Yesterday another I remained in, except for visiting my primary care doctor. I am now his headache. Dr. McIvor found nothing wrong with my heart.

More blood work. Another test today.

I sometimes question the accuracy of my scale. Told me as of yesterday, I lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Doctor’s scale and his notes said the same thing.

The weight loss a false benefit.

Udders obviously have to do with cows. Came across a couple of interesting for real stories involving cows.

A Dutch veterinarian was trying to demonstrate to a farmer that his cows were passing too much gas. To make his point, he used a cigarette lighter to set fire to one of the cow’s farts.

The cow became a “four legged flamethrower.”

The cow ran around frantically setting fire to the hay bales in the barn. Fire spread. Barn burned down.

Damage $80,000.

No damage to the cow.

Another story involves kissing cows.

Last wednesday in Australia, authorities told the people to stop kissing cows. Even where tongues not used. Dangerous to the animals and humans for a number of reasons.

The cow kissing began as part of a charitable fundraiser. Labeled the “Cow Kiss Challenge.” Run simultaneously in Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Remember Bum Farto? The Key West Fire Chief who was convicted in a drug case in 1976. The day he left home for Court to be sentenced, he disappeared. His car pulled out of his driveway. Something occurred in the street. Farto and the car no where to be seen.

A Jimmy Hoffa type thing.

To this day, the question arises: “Bum Farto, where are you?”

Why Bum Farto today? On this day in 1986, Bum Farto was declared legally dead. Many locals think he is not dead. Rather lying on a beach somewhere enjoying his ladies and drink.

Norberg Thomson one smart man.

Key West’s cigar industry was booming in the early 1900’s. Norberg saw an opportunity to enrich himself by participating. However instead of manufacturing cigars, he built a huge factory on Caroline Street to make cigar boxes The business locally competition free.

The construction of the building began this day in 1911.

Deutsche Bank in the news frequently these days. Trump and family did much business with the German bank. They partnered at a time when Trump could not find financing sources elsewhere because of the Atlantic City casino debacle where Trump’s corporations filed bankruptcy. The banks involved took huge losses and banks in general thereafter would not do business with him.

Deutsche and Trump are birds of a feather. Found each other to do business with. Both losers.

Deutsche has been in a death spiral since 2007. Deutsche’s stock dropped 39 percent the past 12 months. Sixty percent since January 2018.

Character. Some have it, some don’t. Hard to tell till a time arrives where character is called for.

Character constitutes the moral values of an individual. A thing that calls upon a person to do the right thing at the right time.

Don McGahn had his opportunity today to reflect his character. He failed.

He was subpoenaed to appear before a Congressional Committee. His attorneys advised yesterday he would not. Citing several reasons that in actuality carry no legal weight when applied to McGahn and the facts surrounding him and his testimony.

McGahn capitulated. He abided with Trump’s directive not to testify.

Trump has failed to bring jobs back from Europe. Only a minimal amount have returned.

Ford announced yesterday that it is eliminating 7,000 jobs globally. Ford’s North America plants will lose 2,300 of the jobs. The eliminated jobs will come from mid management.

In the U.S., 1,500 have already been let go. Five hundred more expected to be separated this week. The balance by September.

A federal judge ruled that Trump’s accountants Mazars USA must release Trump’s accounting records.

The judge Amit P. Mehta.

His 41 page decision reflected clearly his thinking. Best the following paragraph: “It is simply not fathomable that a Constitution that grants Congress the power to remove a President for reasons including criminal behavior would deny Congress the power to investigate him for unlawful conduct – past or present – even without formally opening an impeachment inquiry.”

Trump says he will appeal.

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared on a FOX News Town Hall. His presentation a success. Over the top. At the end of the Town Hall, the audience stood and applauded.

Mayor Pete would make an excellent candidate for President, except for one problem. The blacks do not support him. His being gay the problem.

The Democratic candidate cannot win without black support.

Can Buttigieg get the support?

A measles update.

Number of cases in the U.S. 880. Most of the new cases in New York City.

This year thus far has been the worst year for measles since the Centers for Disease Control declared in 2000 that measles had been eliminated in the U.S.

My podcast tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. So much to talk about.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy. I rant and rave about much that is going on around us. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


Letter writing is a lost art. A vintage skill.

The digital age has taken over. Quicker, etc.

I enjoyed handwriting letters. Condolences, congratulations, a friendly note. Did so with some frequency till about 5 years ago. As my days became full with writing, etc. using a computer, time became precious. I now hand write probably 2 letters a year.

I still have engraved stationary, cards and envelopes with my name imprinted on each.  Since the number of written messages has been drastically reduced, I doubt I shall never use them all.

