Short blog today.

Docotor visit and a test. related to my fall saturday night where I came down on the back of my head. My head bounced twice before coming to rest.

I take a blood thinner. Could be a problem. Headache remains. My carotids are swollen and sensitive to touch. Like a swollen gland.

Oh, me!

I am beginning to feel like Joe Btfsplk. You have to be on the old side to remember him. A comic strip character from another day. The comic strip Li’l Abner. Li’s Abner, Daisy Mae and Dogpatch.

A black cloud over Joe’s head. Indicated Joe was a jinx. Bad luck to himself and anyone around him.

I am beginning to think a book may be in order. Titled, Being 83.

Hope my medical concerns are without foundation.

Two people close to me and known to many of you are finally in good health. My lesbian wives Terri and Donna.

Terri had a heart attack 10 days ago. Blockage in one vessel 99 percent. She sang yesterday morning at Hard Rock Cafe. Donna 2 weeks ago was in the hospital with pneumonia. Back to work last week.

They called yesterday to wish me a Happy Father’s Day. Heard from Lisa and family. They warm my heart.

Glued again yesterday to the TV set. Till 10 in the evening. The U.S. Open. Great golf!

Gary Woodland won by 2 strokes. He is 35. Won only 3 times previously. Winning the Open changes his life immediately. Endorsements alone in the multi-million range.

Pompeo, Bolton and Trump remind me of the old Christian song Onward Christian Soldiers. They will not give up on Iran. Especially Pompeo.

Pompeo was on TV yesterday continuing to complain Iran was responsible re the tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman. In spite of sound proof the day before that it was not Iran.

Germany and Japan are so distrusting of U.S. foreign policy that they asked Pompeo for “stronger evidence” than that provided.

Two sayings come to mind re Pompeo and the tankers. One, put your money where your mouth is. Even better, put up or shut up!

Enjoy your day!


It happened again last night.

I was watching the U.S. Open in the living room seated in a wing back. It was 10 o’clock and the tournament had ended for the day. I got up to go upstairs to bed. Took one step to my right and went down.

I got dizzy. Fell strangely. My feet went out from me and up. My head went down. I fell backwards!

The back of my head hit the tile floor first. Bounced twice. Somehow my knees must have been involved and my right hip.

Everything still hurts this morning. Especially the back of my head.

The falling problem occurred last week also. I was shaving and turned around to get a hand towel. Fortunately, the bathroom is narrow and I was able to bounce between the walls and stay up.

Dizziness occurs before I fall.

Dr. Norris says it is my blood pressure medication and perhaps some others. I take 11 pills a day. The key to not falling is to stand for a moment before taking a step. Problem is I don’t always remember to do so.

The alternative is to stop taking my blood pressure meds. A no no.

A major problem with falling is getting up. When your younger, your body is agile and you are able to immediately raise yourself up. At my age, it is next to impossible. Takes every bit of energy I have.

Last night, it took about 15 minutes before I was able to stand.

I started falling about 8 years ago. Did physiotherapy for 6 months to learn how to walk again. Good! The key is to watch where you are walking and hold on when going up and down stairs. The rehab people trained me to do so. Sounds easier than it really was. I was also taught how to get up. A big deal! It worked for a few years. Not so good now.

Physicians attribute old age falling to the side effects of drugs and medicines, a weaker sense of balance, declining eyesight, and a loss of flexibility in hips and ankles.

This blog generally deals with Key West and national politics. Perhaps I should add a third consideration. Senior citizen health. If you are there already, you will understand and appreciate. If not yet old enough, better to learn early and be prepared.

Sticking with health for a moment, a Mini Health Fair is going to be held in Key West on Saturday June 22. At the Gato Building on Simonton.

It is sponsored by the Florida State Department of Health and Monroe County.

The significance: All service and items provided are free. Those who are without insurance should definitely attend. Services to be provided include vaccines for hepatitis A and B, HPV, tetanus, pertussis, flu, and more.

There will also be blood glucose screenings, blood pressure screenings, HIV testing, WIC, family planing, and tobacco cessation information.

The U.S. Open. Every year I become more and more impressed with the play of the young professionals. Their abilities exceed those of the golf giants of yesteryear.

The younger pros putt better. Long puts. They chip better. They hit longer.

Yesterday, chips off the green were falling into the holes. Never saw anything like it. Putts of 20-40 feet dropping. Wow! Drives over 300 yards. Some as much as 350 yards.

Excellent golf. Thrilling.

Goodness prevails on occasion. Orange County, Florida, was recently a site demonstrating old fashioned good hearted charity. Involving thousands of people.

Sam Rodriguez is a young lady. Sam is her name. Twenty years old. She is one of 6 children.  The oldest.

In the past 5 years, both of the family’s parents died of cancer. Sam’s 5 brothers and sisters 5-17 years old.

Sam has taken charge of her brothers and sisters. She is caring for and supporting them.

Not an easy task. Parents left a large family, but no money.

Last week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department reached out to certain persons and asked them to help buy Sam a new car. They did. A Nissan Versa. A big help!

Sam’s situation was put on GoFundMe. Money is coming in through that venue also. Contributors in the thousands.

