The government will approve legalization because of the large tax dollars prostitution brings.

Legalization is coming. You can bet on it. In 10 years or less.

Enjoy your day!


For six months I have been advising my thoughts re why everyone was fighting in Syria. The oil!

We never heard “oil” till the past 2 weeks. Trump made us distinctly aware. He pulled all U.S. troops out of Syria. A week later sends them back in. Purpose: To protect the oilfields. The same oil fields that Russia, Iran and Syria want.

Trump follows up by saying he intends “keeping the oil.”

A new low.

Keeping the oil is a war crime. Called “pillaging.” Another word for theft.

Thievery during war constitutes a war crime. Banned by Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the 1907 Hague Laws and Customs of War on Land. It is also considered illegal under the U.S. Federal Code.

There is no question exploitation of natural resources such as oil is prohibited.

Trump has a mercenary reason to keep the oil. He said, “We want to keep the oil. $45 million a month? Keep the oil!”

Trump taints the soul of America. Never before in U.S. history has any American President become involved in such thievery.

Election time in some states yesterday. Results interesting. Do not make Trump look good.

Kentucky. Elected a Democratic governor. Close vote. By 5,000. A 4 percent victory. The significance is that Kentucky is a deep red state.

Additionally, Trump flew to Kentucky monday night to push the Republican candidacy. Trump presumed he would help. He carried Kentucky by 30 points in 2016.

He failed.

Pence was even thrown into the race. Last week he participated in a bus tour with the Republican candidate.

Trump considered a Kentucky Republican win would be a win for him. He said, “Vote for me.” Not vote for the Republican candidate. He also said, “If you lose, they’re going to say Trump suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the world. This was the greatest. You can’t let that happen to me.”

They did.

Virginia. The vote for both legislative Houses. The Democrats won both. The Governor a Democrat. The Dems now control Virginia, a previously deep red state. The first time in years. Like winning a trifecta.

Mississippi. Remained Republican.

Trump attended a rally in Mississippi friday night. He intimated a close race. Claimed he was in Mississippi to “move the numbers from a tie to a big win.”

The Republicans won. Congratulations, Donald! A red state remained red.

Leave it to Trump to screw up. Sometimes inadvertently, others intentionally.

Since 1990, all Presidents have recognized the month of November as a time to recognize Native American Heritage. Trump opted to change the purpose of the month. He kept Native Americans on board. However, he added Founders Month. One to celebrate America’s founding fathers.

I thought they already received a ton of recognition during July and other times of the year.

Native Americans are upset. Seriously so.

In the background lurk Jennifer and Jack London. Founders of the National American History and Friends Month Organization headquartered n Virginia. They are Trump supporters and made significant contributions to his candidacy.

Another reason may stand silently in the background. Native Americans are people of color. Trump does not like people of color. He killed 2 birds with one stone by adding Founders to November. Satisfied a couple who support him and give an adverse shot to Native Americans at the same time.

Could we have expected less from our President?

This day in history one of exceptional importance. Two major events occurred.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President. In 1917, the Bolsheviks revolted in Russia by bombing the Winter Palace in Petrograd.

Last night Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I shared with those listening the Harry Truman beard story reported in yesterday’s blog. I felt Truman’s “every day man” should be known to everyone. Not a stiff. A person you would enjoy having a beer with.

Doctor visit at 1. Dr. McIvor. My heart doctor. Follow up to the chest pains I experienced over the weekend.

College basketball officially begins tonight for Syracuse and me. Syracuse plays Virginia at 9 at the Carrier Dome. Virginia was #1 in the country last year. Favored tonight by 4.5 points.

Should be an interesting season. I think this is Boeheim’s last year. This year or next. If this year, I hope it is his finest. A man loved and respected.

Enjoy your day!


Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman. Forever more.

It was 1948. The week in which Truman unexpectedly won the Presidential election. Truman said he was in need of a vacation. He was going to Key West.

He arrived in Key West the evening of November 7. His administrative team was with him. Bess and Margaret could not come on such short notice. They were not expected till sunday morning November 11.

For whatever reason, Truman decided neither he nor his team would shave till the ladies arrived. Each began growing beards and moustaches.

Truman referred to his small developing beard as “chin whiskers” and “goatee.” A moustache was on the way also.

Truman and his buddies permitted their beards and moustaches to “flourish.”

The reporters did little to bother Truman re the face hair. He was told the press had put a “lid” on the matter. No one’s business but the President’s. Would not happen in a similar fashion today.

On thursday, Truman was poolside. One of the reporters however politely asked, “Is that a Van Dyke?” Truman replied,  “No, it’s not a Van Dyke, it’s a Jeff Davis.”