Still under the weather. Remained in all day yesterday. Tired. Laid around.

I see my primary care physician this afternoon. My heart doctor thinks I have a virus. Whatever, primary care physician’s problem to identify and correct.

There is a benefit to illness. A mild one. I have lost 9 pounds in 10 days. Other than that, being sick is sick!

Watched the PGA from my bed yesterday. The last 9 holes exciting. Brooks Koepka the ultimate winner went into the last day with a 7 hole lead. In the middle of the back 9, it dropped to 1. Dustin Johnson had moved up dramatically.

In the end, Koepka won by 2 strokes.

I thought the golf course was a terrible one to play a major tournament on. Bethpage Black. Difficult for every player.

Two problems from my perspective. The second rough was 3 1/2 inches. Too deep. The quality of the player lost. If one got out with a decent shot, it was luck.

The second was the greens. The greens have small subtle swings. Slight. Difficult to see. More short putts were missed by all. Even the 2 leaders.

The quality of a player is not represented by those playing on such a course. Luck enters into it big time. A professional tournament should give the players the opportunity to use their skills without the necessity of having to play against the 2 problems mentioned.

Blue jeans! A million dollar market!

Not new. Been around almost 150 years.

On this day in 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were given a patent to create work pants reinforced with metal rivets.

Millennials. Their time.

A significant problem faces them, however. Money. Especially for those near middle age.

Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal that such millennials are “in worse financial shape than every preceding living generation and may never recover.”

They wrote, “Americans born between 1981 and 1996 have failed to match every other generation of young adults born since the Great Depression…..They have less wealth, less property, lower marriage rates and fewer children.”

The cause is the financial crisis and recession that started as they began their working lives.

We are told the U.S. is experiencing “the greatest economy ever.” If such is the case, why are 40 percent of Americans struggling to afford housing, utilities, food and health care?

John Deere is one of America’s oldest and most successful manufacturers of tractors and other farm equipment. John Deere announced this week it was slashing production.

The midwest is Deere’s strongest sales area. Midwest farmers are struggling big time as a result of the Chinese tariff war. The demand for new tractors is down. Deere expects demands to sink even more. Farmers are making do with their old Deere equipment.

Trump says he want to talk with Iran. After so speaking last week several times, Trump tweeted Iran would meet its “official end” if it fights the U.S. He also advised Iran “never to threaten the U.S. again.”

The man speaks with a forked tongue. He invites armed conflict. Some day it will happen. To the detriment of the U.S. as well as whoever the opponent might be.

Republican Congressman Justin Amish announced this past week that the “President engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Trump retaliated by calling Amish a “loser.” Trump calls everyone who opposes him a loser.

History will record Trump as the biggest loser of all time.

I close with Mahatma Gandhi. From his many words of wisdom…..In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Enjoy your day!



Coups are in the air. The failed Venezuela one the most recent.

There are references to coups. Donald Trump at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin described the Russian investigation as an attempted coup.

One definition of a coup is the sudden violent overthrow of an existing government by a small group. Chief prerequisite is control of all or a part of the military and police.

Another definition refers to a coup as an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a dictator, the military, or a political faction.

A coup is known by several names. A coup d’etat, putsch, and golpe.

Two historical coups come to  mind. The Beer Hall Putsch and the March On Rome. Both led by authoritative figures.

The Beer Hall Putsch was led by Adolph Hitler. On November 8-9, 1923. The Nazi Party under leader Adolph Hitler failed to seize power. Hitler sentenced to jail for his participation.

Ten years later, Hitler was involved in another coup. This one peaceful. Hitler was growing in power in Germany. Demonstrations were occurring. Hitler encouraging them. The politicians unable to control what was happening.

Victor Emanuel III capitulated. He appointed Hitler Prime Minister.

Hitler came to power in what is described as a peaceful coup. He was voluntarily handed the reins of government. The date January 30, 1933.

From day one, Joseph Goebbels worked hand in hand with Hitler. A fierce supporter. He was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda from 1933-1945.

Skilled in public speaking, he was a virulent anti-Semitic. He strongly supported the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust.

The world’s vision of him was a thin unsmiling man who combed his hair straight back.

He died in the bunker one day after Hitler died by poisoning his 6 children, killing his wife, and then himself.

Benito Mussolini came to power as a result of the March on Rome in October 1922. Mussolini’s Fascist Party marched on Rome beginning on October 22. By October 29, the coup was accomplished. King Emanuel appointed Mussolini Prime Minister, thereby transferring political power to the Fascists without serious armed conflict.

Mussolini had a son in law. Galeazzo Ciano. Married Mussolini’s daughter Edna in 1930.