On this day in 1858, Abraham Lincoln was Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate to represent Illinois. He lost a close election. Mattered not. Two years later, he was elected President.

During the Senatorial campaign, Lincoln was debating his opponent in Springfield. The country was being torn by slavery and states’ rights. Lincoln in the debate paraphrased the New Testament’s Matthew 12:22-28: A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Prophetic words.

We are once again a house divided. The foundation is rotting. Maybe already gone. What lies ahead? Can we save our Nation?

Trump recently tweeted: “The failing New York Times did a story that the United States is substantially increasing cyber attacks on Russia…..a virtual attack.” Followed by: “Anything goes with our Corrupt News Media today. They will do, or say, whatever it takes, with not even the slightest thought of consequence!  These are true cowards and without doubt, The Enemy of the People!”

He also referred to the New York Times’ article as treasonous.

Trump must be defeated in 2020. For the good of the Nation, for the good of its people. He is a man who wants to be President/leader forever. A true despot. If he succeeds, the following probable consequences: (1) Jails overcrowded with political prisoners, (2) many of whom are charged with treason, and (3) executions will be up, in numbers neither experienced nor thought possible in the United States.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Today’s blog is a follow up to yesterday’s BOLTON AND POMPEO GULF OF OMAN TANKER ATTACKS CHENEY’S WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Took only 24 hours for Pompeo’s press conference to be debunked. He blamed Iran with zero evidence. His words were manufactured.

The owner and crew of one of the tankers said no mine attached or hit. Their vessel was “hit by a flying object.”

Pompeo and Bolton are known to be liars. Especially Bolton. What they intended was to manipulate the Iran narrative. Make Iran the bad guy. It was reported yesterday that “…..anyone you see hastening to blame Iran for the Gulf of Oman incident is either a war whore or a slobbering moron or both.”

Pompeo and Bolton top persons advising Trump on international affairs. Both similar to Trump in that they speak with forked tongues.

My education has been neglected. Here I am 83 and have never been to a massage parlor.

Mary is a walker. All over Key West. She mentioned the other day that there was a new massage parlor behind Starbucks and the ice ream stand on Front Street. Called Dancing Finger Massage Parlor. She had never heard of it before either.

Two days ago, we were driving into Old Town on Northern Boulevard. At the end of New Town at the intersection of the Boulevard and Eisenhower is a travel building. Next door, a Dancing Finger Massage Parlor.

Two! Worthy of investigation.

A Dancing Finger Massage Parlor has been in Key West for a few years. Initially in the 600 block of Duval. Must have had a back door entrance as I never saw it. I am assuming it moved to Front Street recently.

All I know! No, I am not going to make a personal visit. Too late and has never been my cup of tea.

Rarely do we hear of polio/tuberculosis. For many years. The disease in the U.S. was basically eradicated many years ago.

It was a different story in 1946. Especially in Key West. Twenty cases reported. Two died. Eleven were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Two to the Naval Hospital in Key West.

As is being observed with the present measles epidemic, certain prohibitions were enforced. In 1946 Key West, children under 16 were barred from theaters, beaches, and other public places. The restrictions rigidly enforced.

Dante came up in a conversation the other day.

A poet. His most notable work the Divine Comedy which he began in the very late 1200’s or early 1300’s. It consisted of 3 books: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise (Heaven).

I am concerned with the Hell portion.

Dante’s poem had Virgil as his guide. Virgil would also be his guide in Book 2 involving Purgatory

The Divine Comedy is considered the most important poem of the Middle Ages. Also the greatest literary work ever written in the Italian language.

I am ashamed to say I have never read the Divine Comedy. However, I learned about it almost daily in college and later as an attorney visited several times over the course of a year the statue of the Gates of Hell. It was on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My Spanish professor in college was Professor Cantatore. The man lived for Dante! I studied under him for 2 years. Every day he would shout out at some point in his lecture: Read a page of Dante every day!

I became accustomed after becoming an attorney to stop into the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an hour when ever in New York on business. The visits were good for my soul. I was particularly interested in the Impressionistic gallery.

One visit, I noticed a sign indicating the Gates of Hell was on exhibit. I had to see it. Glad I did. Such magnificence. Such feeling. Such anguish.

The statue was actually 2 large doors representing the entrance to Hell. The inscription on top: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” In Italian, of course.

The doors were huge. Two hundred figures made up heads, half bodies, of people trying to escape Hell. The figures were relatively small. Chaos prevailed. Their pain and suffering obvious. The depths of agony reflected on their faces.

It took Dante 37 years to do the statue. He was always adding, removing, changing something. Dante created the statue in plaster.

It was not cast in bronze till 1925. Rodin the artist. The bronze statue sits in the Rodin Museum near Paris.

I got to see it when the Met was allowed to exhibit it for one year.

Trump’s border wall. Actually a fence.

For well over a year, many U.S. Army soldiers have been stationed at the wall. Waiting for the hordes of thousands to attempt crossing the border into the U.S. I am not sure of the number of military. It keeps changing. Confusing as a result. It could be 3,500, 6,000 or 7,500. Or another number.

What are our soldiers doing? Even Trump realizes his thousand persons horde is not reality.