Truman silently thought for a minute and added to his response, “If I kept it I would look like Jeff Davis, Uncle Sam, and Abe Lincoln, my Uncle Rube andmy two grandfathers.”

Bess and Margaret were due sunday morning. Truman told everyone beards off before the ladies arrive. He doubted Bess would like how they looked.

Beards and moustaches came off.

Truman’s experiences were recorded in logs. The person doing the recording was Commander William M. Rigdon. Rigdon was the Assistant Naval Aide in the White House from 1942-1953.

Included in the logs were matters of national and international importance. As well as things like the beards, Truman’s poker games, and the college football games they all betted on one season.

Beards have gone mainstream. Men are back to growing them. Even me. I am in my sixth week and the beard looks terrific at this point. Too bad Truman could not let his grow six weeks. What a difference a few weeks makes!

The weather man reports humidity has been unusually high September and October. No question about it.

Such being the case, it was time for my air conditioning unit to go kaputz. The air conditioning man is here now working on it.

Reminds me of winters up north. On the coldest evening of the winter, the oil burner would go down.

Friday night a major event at the Key West High School. Homecoming.

A very special evening for Ally. Her first formal dance, her first date. Ally wasn’t the only one excited. Lisa, too. Lisa was with Ally every step of the way preparation wise. From new shoes, the dress, manicure and pedicure, hairdresser, etc.

Robert went, also. He is a sophomore. Went the year before. No date, but had a good time. This year no date again. Enjoyed himself even more. I suspect because he danced. Dancing was not his forte last year.

I was thrilled for Ally. However, more thrilled for Lisa.

Made it to Dueling Bartenders last night. Arrived a bit late. Stopped at Tammy’s for a manicure.

Jean, Lynda, and Mary at the bar. Terri singing. Mary told me as I walked in the ladies, except for Terri, said to each other, “All of Lou’s girls are at the bar!”

Donna showed up later. She has been having a lot of medical problems in recent months. She has recovered well. She loses the brace on her knee today. It was put on bcause she fell and broke her knee. She is still using a cane.

The Golden Years are wonderful. Except a cane becomes part and parcel thereof. Just like a ton of medical visits, emergency room visits, etc.

Bob was with Lynda. Joe left Jean a few days ago to return to Birmingham.

John from the Chart Room showed up. I have not seen him in a while. Not drinking keeps me away from the dens of iniquity I enjoyed all my life.

He came to see me. Much appreciated. John is a good guy. Forty four. Young! Compared to me at least. Told me he had been having chest pains. Did a stress test 6:30 yesterday morning.

Tonight, tonight, like every tuesday night…..Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. So much to talk about. Please join me. Listen to me rant and rave for a half hour. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Powerboat Races this week. Practicing till wednesday. Wednesday the races begin.

Jean Thornton called this morning and suggested I watch the boat races with her from Ocean Key’s deck. I would have loved doing it. Unfortunately, doctoring/testing most of tomorrow because of what happened a few days ago.

Then comes thursday. Another doctor visit for the same reason.

Congratulations to Fran and Tom Dixon. The best of the best. Their daughter was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force this past weekend. They both attended the event.

Daughter is Frances Jo Dixon. Fourteen years in the military. Eight on active duty. The past six in the National Guard.

Frances Jo is pregnant. Just under 7 months. Her uniform still fits.

Between the service and now, she earned an MBA from Harvard. On the staff now of Boston Consulting. A high earner. Her hard work over the years paid off.

Key West is a small island. 1 1/2 x 4 miles. A good surge could carry us out to sea.

Global warming may be hurrying such an event.

Whenever it rains, Key West streets flood. Not all. A certain…..more than few.

Used to flood following a heavy rain and be gone in hours. No more. Takes 4-5 days for the flooded streets to drain.

Every year the problem is more evident. Enough ice continues breaking away in Antarctica and most if not all of Key West will be gone.

The year 1906. On this date, 9 inches of rain fell on Key West in a 48 hour period. Water only flooded the intersection of Southard and Margaret Streets. The flooding took a mere 24 hours to dissipate.

Key West is much bigger now. More areas to flood. The only safe point in the event of severe flooding will be Solares Hill.

I worry a mass flooding of Key West is inevitable. We do not seem to be doing much to prevent it. Homes on the ocean will disappear first. Then the water will move towards the heart of the island.

When? Who knows. Sooner rather than later. Ten to 20 years. Could be.

Can’t believe it! Did a whole blog without once mentioning Trump. What a good boy am I!

Enjoy your day!






Still here! Alive and kicking!