Ciano distinguished himself in 1936 in the war against Ethiopia. He was a bomber pilot.

Ciano was recognized as Mussolini’s right hand man and likely successor.

He was appointed head of the Foreign Ministry. A few years later, Mussolini removed him and took over the foreign ministry duties himself. Ciano was removed because of his anti-war attitude. The removal took place during the World War itself.

Stepping back a few years, Mussolini hated Hitler. Ciano did not. He pushed for an Italian alliance with Germany.

After France fell, Ciano convinced Mussolini to have Italy join Hitler in the war. Italy thereafter negatively distinguished itself by being defeated in Greece and North Africa.

Ciano’s thinking changed with the defeats. He wanted Mussolini to make a peace agreement with the Allies. Mussolini did not agree and fired him.

Ciano joined with other member of the government in an attempt to remove Mussolini from power. The coup failed.

Mussolini considered Ciano’s actions a betrayal. Ciano was forced to flee for his life. He went to northern Italy where he was captured by pro-fascist forces.

Mussolini had Ciano charged with treason. Ciano was executed in January 1944 on father in law Mussolini’s direct orders. Mussolini ordered the execution under pressure from Hitler.

History repeats itself.

Hitler had Goebbels, Trump has Stephen Miller. Miller is a Senior advisor to Trump for Policy.

Goebbel’s Jews are Miller’s immigrants. Miller is a hardliner regarding immigrants. He has been chief architect of Trump’s travel ban, the administration’s reduction of refugees accepted into the U.S., and the policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

Miller also has a tendency to lie. He has made false and unsubstantiated claims regarding widespread electoral fraud.

Trump has his son in law Jared Kushner in the White House. Mussolini had his son in law Ciano in his administration. Ciano worked very closely with his father in law, as does Kushner with his.

Could a coup occur in the U.S.? Possibly so.

Assume Trump loses the election in 2020. Especially if he loses in a close race. He might refuse to leave the White House because the election was rigged from his perspective. A man who fails to recognize the Constitution in other respects might take the position he is still President. His record to date does not make such a consideration improbable.

Enjoy your Sunday!






Trump is one tough guy. If you are not with him, you are against him. Punishment in order. He has an I’ll teach you attitude.

The border problem is frustrating the hell out of him. Still working at getting the wall. Which will not be the cure all he believes.

The overflow at the borer is of his making. Migration from the south has been a U.S. problem for years. Most Presidents took steps to contain it. Trump thought he could solve it.

His efforts a dismal failure! U.S. border problems more serious than ever before.

Thousands clogging the southwestern entrances to the U.S. Trump has come up with a band aid solution. As with taking children from parents, it will backfire and have similar adverse consequences.

The President is vindictive. He must get even with those who do not support him.

Florida went with Trump in the 2016 election. He needs Florida to win again in 2020. Two Florida counties are Democratic strongholds. Palm Beach and Broward.

Note there are no sanctuary cities in Florida.

The President advised yesterday he is seriously considering  dumping some detained migrants in both counties. Deliver them. Drop them off. Leave. No pre-planning. No food, lodging or other necessary resources.

In Trump’s mind, that will be punishing those who did not support him.

Mara-a-Lago is in Palm Beach County. Why “punish” Palm Beach County? Did the County raise taxes on Mar-a-Lago? Maybe his neighbors dislike him and he doesn’t care.

Whatever, the plan a terrible one. The migrants and both Counties will be hurt.

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Trump forgets.

Eugene Robinson is a respected Washington Post columnist. Pulitzer Prize winner.

He and his wife repeat visitors to Key West. For a month early in the year.

While here, his wife paints. Spends time at the Studios of Key West. Robinson reads, wanders about town, and gives a lecture or two. I attended one earlier this year. The man speaks as well as he writes.

In a recent article, Robinson wrote there are many words to describe the Trump administration. One of the simplest is “dumb.”

An apt description.

Visited Dr. McIvor yesterday. My heart is good. Blood work and other tests fine. Not the cause of my tiredness.

It is back to my primary Doctor Norris monday. With the heart eliminated, now his problem.

In the meantime, my ass is dragging. It is only 9 in the morning and I am totally exhausted. Taking me longer to write than normal. Like digging ditches.

Showered, shaved and got out last night. Needed to get out no matter what. Can only spend so much time indoors.

I was tired when I left. Full of piss and vinegar when I returned. Amazing!

Stopped at the Chart Room before going to the movies. Did not drink. Can’t stand the taste of gin.