Trump promised a “big, beautiful wall.” What has been erected thus far is really a “fence.” The soldiers are presently painting the fence. One said it was a better tour of duty than Afghanistan.

Enjoy your day!




I fear history may be repeating itself.

Cheney and Rumsfeld told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. So did others in Bush 2’s administration. We bought it. Sounded ominous.

No weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Many Americans died and wounded in a war based on improper data. A war that never should have been.

Now come along Bolton and Pompeo. Two warmongers. Men who have the ear of Trump.

Pompeo yesterday describing Iran’s recent evil deeds in the Gulf of Oman reminded me of Cheney and the weapons of mass destruction.

Pompeo sounded convincing. However, I assume most listened with skepticism after Iraq. At least, I hope.

The U.S. has been squeezing Iran under Trump. Wrongly so. Because of sanctions imposed, Iran is hurting, becoming desperate. If the tanker situation is true, Iran has been forced into the position for which it is now being condemned.

Israel and Saudi Arabia hunger for the U.S. to engage Iran in war. Israel wants to guarantee its own protection. Saudi Arabia wants Iran’s oil. Both want to be king pins in the Middle East. U.S. involvement is required. Each has sucked up to Trump since he became President.

Fortunately, Trump dislikes war. So far. The man is not stable. Becoming increasingly so. You don’t know what he will do next.

Beware, beware, beware. Such is my message.

I have another concern. You will probably think I’m crazy. But it has been in my mind for quite a while..

I worry at some point for some crazy reason Trump will want to take over the U.S.  Impose martial law on all the U.S. The man wants to be King, not President. Forever.

I have been concerned the past 2 years with Trump’s buildup of ICE. I have referred to the stronger ICE as Hitler’s Gestapo.

The Border Control people concern me also. They have increased in strength in the past 2 years.

Heavy stuff. Think about it. Be concerned. Our government itself lacks stability. Anything is possible.

To pleasant local news.

I enjoyed a long and tasteful lunch at Geiger Key yesterday. The mood just right.

Other than Geiger Key, other portions of my day were spent watching the U.S. Open. It will be the same today.

Today is Flag Day.

The first Flag Day was held in 1877. One hundred years after the adoption of the Stars and stripes. At the same time as the U.S.’s Centennial Celebration.

Congress was primarily responsible. Instructed that the U.S. flag henceforth be flown from all public buildings in the U.S.

In 1949, Congress officially designated June 14 as Flag Day, a day of national observance.

Which brings us to the story of Betsy Ross. The women alleged to have made the first American flag.

Not historical fact. Many believe Ross’ story to be myth or fantasy.

No one heard of Betsy Ross and the first flag at the time it was purportedly sewn during the Revolutionary War. It became “knowledge” 100 years later as the U.S. was preparing for its Centennial Celebration

Ross had a grandson named William Canaby. He did an historical research paper indicating his grandmother Betsy Ross had made the first flag. Canaby was of questionable reputation. Many historians believe he was a con artist trying to make a buck.

Historians so believing, view the Betsy Ross story as similar to George Washington and the cherry tree. A myth repeated often enough that some believe it to be fact.

Canaby’s story took hold, however. America at the time was extremely patriotic and Ross’ story was a perfect one for the patriotism sweeping the country. Americans at the time were anxious for any and all stories of patriotism connected to the Revolutionary War.

The Ross story has yet to receive the accolade of being fact. It is a legend. Correct, however?

There is another version. One also considered credible.

Betsy Ross operated an upholstering store in Philadelphia. She also made flags. Not uncommon at the time. People went to an upholstering business to have a flag made.

Her store was actually a front for a house of ill repute. Ross the Madam. The ladies selling their wares in back rooms.

Ross was a loyal American in the making. She wanted to help the cause. She had her “girls” elicit as much information as they could while entertaining British soldiers.

Which is truth and which is fiction?

It is important to note that Betsy Ross’ name never came up till the early 1870’s when her grandson William Canaby was trying to sell “her story” to the Centennial people.

Enjoy your day!





It has been a month since my last drink and cigarette. Did not really bother me till last night.

I only drank and smoked when out. Never at home.

I had been out a couple of times before last night with no problem. Last night, a double edged sword!

I was with Mary at the Chart Room and Pier 1. I wanted a drink. Not badly, but the desire was there. What I really wanted was a cigarette! Wow! The desire fantastic. It continued through dinner.

I handled it. I will continue to handle it.

David was at the Chart Room. Chatted with him briefly. Always good to see David.

Little Money and Coco returned to their ocean home this weekend. Both had been injured and had been treated at the Turtle Hospital.

Different turtle types. Little Monkey a 365 pound mature female green sea turtle. Coco a 250 pound loggerhead.

More than a thousand persons were on the Marathon Beach cheering their return to the sea.

Keys people love turtles!

The Hemingway Look-A-Like contest next month July 18-21. At Sloppy Joe’s, of course.

Over the years, the contest has grown. Last year more than 150 men participated.

Celebrity chef Paula Deen’s husband Michael Groover won last year. Took him 9 years.

No one wins the first time out. Takes about 10 years. Many have been participating 20 years and longer. Know they will never win. However return each year for the comradeship and fun involved.