Let’s not forget thrilled!

Simply stated, woke 2:30 in the morning with severe chest pains. I have had some over the years. A few heart problems at this stage of my life. Pain the worse this time!

Being stupid, I lay there saying to myself the pain would go away, it was nothing. Took about 3 hours to totally subside.

Called m primary and heart doctors. Pain on wrong side of my chest to be my heart. Maybe an embolism. Whatever, get to the emergency room.

Spent 7 hours being tested. Could find nothing.

Interestingly, from the moment I arrived at the hospital I felt absolutely fine! So it goes.

There will be more tests this week. The cross the elderly bear.

Time to join the world of the living. Dueling Bartenders and La Trattoria tonight.

I thank all who communicated with me in one fashion or another for their concern and well wishes. In a time of stress, they mean a lot.

One more item of concern. Syracuse got beat 58-27 by Boston College saturday. Caused me more pain than the pain in my chest!

My lesbian wives Donna and Terri are celebrating their 11th Anniversary today! God bless them both! Love them!

They were married on the stage of the theater in New York City where Terri was appearing in Chicago as Matron Moma Morton.

I was supposed to be there. Never made it. Instead I was on an operating table at the hospital in Key West having 25 percent of my colon removed. The surgeon thought I had cancer. I did not. The problem was a ruptured appendix.

I keep thinking I am going to need that 25 percent some day.

A few days ago, I wrote re iguanas. It was the opening to the blog of that day. Titled “Iguana Genocide.”

I strongly recommended they be killed! Reasons set forth clearly and distinctly.

I assumed those not living with iguanas would write and say how cruel, so beautiful, how could you, etc. Not one such message.

Saturday’s Key West Citizen carried a front page article concerning iguanas. The lead story.  “Invasive Iguanas.” A picture of an iguana wrapped around a power line.

The thrust of the Citizen’s story was similar to mine. Get rid of them!

I was glad for once that someone thought along my lines. The Citizen described them as “one of the Florida Keys biggest nuisance animals.”

The Citizen story dwelled primarily on the damage iguanas are doing to utilities. They have bonded with electrical substations. Love transformers. Causing major outages.

The Keys are the only part of Florida bothered by iguanas. The utilities in the rest of the state have a similar problem. However, caused by another culprit. Squirrels.

The Keys local utility company has entered into a contract with Greenjacket Inc. To provide and install animal guards around the transformers. Cost $91,600.

Trust me, it will not be the end of our iguana problems. In the final analysis, it will cost even more to deal with the problem with no adequate result.

Local governments and the state are to blame. They let the iguanas hang around some 20 years before deciding to do something about them.

I compare the iguana problem to Florida’s python one. The state waited too long. Now over 1 million pythons in Florida. The number growing. The state conceding it cannot eradicate the python population. Rather, the hope is to control it.

HAyward MCkee (his name is so written) became a friend during Irma. He was one Irma’s escapees that ended up at Jean and Joe Thornton’s home in Birmingham.

I see him occasionally in Key West. A rather serious person. Not so if what I am about to share is any indication.

A HAyward comment appeared in this morning’s Facebook.

“My girlfriend invited me to her house where I found her sister alone. So I sat there waiting for my girlfriend while her unbelievable sexy sister was sitting there with me. A few moments go by, then she comes up next to me, and whispers in my ear ‘we should have sex before my sister comes home.’ I immediately got up and turned around to walk to my car. I found my girlfriend standing by the door, at which point she hugged me and said ‘you’ve won my trust.’ Moral to the story, always keep your condoms in your car.”

Some El Presidente stories.

The California fires have gone wild again in the past two weeks. Trump claimed for the second time yesterday that the fires are caused by California not “sweeping” its forest floors.

The message was directed to California’s Governor Newson who is a political foe of Trump.

Trump also claimed a “terrible job of forest management” was being done.

As with the last wildfires several months ago, Trump asserted California should do as Finland does and “rake” and clean its forests.

He said he was going to cut off federal funding that normally would be provided to help California with recovery.

Typical of Trump pronouncements, he was wrong with the Finland comparison. Typical. He knows not that of which he speaks.

Professor Leskinen is a woodlands expert among other things.

The Professor said he did not know what Trump meant by “raking” and “sweeping.” He suspected Trump misunderstood when he spoke with one of his Finnish counterparts several months ago.

The Professor went on to emphasis there is a difference between Finnish forests and California ones.

Finnish forests have an extensive network of roads which act as fire breaks and provide quick access to emergency services. He also represented that Finnish forests are small individual ones, separated by lakes and rivers.

There is also a difference in the type of trees and other vegetation with those found in California. Finnish trees are less flammable than those found in California.