Chatted with my farmer friend from Illinois, Devin. He got his corn planted. Soy beans also. He has corn and soybeans stored on his farm from last year waiting for the China situation to be resolved. He hopes it will be before harvest time for the recent plantings. He is working on the come. No money till he sells what he grows.

Went to the movies! The new Regal.

First, the new theater. I liked it. The seats are terrific. You sit and the back reclines based on your weight. I went back about 6 inches. Comfortable. More leg room than is needed. I am tall. Leg room important.

The movie. Funny! Not heavy at all. Easy to watch and relaxing. The Long Shot. Starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen. I recommend it.

Trip Adviser reported the following. Though Key West is the top summer travel destination, Miami will save you money.

I have always suspected the same. I fear Key West at some point will lose the chicken that lays the golden egg.

Anniversary time. The USS Vanderbilt was flooded in Key West waters 10 years ago this month. Specifically, May 27.

A new reef created. Diving the big sport. Also utilized to hang underwater art, acts as a laboratory, and military training facility.

A new Key West museum. Sail to Rails. Sponsored by Historic Tours of America. Located at the Flagler Station, 901 Caroline Street.

This is PGA Week. The PGA. A major in the golf world.

Tiger Woods failed to make the cut. Played poorly. Surprising since he won the Masters 4 weeks ago.

Turns out Tiger intentionally did not play in those for weeks. Not at all, except 9 holes a few days before the PGA.

Everything was off.

I suspect Tiger may have been testing himself. To see how much he has really come back. The result no indication. Every golfer knows in order to maintain sharpness on the course you have to play and practice. Daily if you are a pro.

Enjoy your day!


Small though Key West may be, it provides many of the pleasures of a big city such as New York. Excellent theater, terrific restaurants, night life fun, historical places to visit, etc, etc., etc.

One difference, however. Key West persons are more friendly than New Yorkers. No disrespect. Just the way it is.

Another item of similarity are storefronts. Empty storefronts becoming more common. New Yorkers describe it as a brick and mortar meltdown.

It appears there are more empty stores on Duval than in recent years. High rents a contributing factor.

Manhattan is overloaded with vacant stores. Its prime retail area 57th to 72nd Street. More vacant stores this past year by 25 percent than the previous year.

What does this tell us? I am not sure. It could be the economy is not as good as we are being told.

Whatever, Key West is shoulder to shoulder with the Big Apple.

My day yesterday can only be described as lousy. Can’t stop being tired. Exhausted a better description. I should know more later today. Visit my heart doctor. One more test. Following which I sit with him and hopefully find out the cause.

I had prepared for the radio show with Laurie. Called her at 3 to advise I could not make it. Tired like you would not believe.

At 6, I was rejuvenated. The tiredness comes and goes. Swiftly both ways. I went out.

Chart Room first. Not enjoying booze at the moment. So I did not drink.

Jean Thornton has returned and I was happy to see her. One of the best people in the world!

Sheila and David at the bar also. Chatted with David a bit.

I have not been eating. Lost 7 pounds in 10 days. Decided to try eating.

Mary came by and we had diner together at Pier 1. Felt terrific after I ate.

Anyhow, may today be a good day information wise.

On the way home, I drove by the new sushi restaurant at Duval and Truman. Looked beautiful through the window. It sits where the former Denny’s was for years.

Construction of the Duval Pocket Park at the Atlantic end of Duval to start July 1. Will be a dining mall of sorts.

Great location. Should be a winner.

Devin a Key West friend. He is a farmer. He and his brother operate a farm in northwestern Illinois.

I know Devin from the Chart Room. He owns a home in Key West also.

I have previously spoken of him. He is getting killed financially! Soybeans his big product. Followed by corn and wheat.

Trump was his hero. No more. They can’t sell last year’s yield. They can’t plant this year even if they wanted too. The excessive rains have affected corn first. The seeding time has passed. More heavy rain expected.

Soybeans cannot be sold because of the China tariff war.

Two years ago, Illinois corn grown and sold was at 80 percent. This past year, down to 11 percent. Soybeans were 56 percent. Down to 4 percent.

We all will be affected by the farm problems. Demand will continue. There will be insufficient items available. Prices will go up. The law of supply and demand.

Same sex marriage. Few give it any thought these days. It was not so many years ago that same sex marriages were a no no.

Today is the anniversary of the first same sex marriage. The State Massachusetts. Two ladies married in 2004.

In 2015, it became legal in all 50 states.

Enjoy your day!



When will men stop beating up on women? Especially older white men.

The world has changed in the last 50 years. Women are men’s equal. Legally and otherwise. They even can vote!