I particularly enjoy the Running of the Bulls event. All 150 plus dressed in Spanish attire as Hemingway would have been. Running down Duval trying to escape the bulls.

Baltimore Oriole’s star Boog Powell played professional baseball in the 1960’s and 1970′.

His family moved to Key West when he was 15. He played baseball at Key West High School. On this date in 1959, Boog signed his first contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

He had a distinguished career. Played on the World Series Championship teams of 1966 and 1970. He was American League Most Valuable player in 1970.

Boog’s real name was John Wesley Powell. His dad nicknamed him Boog and it stuck. Seems in the South they called little children who were constantly getting into mischief buggers. His dad shortened it to Boog.

The Key West Citizen continues to carry excerpts from William Hackley’s diary. Hackley lived in Key West in the 1830’s.

Mosquitoes were very bad. No Mosquito Control Board. Hackley wrote in his diary for June 13: “Sauntering about and looking for a vessel to leave this place. The mosquitoes are very bad. Wind calm.”

The U.S. Open begins today. It is being played at historic Pebble Beach in California.

I was probably the worst golfer ever. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing. The comradeship, the sights, the 19th hole.

I used to take golf trips with friends. I was fortunate to play Pebble Beach twice. A tough course! You would not believe how hard! I normally shot around a 100. When I played Pebble Beach, it was around 145.

Besides tough, the course absolutely beautiful! Adding to its beauty and difficulty, it is located on the ocean.

I will be watching the Open the next few days.

No question I am not a Trump supporter. For good reasons.

He was recently interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Excerpts of the interview have become available. The full interview will be aired Sunday evening.

Some Trump responses have already been reported or commented on. Including: He treats his oath to serve the U.S. faithfully with the same contempt he’s given to his wedding vows and business contracts.

Another involved his receiving dirt on his political opponents for the 2020 election from a foreign country: He might not alert the FBI if such information was offered.

This one blows me out: “I like the truth…..I’m naturally a very honest guy.”

His responses bespeak the soul of the man.

The difference between reactive and proactive. Some nations deal with a problem as it occurs. Others anticipate years earlier the possibility, and prepare how to act/counter the problem.

The U.S. is reactive. Pearl Harbor the best example. We had been warned of possible Japanese retaliation re cutting off Japan’s oil supplies. Did nothing. Took a crushing defeat at Pearl Harbor. Fortunately, the American spirit took hold and eventually made it possible for the U.S. to defeat Japan.

The U.S./China tariff war an example of proactive. China prepares for everything. Must be the working of the Asian mind. Ten years ago, China began preparing for a tariff war such as the U.S. has initiated.

Huawei’s Chairman said protective measures must be in place just in case. A decade of planning has gone into how to replace U.S. supplies. A Chinese economist said, “You don’t know what will happen, so you prepare for the worst.”

Interestingly, the Chinese people are reacting now re the U.S. tariffs as the American people did following Pearl Harbor. A determined new nationalism is evident in China. A Don’t Tread On Me attitude. Described also as don’t urinate on me!

New York Times internationally known columnist Nicholas Kristof had some comments in his article today. Concerned child malnutrition. A neglected topic from his perspective.

He wrote, “On the Upper East Side of Manhattan, you can spend $1,000 on an ice cream sundae. A Dubai shop sold a cupcake sheathed in gold leaf for just over $1,000. In America, 56 percent of dogs are overweight. Meanwhile, almost one quarter of children worldwide are stunted from malnutrition in ways that will hold them back and the world back for half a century to come…..Malnutrition is a factor in 45 percent of deaths of children under 5 worldwide, yet gets less than 1 percent of foreign aid (and much less than 1 percent of international headlines).

Enjoy your day!


I realize I am writing more about politics and world event in recent weeks and less about Key West. A reason therefore. The illness took a lot out of me. Pushing 6 weeks now. Still have extreme tired spells. Ergo, I am watching myself and moving slowly.

I plan on going out tonight. With a date. Will see if Mary is available. I’m in the mood for the Chart Room followed by dinner outside at Pier 1.

Enjoyed doing Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. The show provides the opportunity for me to vent. A multitude of items were covered.

If you have not heard the show, join me next tuesday at 9.  Actually, you do not have to wait till tuesday. Each show is archived immediately. Go to my home page On the page you will find a listing for Tuesday Talk shows. I think it is on the top bar second item in from the left. Click once. Then again on what pops up. Voila! You should be there.

As I look at today’s title, I sense it could be subject to a double meaning. Only one is intended. It involves Ronald Reagan. It can only be good!

Two years ago, I wrote about Reagan and the speech he delivered at the Berlin Wall. Today is the anniversary of that speech which Reagan delivered in front of the Berlin Wall in 1987.

His words etched in stone for history: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

The world knows Reagan’s words. Few however are aware how difficult it was for Reagan to get them into the speech.

Presidents have speech writers. They write and the President goes over the speech making changes. The speech goes back and forth several times before there is a final draft.

His writers were pussy footing around with the strength Reagan wanted the speech to reflect. On his first reading, he added “Tear down this wall!”

The speech went back and forth several times. Reagan would put the words in and his writers would take it out. They thought it was too strong.

Reagan wanted the message to be strong.