The Professor went on. Cooler conditions on average exist in Finland than the hot dry weather in California.

The Professor continued that Finland benefits from a network of volunteers who make up an effective early warning system, thus enabling fires to be doused before they spread.

Another area of claimed knowledge by Trump is the border wall.

In September, Trump said the new walls or repaired ones were “virtually impenetrable” and could not be climbed to  get over.

Here it is a mere 2 months. A certain area has had the new walls or repaired walls erected. The report thus far indicates the walls are failing. Smugglers are sawing through. Powerful tools being used. Cordless reciprocating saws that cost less than $100.

Trump and his people are now saying all walls can be gotten through. Has not sounded that way to me since Trump got in office till now.

Conservative Buzz is running an internet ad re Trump described as an INQUIRY: “Does Trump deserve a second term.?” The wording nor precise from my perspective. Should have read: “Does the U.S. deserve a Trump second term?”

Trump has recently been doing 1-2 political rallies a week. I have questions. The inquiring mind wants to know.

Who pays the costs for Air Force One?

Who pays the crew’s time?

Who pays the Secret Service time? If extra Secret Service is required, where does the money come from to pay them?

Who pays local police for their time?

How quickly are these bills paid, regardless of source?

What I am asking is whether government monies pay, Trump’s personal funds, or Trump political funds.

Enjoy your day!









So much to share this morning. Calls for a Morning Stew.

Welcome to Morning Stew #24.

At a Trump rally in Tupelo, Mississippi last night, the President described impeachment as an “attack on democracy.” Impeachment is not the attack. The attack is the President himself.

At the same rally, Trump discussed Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke announced yesterday he was withdrawing from the race for the Democratic nomination. Trump said Beto “quit like a dog.” Plus it is reported the President used words that could not be printed.

A class act, our President!

Dresden was and still is a major German city. The Allies bombed the hell out of it during World War II.

Dresden as with all other German communities, quickly adapted following World War II to a way of life similar to that of most Allied communities. Nazism was totally and absolutely rejected.

Things have changed.

Dresden has a “Nazi emergency.” “Nazinotstand” the term. Means Dresden has “a serious problem…..open democratic society is threatened.”

A neo-Nazi mayor has been elected. Does not mean Dresden has become a Nazi bastion. The City Council voted in favor wednesday night 39-29 in support of a resolution reflecting and showing their dismay for the neo-Nazi mayor and the wave of neo-Nazism which is creeping over Dresden.

The resolution is intended to show the City Council’s position in opposition to neo-Nazism and their opposition to the growth of anti-Islamism in the Dresden. The resolution reflected the City Council’s commitment to fostering “a free, liberal, democratic society that protects minorities and resolutely opposes Nazis.”

Anti-Islamism is on the rise. Sometime in October, demonstrations began. Weekly, every monday night. Described as” an anti-Islam Pegida movement.” Pegida stands for “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.” Islamophobia at its worst.

Most of the world is moving to the right. Not a healthy situation.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is National Sandwich Day.

Last year many of the chains gave out free sandwiches. This will not be the case this year. Most are advising customers how to sign up for apps. that will assist in ordering.

Subway is doing something . I think a buy one, get one free deal. McDonald’s is giving out coupons directing customers to go to McDonald’s apps and take advantage of any benefits available therfein. McDonald’s is returning to Happy Meals in a limited fashion also. Described as retro Happy Toys from 1988.

All confusing this year. Last year was much easier when most of the chains invited a person in for a freebie.

Syracuse/Boston College at noon. Boston College a  3 point favorite. Hope Syracuse wins. I am screwed once again. The game is being carried on ACCN. ACCN and Comcast have not made their dollar deal yet for Syracuse games. Ergo, we Syracuse fans are left out in the cold.

On this day in 1948, Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey  for the U.S. Presidency.

Much amusement involved in the result.

Dewey was predicted winner by political analysts and polls. Truman was going to get buried. The Chicago Daily Tribune went to press early election night putting newspapers on the street bearing the headline: Dewey Defeats Truman. H. V. Kaltenborn was the radio man of the day. No TV back then. A much respected radio commentator. He had a very distinguishable voice. Before the results were all in, he went on national radio and announced Dewey the victor.

Truman got them all!

Truman the farm boy who became President. No college education. However a man of honesty and integrity as the nation knew.

After his victory, Truman announced he was going to Key West on vacation.

My life was fortunate to cross paths 3 times with Truman. The most memorable occurred my last year of law school at Syracuse.

Truman was coming to visit the University. Two days. Don’t be shocked. Syracuse was known as a Democratic bastion at the time. The visit was several years after Truman finally left office.