The new Alabama abortion law is a disgrace. The wives, girl friends, or maybe boy friends, of the 12 men who voted in favor of the abortion bill should be cut off from bedroom privileges. For life!  The same period of time a woman or doctor who breaks the new law would be required to spend in jail.

Bothering me further is that the Governor of Alabama is a woman. Kay Ivey. She should know better.

Even ultra conservative anti- abortion Pat Roberts said, “I think Alabama has gone too far.”

The Alabama vote, Donald Trump shenanigans…..All make me feel like the U.S. is on a down hill slide. Rapidly and big time!

Yesterday was overall a pleasant day.

Started the morning with a heart test. I have another friday and then a sit down with Dr. McIvor to see if my heart is making me feel as I am. Next week, I meet with my primary care physician Dr. Norris to check out what his test results revealed.

I will probably be told nothing is wrong. Then, why do I feel like shit!

Then to Books & Books. Robert’s birthday. He’s into tennis big time. I decided to get him a book about tennis. Spent almost an hour picking one out. Various stories relating to tennis players, etc.

Hungry. No breakfast. To Harpoon Harry’s. Ate a huge breakfast. I have not been eating. Lost 7 pounds.

Robert’s birthday dinner last night. Ate good again.

Typical family party. Everyone joyful. Corey’s folks, Cameron and his girl friend, there also.

The chocolate cake with white frosting that Lisa baked absolutely delicious.

Robert was pleased with the book. Tennis is his life at the moment.

Discovered Robert has a girl friend. His first. Since December. Normal. Good for him.

The thing that excited Robert the most is that he can now get a learner’s permit as step one to getting a driver’s license.

Home directly from Lisa’s. Too tired to go out.

Tonight, I will be out. The radio show I do with Laurie from 4-5:30. Then to the Chart Room. I have not been drinking. Going to try one tonight.

I had mentioned to Mary the other night that my cleaning lady of 17 years had moved on. She also washed and did whatever ironing was necessary.

Mary showed up. She came to wash and iron.

Good girl! I was not even embarrassed.

She washed and dried 2 loads of clothes and ironed 12 shirts. Fortunate. I was down to my last clean shirt.

I am indebted.

The measles thing is getting out of hand. The numbers increase. Not only in the U.S. World wide. Bringing with the affliction other problems.

Anyone not vaccinated is at fault. Parents who failed to inoculate children at fault.

The orthodox Jewish population taking a hit. They apparently do not believe in vaccinations. Two geographic areas involved. Brooklyn and Rockland County, both in New York. The very orthodox live together in both areas. Measles rampant in both areas.

The group obviously anti-vaccine. Vocal about it.

A meeting was held this past week attended by hundreds. The Jews involved extremely agitated.

They view forcing vaccinations, etc. upon them as anti-Semitic. A 77 year old rabbi who survived the Holocaust was very vocal. Claimed Jews were being persecuted. He heard of a man on the streets of New York who was arrested for sneezing.

He was down on Mayor deBlasio. Referred to him as a “sneaky fellow” and a “closet German.”

I am distressed as a lawyer about a Harvard Law School incident.

Until this week, Ron Sullivan was Dean of the Law School. A respected attorney.

He has been representing Harvey Weinstein.

The students did not approve. Went crazy. “How could you defend such a person?” Several protests. The cry continued…..”How could you represent such a despicable character?”

Dean Sullivan has resigned.

A shame!

Harvard law students not understanding basic precepts of the law. Like a person is presumed innocent, everyone is entitled to a defense.

I would not want any of these soon to be lawyers representing me in any type litigation. They clearly do not understand the function of an attorney.

Washington attorney Edward Bennett Williams was the country’s foremost lawyer in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. A huge law firm. Represented major corporations and national criminal figures. Like Jimmy Hoffa.

His philosophy as to who to represent was simple: Does a doctor turn someone away because the person is too sick? Does a priest turn a person away because he is too much a sinner? A lawyer should not turn some one away because the person may be too much a criminal.

Makes sense.

These Harvard students don’t understand and never will. It is one of those things in your heart that makes you want to become a lawyer.

Enjoy your day!




Grandson Robert is 15 today. Congratulations, Robert! Love you dearly!

We are doing Happy Birthday! Tonight at 6 at Lisa’s.

I mentioned the other day that Robert was born with a serious problem. Cancer of the liver. Two major operations in the first 8 days of his life.

When we were going though those excruciating days, none of us conceived or thought what Robert might become. Survival was all that was in our minds.

Today, a young man. Charming. Personable. Respectful. Excellent student. And all of a sudden, an outstanding tennis player.

God is good.

A visitor from Cuba is in town. Cuban Ambassador Jose Cabanas is visiting for a week. His wife Edilia joining him.