The fifth or sixth time around, a young staffer was with Reagan as he went over the speech. The words had been omitted again.

Reagan said to the staffer, “I’m the President, aren’t I?” The staffer responded, “Yes, sir.” Reagan said, “Then it stays in!”

Strange things happen. Especially deaths when a person is in police custody. What follows is one of the strangest!

On April 9, 2018, Everett Palmer was arrested on some insignificant charge. Jailed.

Palmer a veteran and father of 2 children.

A few days later, Palmer died when in his cell. The police report indicated he kept banging his head against the bars and such was the cause.

The family did not buy it. He was not the type to bang his head against bars.

Not satisfied with the police report, the family hired an attorney and an independent pathologist. The pathologist reported Palmer’s body was badly bruised and his heart, throat and brain were missing.

The family was correct in their suspicion. Something stunk in Denmark.

The Police Chief thereafter concluded Palmer’s death was a homicide and would be under investigation as such. The family awaits the determination of the homicide investigation.

Jurors are instructed to follow the law of the case they heard as set forth by the triall judge. In rare instances, a jury will not agree with the law nor the facts as presented. They sense something amiss.

Such is called jury nullification. Defined as when members of a criminal trial believe the defendant may be guilty, but choose to acquit him anyway because the jurors also believe that the law itself is unjust.

An immigration case. Tried by a federal court. After a one month trial, the jury could not agree. It was “hung.”

A criminal defense attorney will tell you a hung jury is as good as an acquittal. Your client walks out of the courtroom, not into a jail cell.

The case can be retried by the prosecution. Some are, some aren’t.

Scott Daniel Warren is a 36 year old geographer. He is also an activist re the rights of immigrants. He is involved with the group Mas Muertes. Translated, No More Deaths.

Warren is highly respected by the people of the Arizona area where he resides. He is referred to as “an apostle of humanitarians.”

He had been charged with 3 counts of human smuggling.

What did he actually do? Two immigrants had come across the desert. He discovered them in the bathroom of the Barn. A building that cared for immigrants. He did not bring them there. He came upon them.

His “crime” was providing them with food, water, beds and clean clothes.

People of Arizona sat on the federal jury. A number did not agree with the prosecution. Nor did they agree with the law. That is why, in the vernacular of defense attorneys, Warren walked.

Justice was served.

Trump’s new toy are tariffs. He uses them as a weapon to gain concessions from other countries.

There is an old adage something to the effect that one should beware of those he steps on while climbing a ladder. He will meet them again on way down.

Trump brought to mind Chamberlain over the weekend.

Chamberlain was Great Britain’s Prime Minister. He went to Munich to confer with Hitler. A last minute desperate attempt to avoid war. He got a signed document from Hitler assuring him there would be no war if certain concessions were made. Chamberlain made them.

There is a famous picture of Chamberlain when he returned to England. He is stepping off a plane waving the agreement. Shouting to the people…..Peace in our lifetime!

It became obvious over the weekend that Trump, pursuant to his usual course of conduct, had not been completely transparent with the American public re the tariff negotiations a few days earlier with Mexico. Trump claimed a U.S. victory. Per his usual custom.

A problem. The Mexican authorities said that basically nothing new was in the agreement. Matters therein had been agreed to several months before.

The media killed Trump for 48 hours following the disclosure.

Yesterday in a hurried news conference on the way to his helicopter to fly off to Iowa, Trump was asked about the agreement, when agreed to, etc.

He replied no problem. He put his hand in his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a one or two page document and waved it at the reporters.. Like Jack Horner pulling out a plum and saying what a good boy am I!

Trump said here is a secret provision in the agreement that clearly makes the U.S. the winner in the negotiations. He would not show the printed words nor tell the reporters what was in the paper he was holding. He said it was for Mexico to disclose and if they did not, he would down the road.

Chamberlain and Trump birds of a feather.

Now comes the best of the best.

The Guardian reported yesterday that Jared Kushner is part of a firm that has taken in $90 million since 2017. The monies coming from unnamed foreign entities.

Goldman Sachs and the Cayman Islands involved.

Kushner prior to Trump becoming President owned more than a 25 percent share in the operation. When his father in law became President, he disposed of a part leaving less than 25 percent in his name. He did this when he went to work in the White House.

It was reported Kushner failed to report his involvement in an early disclosure form.

The Guardian further reported the investments made were legal. However the source of the cash involved “murky.”

Enjoy your day!




A Morning Stew day it is! A lot to cover this morning.

Terri White has God on her side. At this very moment Donna is taking her home from the hospital. Yesterday, it was discovered she had a 99 percent blockage in one of her blood vessels. A stent was placed. Shortly, she will enjoy her home once again.

The Key West Citizen in its Today in History section is doing a daily William Hackley. Notes from his 1831 diary.

Today mentions that the night before he was visiting a friend, Major Glassel’s home. They took tea and played whist under a large mosquito bar in the house’s chamber.

I was not sure what a “mosquito bar” was. Looked it up. I should have known. It is a wooden frame covered with netting to keep out mosquitoes. As described elsewhere, it was/is the human defense against blood thirsty mosquitoes.

Note that 1831 was well before the introduction of screens for windows and doors.