A private luncheon with Truman was scheduled for the purportedly “twelve outstanding students on campus”. As luck would have it, I was selected to represent the law school.

Even better, seating for the 12 plus the former President was at 2 round tables. Six at one, 7 at the other.

Seating was at the discretion of the University. My name card was immediately to the right of Truman. I got to sit next to him for a good 2 hours.

Most of Truman’s comments had to do with the 1948 election. He had a copy of the Chicago newspaper which he had exhibited to us. He also had a recording of Kaltenborn’s words that Truman had lost. He talked about both with a chuckle in his voice. He got ’em!

On November 1, 1950, an attempt was made on Truman’s life. The President and his wife were living in Blair House at the time. The White House was being remodeled.

Around 2 in the afternoon, 2 Puerto Ricans who supported Puerto Rico independence ran up the front steps and reached the front door of Blair House. Shooting along the way.

One assassin was killed as was 1 Secret Service officer.

Mr. and Mrs. Truman were upstairs and never in danger.

The assassins’ acts did not make sense. Truman was openly for Puerto Rican autonomy.

The surviving assassin was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. Truman commuted his sentence to life imprisonment.

Trump has become a Florida resident. Cut the ropes that bound him to New York.

No one seems unhappy. The Mayor and Governor in effect said good riddance to bad rubbish.

I can understand Trump wanting to leave. He has been for many years unpopular in New York. The City only gave him 10 percent of  the Presidential vote. Additionally, he has never been accepted by the elite, socially, or those in politrics on a personal basis. His reputation and personality make such understandable.

Even as President, he has not been assimilated by New York City’s bigwigs.

Can you imagine, not wanting the President of the U.S. as a friend!

There will be no unhappiness in Mudville that Trump has opted to become a resident of Florida. His residence Mar-a-Lago.

I do not see any social benefit to Trump living full time in Mar-a-Lago. Palm Beach is a seasonal community. A warm weather venue. Otherwise, the homes are empty. Who will he socialize with?

Many retire for tax reasons to Florida. With his income coming from many areas and sources, it will not be easy for a good portion of his income to go tax free.

The Sistine Chapel. Beauty beyond description. As if the hand of God painted the ceiling rather than Michelangelo.

The Sistine Chapel with its newly painted ceiling was opened to the public on November 1, 1512.

Thirty five years ago, I was fortunate to visit the Sistine Chapel. My then wife, children and my parents with me. I was in awe!

The Sistine Chapel was crowded. Shoulder to shoulder, body to body. Heads tipped up.

Michelangelo’s ceiling frescoes took several years to complete. The most famous The Creation of Adam. The arms of God and Adam stretched toward each other almost touching.

God is in His Heaven in the ceiling as conceived and painted by Michelangelo.

At one point, my father and I were standing in the middle of the Chapel. My father look at me and told me, did not ask, “What’s the big deal?” I smiled. I had no response.

I could not blame Dad. It was hot with all those bodies crushed together, painful for the neck, tiring to be on one’s feet since it took forever to reach the Chapel through a long narrow crowded hallway.

Many years ago, I wrote an article for KONK Life spelling out how prisoners were entitled to the very best medical care. Some what difficult to understand when you realize how many persons in the U.S. cannot afford health care. Yet we provide it free to those who have broken the law.

The scenario is the result of the U.S. Supreme Court case Estelle v. Gamble decided in the 1960’s.

The situation comes to mind this morning because of Steven Hayes. He is serving 6 life sentences in a Pennsylvania jail. Sentenced because of his part in the murder of Hawke-Petit and her 2 daughters. He and an accomplice perpetrated a home invasion and brutally killed the three. First with beatings. Then dousing with gasoline. Finally setting the whole house on fire.

Hayes has been receiving hormone therapy in prison as part of a gender transition. He says he is in reality a female.

A Pennsylvania statute limits medications per inmate to $600 a month. It prohibits/refuses to pay for any surgery related to gender modification.

I am not aware whether the statute not allowing any payment for gender modification has been tested in a federal court. I would assume the Estelle decision would override it.

The reason behind the Estelle decision is that prisons/the state is required to provide the “very best medical care.” Translated means a right to adequate medical care. Failure to so provide constitutes a violation of the “cruel and unusual punishment” clause of the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The filming of the Rose Tattoo began this day in 1954 at a house on Duncan Street. Two doors from Tennessee Williams’ home. Tennessee Williams wrote the play which was the basis for the movie.

Change the clock again. Do not forget to turn your clock back one hour tonight before going to bed.

Enjoy your day!