A business trip. To celebrate the long standing strong relationship between Cuba and Key West. Perhaps more importantly, to learn from and about the Keys’ tourism industry.

The last significant. The answer simple. Spend a ton of money advertising all over the world! The tourists will come. Traffic will be horrendous. Hotel and real estate prices off the wall. All indications of a successful tourism program.

Simonton Street in Key West. A significant thoroughfare.

On this day in 1854, the first owner of the island of Key West died. His name, John Simonton.

Announced late yesterday. Reported by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Federal representatives revealed to him that 2 Florida counties had been hacked by the Russians. In order to get the information, DeSantis had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

A non-disclosure agreement?

What is the government hiding? What happened to transparency? Is this Trump continuing to not publicly acknowledge the hacking during the 2016 Presidential campaign?

The public has a right to know.

The U.S./China tariff war will have repercussions in every area. One is the money that China invests in the U.S. every month by the purchase of U.S. Treasury Bonds.

China is the U.S.’ bank. The U.S. gets “loans” via the purchases.

As a result, China is the second largest creditor of the U.S. The first is Social Security that the federal government has been raping for yeas with no intent of ever paying back.

The U.S. presently owes China $1.1 trillion.

If China wants to hurt the U.S. economy, all it has to do is stop buying the bonds. The U.S. will similarly suffer should China begin selling the bonds.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is having his problems. With the black community. Every poll has him at the bottom with an “O” re black support.

It appears gaiety is the problem. Black comments include “He’s white, male and gay…..he kissed his husband on TV.”

To each his own.

However, I find it amusing that those who were and still are discriminated against because of color, discriminate against a person because of sex.

A personal thought. Mideast problems will result in gas prices hitting $4 a gallon again. Could exceed $5. Saudi Arabia and other Mideast countries are big oil suppliers. A war would diminish significantly the ability of these countries to provide oil.

Be concerned.

Have to hustle. Two heart tests at 10.

Enjoy your day!


Busy morning, busy day, busy evening ahead. Ergo, a Morning Stew. Topics laid out as they appear in my notes.

Dana Millbank wrote an Opinion piece recently in the Washington Post. “Trump the best thing since sliced bread! And he invented sliced bread!”

Doris Day died at the age of 97 monday. A movie star great.

Pure innocence. Whatever part she played. Prominent in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A singer as well.

Always left the theater happy after viewing one of her films.

The 2016 Presidential race numbers interesting. I learned something new yesterday. Perhaps it will be new to you also.

Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. She beat rump in California by 4,250,000 votes.

Which means she beat Trump in the rest of the nation by only 1,250,000 votes.

Which means Clinton did not whip Trump’s ass all over the U.S.

What will the DOW do today? Down 618 points yesterday. Keep up the good work, Donald!

Beware. The Trump/Pompeo/Bolton war cry re Iran does not make sense. Trump broke the treaty several months ago. Iran continued to abide by it. Now Iran has advised it will consider the pact broken by them in 60 days.

In the past 2 days, 2 Saudi Arabian oil tankers were sabotaged. Additionally, 2 Saudi oil rigs were attacked.

The Saudis blame the Iranians. They are probably correct.

My concern is that Trump and the Saudis are the very best of friends. Trump will use this as a reason/consideration for a U.S. attack on Iran.

Note also that Israel wants Iran destroyed. Which would result in Israel becoming the major military force in the Mideast. Trump and Netanyahu friends and birds of a feather. Trump would be helping Israel big time if it invaded Iran.

Trump announced 2 days ago that he considers Iran a “bad problem.” It was further announced yesterday that the U.S. was considering sending 120,000 troops to the area.

The U.S. a democracy. Many are fighting to keep it so.

Citizens of a democracy do not pursue political opponents criminally. Trump does not understand this.

Attorney General Barr announced yesterday that he had assigned the task of investigating how/who/why the Russian investigation began  following the 2016 election. Barr assigned the task to Connecticut U.S. attorney John H. Durham.

Again, criminally pursuing a political enemy a no no. Makes the U.S. look like a banana republic or dictatorship. Such an investigation is also an exceptional abuse of power.

Beware America! Wake up!

I particularly love the evening of July 4th. Sitting comfortably at home watching our Nation celebrate its birthday.

The event has been held as far back as I can recall at the Mall before the Capital. Hundreds of thousands at the event. Symphonic music, great singing, fireworks, etc. The evening revitalizes everyone’s love for America.

Trump announced yesterday he wants to change it.

Wants the celebration to be held in front of  the Lincoln Memorial. During which he will give a speech standing with the majestic Lincoln statue behind him.

A Lincoln Trump is not.