The Truman Amphitheater is reflecting success. Shows scheduled. People attending.

Sunday, Slightly Stoopid James appeared with his group. A blues, funk and reggae styled band.

Four thousand watched and whooped it up. Mostly younger/millennials. Their music.

I have yet to see a show. I must attend one. One consistent with my music from another day.

One of my favorite Key West people is Christine Cordone. She and her husband Larry Smith friends for 25 years.

Christine is triple talented. She sings. Alone and with Larry. A star on the Key West scene.

She paints. An artist. Watercolors. Began around 10 years ago. A gallery was impressed and began featuring her work. Her first showing a sell out the first night. Her work continues to be in demand.

A school teacher. Thirty years. The last 22 as a kindergarten teacher. One time Teacher of the Year. She is now retired.

On saturday June 15 at 8 in the evening, the Little Room Jazz Club will sponsor a show recognizing Christine’s 30 year career in the 3 areas. Christine will sing and talk her way through the 30 years. Larry and a number of Key West musicians will back her up.

Christine is the perfect Renaissance Woman. A lifetime of work. Three different careers.

Go to her show! It will be over the top! Christine is the best!

Trump is out of his mind. He lacks respect for everyone. Even those equal in stature to him. I refer to China’s President Xi.

The China/U.S. tariff war is ongoing. Appears it will get worse before better. Could continue multiple years.

There is a G-20 meeting later this month in Osaka, Japan. Trump announced that if Xi fails to attend, he (Trump) will add additional tariffs on China. The tariffs will go into effect immediately. There is $300 billion not yet tariffed by the U.S.

Trump has once again thrown the gauntlet down to China. I do not understand how the leader of one great nation can threaten/insult the leader of another great nation.

China is considered the #2 power in the world. Economically and militarily. I suspect it could have moved into #1 spot. The U.S. now #2.

Trump is pissing on Xi and China. You do not do that to another power. In fact, it should not be done to anyone.

China has moved ahead of the U.S. the past 7 years. While we were fighting wars we should not have been and expending military monies on those wars, China was building its military forces. Its naval war vessels mostly new. Its missile and radar works perhaps developmentally ahead of our own. China has built islands with airports thereon in the China Sea where not even islands existed before.

China has gotten ready over the years for whatever might occur.

Trump is spending military budgets of $700 billion and $760 billion the past 2 years in an attempt to catch up.

Russia stands with China.

If there were a war, I don’t know how many countries would stand with the U.S. Trump has alienated our “real” friends in less than 2 years.

The amusing part of this mess is that Trump says he has a “great relationship” with Xi. If so, why the tariff war?

Last week, Mexico City announced it was decriminalizing sex work. A nice way of saying prostitution.

New York State may be doing the same thing.

A bill was introduced yesterday in the New York State Legislature to make it legal to engage in the consensual sale of sex. The bill also vacates prior convictions for sex work.

A coalition has formed to push the decriminalization bill. The group is called Decrim NY. The women involved take the position that sex work is work. It pays more than a normal job for most and helps them and their families subsist.

Prostitution is no big deal in New York at the present time. It is only a misdemeanor punishable by up to 3 months in jail and a fine up to $500.

The Johns are also susceptible presently in New York. Men soliciting sex can be arrested and face prison and fines also. The bill would eliminate the charge.

America is experiencing an oil boom. It will continue to do so for many yeas to come. At the same time, OPEC is in retreat. Going downhill. OPEC hit a 5 year low in May.

I continue to be happy when OPEC suffers. Saudi Arabia the moving force in OPEC. The Saudis are our friends. They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline and many believe were behind 9/11.

One of the blogs I read frequently is the Justice Building Blog. Yesterday’s was titled Appeasement. I share with you certain portions. They are self=explanatory.

Pre-World War II, countries capitulated to Hitler’s demands The result, World War II.

“The lesson from pre-World War II Germany is that bullies will go as far as the nations around them allow them to go.  Dictators will manufacture a crisis, and then seek to resolve it, earning the praise of their citizens.”

“President Trump declares an “emergency” at the U.S./Mexican border. Claiming there is a crisis, Trump threatens ruin upon the Mexican economy, threatening to raise tariffs 5 percent a month on Mexican products unless Mexico capitulates to Trump’s demands. Friday, the Mexican President appeased Trump, acquiescing to his demands.”

“The thing about history is that you never know where a dictator who manufactures a crisis will pop up. Even tragically, as President of the United States.”

“What we do now will be judged as harshly by history, as history now judges Chamberlain and other European leaders in 1938-1939.”

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. Join me. Listen to my sincere expressions about everything I believe is being screwed up in the world. You may not agree. However, I guarantee you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!



On sunday morning while asleep, Terri White had a heart attack. At the moment, she is in the Key West hospital undergoing a heart catheterization. If there is a blockage, a stent will be placed.

I spoke with her earlier this morning, she sounded well. As if nothing had happened.

The lady is a trouper. Five years ago, she had her first heart attack. Then some very bad cancer which she survived. Two weeks ago, she was told she was in remission. Two years ago, she began going blind. Today, totally blind.

Terri deals with affliction..

Wife Donna was in the hospital 2 weeks ago. Pneumonia.

The girls are doing well!

Bad things happen in bunches. Even their car is sick. Donna went out to the parking lot to drive home to get something and found her car would not turn over. She had it towed to a garage this morning.

Later this morning, I am going to the hospital and leave my car with Donna.

We are constantly barraged these days with…..Plastics are no good! Not biodegradable. Screwing everything up. Super markets considering going back to paper bags. Plastic straws being replaced by paper ones. Etc.

A cure/use for plastic may have been found.

Washington State University completed a study which revealed jet fuel and diesel can be made from plastic bags and water bottles. The study involved melting plastic waste at a high temperature with activated charcoal. The result: jet fuel.

Robots continue to take over. Even to replacing police dogs.

Boston Dynamics has invented a robotic dog. Does everything, including opening doors. The robotic dog is called Spot.

Spot was introduced this past week to the public at a conference in Las Vegas.

Boston Dynamics is doing some final tweaking and expects to have Spot ready for sale in a few months.

Sexual perversity among the religious first became public about 45 years ago.

It continues.

Two stories.

The first involves an Elizabeth Presbytery priest in New Jersey. Adult men involved, not children.

The priest convinced adult men that something evil was within them. They required an exorcism. Such would allow him to remove the evil spirits from their bodies.

A significant number of men over the years subjected themselves to the exorcism. He had them completely undress. Then he performed oral sex upon them. He ingested the ejaculation which he then spit into a bag. Following the ejaculation into the bag came a tiny metal ball which he said represented the evil within the men.

Additionally, he felt it necessary to place his tongue in their mouths to determine if any evil spirits were hiding therein.

Over the years, many men submitted themselves to the procedures described.

It is claimed none of this became public to his church till April 2018. At the time, the Elizabeth Ministry began an investigation. The investigation is complete. All complaints were found to be credible.

Three complaints going back to 1999 have been reported to the police.

The pastor involved is no longer involved with ministering. All else remains in abeyance at this time.

One observation. The men involved/abused had to be wacky to a degree to submit themselves to such a situation. They were adults, not children.

The other story involves a Catholic priest in St. Louis who pled guilty this past week to  molesting 2 young boys between 1991 and 1994. The actual number of molestations involved 30 children over a period of 25 years.

The priest would dress the children like baby Jesus before molesting them. The parents and children thought nothing of it at the time. He told the parents the children would be participating in a religious pageant.

The priest began the molestations in the 1980’s. He was not caught till recently.

There is a wrong and sadness involved here. Beyond the molestations themselves. Apparently his superiors became aware. Rather than report him to the authorities, his actions were covered up.He was transferred 3 times to 3 different states to continue his work as a priest.

Benjamin Franklin a man of many deeds. One of the first things taught children in their early school years concerns Franklin and electricity. Franklin went out in a rainstorm and collected the charge in a Leydan jar. Such enabled him to demonstrate the connection between lightning and electricity.

The event occurred on this day in 1752.

On this day in 2007, the last episode of The Sopranos was aired. The show should be brought back. Many want to know what happened to the family in the diner.

A prayer for Terri.

Enjoy your day!



Key West Pride Week is coming to an end. Today and tomorrow remain. Perhaps the best of days. Today, the Key West Pride Street Fair. Tomorrow, the Key West Parade.

Both fun times.

Key West’s first Pride Parade took place in 1982. The parade was cancelled 2 days before. Many people at the time still uncomfortable with gayness. Those who cancelled the Parade said it was not necessary. Key West was accepting of gays.

If so, why did they cancel it?

A small group of gays disagreed. Without the City’s permission or a parade permit, they went ahead.

Twenty participated. Small. However, big trees from little acorns grow. It was the beginning of Key West Pride!

Still taking it slow. Only went to dinner last night. Drove up the road to Geiger Key. Enjoyed a piece of fish. Absorbed by the view and other customers.

A relaxing place to dine.

Neither booze nor cigarettes for me. A good boy was I!

The moon is a part of Mars. Donald Trump told the world it was so yesterday.

My education obviously neglected. I never knew.

We have been told an agreement has been reached with Mexico. We should be ashamed. Trump should be ashamed. It was shoved down their throats!

What choice did Mexico have? Go to war? Militarily, not a choice. A comment this morning to one of the articles compared Mexico to the U.S. militarily as an ant attacking a human.

Typical Trump approach. The bully approach. A big guy picking on a little one.

The agreement is not finalized. The tariff suspended for 90 days. Trump can do whatever he wants during the 90 days or at its end. He is holding a hammer over Mexico’s head.

You don’t treat a neighbor like that.

Mexico has agreed to send 6,000 National Guard troops to Mexico’s southern border to stop immigrants at that point. Humorous!

I am not certain Mexico is in a position to deliver the 6,000 National Guard troops.

On December 1, 2019, the newly elected President of Mexico in his inaugural address to his Congress asked that the Congress reactivate the National Guard. They did so in February. In name only. Still had to staff it, provide regulations, fund, etc.

Mexico has taken some troops from its Army and Navy to begin the process. Congress authorized 60,000 troops. Those taken from the other services obviously not sufficient. The Guard is nowhere near formalized at this point.