Trump’s intent a partisan political move. Strictly to stroke his ego.

Trump has “effectively taken charge” of planning for the celebration.

From my perspective, July 4 should be a time to remember what binds us as a country, not exploit what divides us.

The Korean War produced several aces. One was Captain Manuel “Pete” Fernandez. Credited with shooting down 14 MIG planes.

Fernandez was born in Key West. His parents emigrated from Spain. First settled in Cuba. Then Key West. Finally, Miami.

Last night, Dueling bartenders. Did not drink. Enjoyed the music. Chatted with Lynda and Bob Frechette. Met their visiting daughter from Chicago.

Mary there, also. We had dinner together later at La Trattoria. Sat next to Guy deBoer. Said hello to Dink.

I again did not drink and ate little.

Guy amazes me. He does the unexpected. Sometimes a bit on the wild side. He has signed up for a sailboat race across the Atlantic. Five thousand miles. Only one person per boat. A man and the sea thing. He has already paid the $5,000 entrance fee. Trip to take 5 months.

A man off courage and a little bit crazy. Probably more crazy. Five months alone on the high seas in a sailboat.

Does not turn me on. Good luck, Guy! Be sure to return.

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Hemingway spent 11 years in Key West (1928-1939).

An enjoyable and fruitful time. He drank, played, fished, and wrote.

His writings and those he worked on included A Farewell To Arms, Death In The Afternoon, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro, and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.

Hemingway also drew on the Key West depression era to portray one of the locations in To Have And Have Not. His only novel with scenes that occurred in the United States.

Time well spent professionally and personally.

Hemingway is an intrinsic part of Key West history.

A place of shame exists near the Florida Keys. In Homestead. The Homestead Detention Center. Homestead is located mid way between Miami and the beginning of the Florida Keys.

It is a migrant children detention center. To many, a child prison.

Its inmates the children of migrant parents. Children 13-17 separated from their parents. Most at the southwest border. Transported by bus to Homestead.

Two thousand children presently living there. Recent enlargement permits a capacity of 3,200.

The facility is operated by Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. A subsidiary the homeland security firm and private prison operation Caliburn International.

A for profit operation. Note carefully, not a not for profit. Believed to be the only for profit child detention center housing immigrant children.

Figures not available as to cost of operations. Estimates are $500,000 a day and growing. Overall, $200-500 million a year and growing. Your tax dollars.

Everything secretive.

John Kelly, former Secretary of Homeland Security and Trump’s Chief of Staff now a member of Caliburn’s Board of Directors. Kelly was also a lobbyist for DC Capital Partners which created Caliburn in 2018.

Caliburn’s Board also includes former high ranking military persons: Anthony Zini, James Stavurdis and Kathleen Martin.

Irma hit the Keys September 10, 2017. In most areas as a category 4.

Clean up, renovation, recovery, etc. still ongoing. Almost 2 yeas later and still not complete. The problem is money. Trump promised and did not come through. Similar to his failures in Puerto Rico and the Panhandle.

The County continues to be owed millions of dollars in promised reimbursement dollars. In addition, work still need to be done.

One example are the canals. Understand each key has a series of canals. Waterways, Similar to Venice. One of the Keys’ charms.

Irma filled the canals with sediment. Boats cannot traverse. Recently sediment removal began re 10 of the canals. Two hundred twenty four will remain after the 10 completed. Problem, no money to clean them.

Note the Keys still have many areas where there is no power, water, sewage. People still living in tents. No money again.

The problem similar in the Panhandle. The people claim they have been “forgotten.”

Only the federal government can provide the necessary resources to help its people following a natural disaster. Trump promises and then fails to follow through.

Yesterday’s blog was titled Mother’s Day. A portion concerned Vice President Pence’s comments at a graduation address he made at Liberty University. He told the conservative religious/evangelicals in effect to beware. “They” are coming after you because of your faith.

News to me.

Anyhow, one of today’s comments to that blog made an interesting observation: “Pence’s copying the NRA pitch. One says that “they” are coming for your guns, the other that “they” are coming for your religion. Both are selling fear and paranoia.”

The Democratic House is seeking information and witnesses that Trump refuses to provide. Via invitation and subpoena. Both ways Trump has instructed his people not to obey.

Trump brings lawsuits to block wherever he is permitted. One involves a subpoena served on one of Trump’s accounting firms. The case has been assigned to federal Judge Amist Mehta.

These cases can take years. The Judge has said not this one! She is fast tracking it. She has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow to hopefully hear all the proof.

Good for Judge Mehta. Trump is attempting to misuse the Judicial System and she is saying no in a loud fashion.

Trump deserves his day in court. The American people deserve their day. Soon rather than several years from now.

If Justice is to prevail, some court should provide for expedited appeals. Again to move the matter swiftly and efficiently. The country deserves action again today, not years from now.

The U.S./China tariff war not a healthy event. Eventually both nations will hurt. Immediately, the U.S.

Trump appears to have messed things up with China as he has done with every other major power he has negotiated with. The man who claimed he knew how to make a deal does not.

Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, refers to China’s position as “a reasonably firm screw you.” Appropriately said. China is digging in.

In the meantime, what do the farmers in the mid west do with their soybeans, etc. they cannot sell. And the people of the U.S. who will pay decidedly more for everything that comes from China.

Trump again wrong when he said tariff wars were good, he understood tariff wars.

Winston Churchill. Great democratic leader. A man who successfully defended England against Hitler.

An articulate speaker. One who could wind words together to give them strong meaning.

On this day in 1940, he took office as Prime Minister. Things could not have been worse for England. Hitler bombing daily. Invasion likely.

He said to Parliament his new policy would consist of nothing else than “to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime…..victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of terror, victory however long and hard the road may be.”

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Your day! Enjoy it! Hope your families give you the attention you deserve.

I miss my mother. She has been gone 30 years. Think of her frequently.

We became closer as each of us got older. My mother was born in Italy. A tough disciplinarian. Many the spaghetti bowl broken over my head.

My fond memories came later in life. Our kitchen table talks an example. I used to stop to visit on my way home. We sat at the table. Always a bottle of Beefeaters and glass of ice on the table waiting for me.

Good conversations. This woman who only went to the 3rd grade often showered me with a pearl of wisdom.

I was under the weather till mid afternoon yesterday. Stayed in. Me, my bed and the TV set. Rested so  much I could not sleep all night. Watched one cowboy movie after another.

This morning, good so far.

Song Writers Festival this week. Locals and a ton of visitors enjoying. I only know of last night from a photo and article run on the internet.

A Saturday night block party. Duval closed to traffic from Sloppy Joe’s towards the Atlantic for several blocks. The photo showed Duval packed from one side of the street to the other all the way down Duval.

Stars sang last night. Like Brad Paisley and Arista Nashville.

I grew up taught there was a separation between state and religion. Seems to be disappearing.

Vice President Pence spoke to the graduates at Liberty University yesterday. Liberty a conservative religious school. Evangelical based.

Pence told the grads to be prepared to be ridiculed for being Christian. The “secular left” was out to get them.

Where did this bullshit come from?

He elaborated upon the “division” between Christian conservatives and liberal Christians. Especially in the areas of homosexuality and immigration.

What happened to…..We are all God’s children, love one another, etc.?”

I don’t see the division described. I see a highly elected religious fanatic of sorts fomenting division. Using religion in an attempt to separate and distort believers. Trying to solidify a political base.

The NRA. A crack in the dike.

The NRA’s Chief Executive Wayne Pierre has come under scrutiny. His voice quieted I suspect by his own organization.

Some of Pierre’s expense account items came to light this week. He is ripping the NRA’s donors off big time.

Examples include $39,000 for clothes in one day, $18,000 for a car and driver, $200,000 for air travel for one year. The air travel included 2 weeks at Christmas in the Bahamas.

The NRA a not for profit group. There’s money in not for profit. Pierre discovered it.

The U.S./China tariff war not resolved. China went home yesterday. Trump bellowing he would raise the tariffs even higher after he was elected in 2020.

China had previously said it would retaliate re the 25 percent tariff already imposed.

Retaliation to be expected. You can only defecate on a people so long. Especially a proud people such as the Chinese. Face is involved. More important than money in many instances.

Trump forgot China is considered the #2 power in the world. The U.S. #1. The evaluation means nothing in a sense. China may already be first. One only finds out when an armed conflict arises.

Two types of war involved. Economic and actual. We are presently in an economic war. Should the U.S. push China too far, actual war could occur. Missiles would fly. To our cities.

In the past 5 years, China has moved forward militarily big time. Constructed over 550 new Naval vessels. Developed islands/air fields on the water in China seas. Developed new radar and nuclear missile systems. We have not progressed as well. The winner of an armed conflict not certain.

Two new Trump goofs this past week.

The first was Giuliani’s planned trip to the Ukraine to get dirt on Biden. Called off at the last minute. The second, Trump advising it was “appropriate” for him to talk to the Department of Justice about investigating Biden.

Things are getting worse. Wake up America!

At the moment, I have a need to get out of the house. Need to smell the roses again. It will depend how I feel later in the day.

Enjoy your Sunday! Mothers, enjoy your day!