My impression is Mexico was pushed into agreeing to many Trump inspired items in order to avoid the tariff that was to take effect monday.

What happens in 90 days?

No blog tomorrow. I have a 9 am ultrasound scheduled of my abdomen. Precautionary, my doctor says.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I went to schedule the ultrasound tuesday. Sunday the first time they could take me. A shortage of ultra sound machinery or a shortage of technicians? Whatever, a long time to wait.

Enjoy your day!


I’m in the mood for a Morning Stew. Here is #12. Topics as they appear in my notes without any specific order.

Tariff war with Mexico? We still do not know. I suspect Trump’s I want to show the world how tough I am will prevail. He will force at least the first 5 percent tariff to be imposed monday.

What consistently bothers me re the southern border problem is Trump created it. True, the U.S. has had border problems for years. But we dealt with them. Trump permitted the problem to get out of hand so he could get his wall.

The migrant problem has reached previously unimaginable proportions since Trump got involved. An added expense. He has to save somewhere. He has come up with another plan that will hurt big time the migrant children.

Undocumented migrant children are living in shelters across the U.S. The government number of children is 13,000. I do not believe it. Significantly more.

I recently read somewhere that the May numbers alone are 57,000. The numbers represent those traveling alone, without parents.

Trump has advised that education services, legal services, and recreation will no longer be provided. Too expensive. The program is running dangerously low on money.

Joe Phillips stopped by yesterday. He is repair man #1. I had a hose problem. He purchased the parts and remedied the problem quickly.

I was tired in the afternoon. Took a 2 hour nap.

Last night, the Blue Macaw. Needed to get out. Still not in a hurry to do so.

Enjoyed a drink (diet Pepsi) and chatted with tourists.

The Blue Macaw has been sold. The new owners are doing a bit of remodeling. I noticed a new bar top.

Pope Francis has to be a man of strength. God has to be holding him up. He is in the middle of 2 warring factions in the Vatican. Homosexual cardinals who hide their homosexuality and homosexual cardinals who openly admit to it.

Francis was the compromise choice when elected. He was straight.

Francis’ goal is to reform the interior life of the Church. He is having a difficult time!

The first major sea battle of World War II was Midway. It may have been the biggest of the War. It was the most important.

The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor 6 months earlier. The U.S. was not prepared for War. The U.S. was taking a hell of a beating in the Pacific.

The Battle of Midway was a 4 day sea and air battle. The Battle ended on this day in 1942. The U.S. the unquestionable victor. Sunk 4 Japanese carriers as opposed to their sinking only 1 of the U.S. The U.S. won the air battles also. Significantly more Japanese than U.S. planes shot down.

The U.S. win proved the Japanese navy was not invincible.

Interesting. AXIOS is advertising a show it is sponsoring on HBO at 6 sunday evening. It will provide an exclusive tour of Steve Bannon’s new populism school located in an Italian monastery.

I saw the advertisement this morning on the internet.

Bannon’s Italian school is not going to open. At least not at the monastery.

It was reported last week that the monastery owners had called off the contract. The rent had to be guaranteed. Bannon provided a letter from a Norwegian bank guaranteeing the rental payments. Like $110,000 per month. Turns out the letter of guaranty was a fraud. It was signed by someone who had not worked at the bank for years.

Recall Bannon is growing in influence at the Vatican. He sides with the conservative Cardinals. He wants them to overthrow Francis and replace him with a conservative leader. Failing, he threatens to build another Vatican outside the walls of the present one and staff it with conservatives.

All is well that ends well.

The Key West Express is a boat that travels between Fort Myers and Key West. The crew and passengers had an exciting time recently.

A mayday call had gone out. The power boat Ohana was burning 24 miles off Marco Island. The Key West Express was only 10-15 minutes away. It effected the rescue.

When it arrived, the boat was engulfed in flames. The 2 owners were in a dingy holding their 2 dogs.

As they climbed onto the Express, the passengers cheered them.

Today is National Donut Day. A free donut at the following stores: DuckDonuts, Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. There are more though I am not sure who they are.

Krispy Kreme’s goal is to give away free 1 million donuts today. If successful, they promise to do it again later in the month.

Rachel Palms is a 47 year old woman whose story is both bad and good.

She had been having terrible headaches, hallucinations, all kinds of mental problems.

She was diagnosed as having brain cancer.

She underwent brain surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. No brain cancer, no tumor. Instead the doctors found a tapeworm. It was small and encapsulated in an egg shell.

Rachel is thrilled that it was not brain cancer. She will not be required to go through chemo, radiation, and whatever she would have had to do had it been cancer. On the other hand, a tapeworm?

A measles update. The number of U.S. cases exceeds 1,000 and growing. An epidemic. The Philippines has 33,000. All because some parents did not want their children vaccinated or a vaccine was not available in the country where the child lived.

I close with a problem I am well familiar. Oder Americans falling down. Brain injuries and hip fractures common.

I was required to do 6 months physiotherapy some 8 years ago because of the frequency of my falls. I had to learn how to walk and do steps again. I still occasionally fall. However, much less.

Doctors believe the problem exists because older people live longer, live longer independently, and many live longer with chronic conditions.

Enjoy your day!