Yesterday was a January mid winter Key West day like no other!

It was summertime!

Perfect weather! Warm, sunny with just a touch of humidity.

Today is the day! Friday! Friday means the Key West Lou Legal Hour. On the radio in Cuba and the Florida Keys. KONK 1500 AM. Available worldwide via the internet.

At 10 o’clock this morning!

Comments and revelations regarding this week’s news events. Like the $400,000 plus civil verdict involving voyeurism, a case that said it is ok to lie, Israel and a computer vurus that is screwingup the Iranian nuclear program, China and road tolls, Pakistan and the killing of new born babies, an Alabama governor reveals himself, Missouri and strip clubs, 100 plus mobsters arrested, Russian jails and tanning beds, an Afghanistan rights update, Yogi Berra, priests and pedohiles, Amanda Knox, lead, Texas feral hogs, and stoning.

Great topics! Interesting and thought provoking!

I took advantage of the great weather yesterday. Sat outside at the tiki hut by the water. Worked on today’s radio show. Watched the boats go by. Everyone took advantage of the day. Boats were visible on the horizon all day. People fishing and diving.

I even walked. A quick one along the Atlantic at Smathers Beach.

Donna and Terri are here. I did not see much of time. Terri had a rehearsal in the afternoon for her La Te Da show this week. Last night she had another and long rehearsal for the Key West Pops show Sunday night.

Donna and Terri shared an interesting happening with me.

Terri sang last Sunday night at Feinstein’s in New York. After the show, two guests approached Donna and Terri. They introduced themselves. Unfortuantely, my two girls cannot rermember their names. They said they read Key West Lou and were at Terri’s show because I had mentioned it.

Whoever you are, let me know. Thank you for reading me and visiting Terri. I am sure you were pleased with her performance.

It is a small world!

Jean Thornton! Are you out of bed yet? Jean is recoverio ng from leg surgery Monday. She reported on Facebook yesterday that she had a bell. To summon husband Joe when she needed him. I am sure a bell was not needed. Joe loves you so much! He was probbably on top of you all day! Well, not quite.

I am up early this morning because of the radio show. Still dark outside. Pitch black, except for the moon light. And what a moon! A full moon! Big and bright!

Again, my rado show at 10 this morning. Please join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!



Like pea soup!

Strange weather. As I said last week when we were engulfed with fog, it is rare! About 5 times in 10 years. No one in Key West understands why. And it is back with us again this morning.

The weather yesterday was spectacular. In the 80s for the second consecutive day.

I played golf. Not a precise statement. I hit the ball. All over. In the woods, in the water, to the right, to the left. Everywhere but straight!

I tired quickly. Seems to be happening every time I play golf. I packed it in after 11 holes. I was beat and had no swing.

My weight is good. My body in the best appearing shape it has been in years. I doctor. Take my medications religiously. Gave up drinking and smoking. Why then am I tired so much?

I went to the doctor. My heart doctor. He thinks it might be the beta blocker. Too much. So he is cutting the dose in half. The beta blocker and my good living have reduced my blood pressure to a point where it is 110/60. Good! Low! There is room for it to go up a bit.

Lets hope the problem is the beta blocker. I have been spending more time in bed than out.

After the doctor, I did my Amazon Kindle legal blog. About Missouri and its attempt to close strip clubs. I was almost done and I lost it! I don’t know how. I must have hit the wrong button. The blog was no where to be found.

I was too tired to do it over. So I will redo it today. My apologies to those of you who subscribe to the legal blog.

I had dinner with Lisa and the family.

When I got home, I said screw it! I went to the refrigerator in the garage and took out the fruit cake. Yes, I did it! I had a peice of fruit cake! A small one. My mind needed it more than my body.

This does not mean the diet is over. Nor that I will consume more fruit cake today. I have plateaued. Still at 26 pounds. Don’t know why. I intentd to stay with the diet till I knock off those last 4 pounds.

I was too tired to go out last night. Missed Larry and Jenna and their show at the Bottle Cap.

Donna and Terri showed up around 9. Flew in from New York. They will be here till next thursday. Terri is a featured singer in the Key West Pops show sunday night.

It is good to have the girls back! Love them! They bring joy and warmth with them.

Donna and Terri shared with me an interesting story involving their trip.

When they got to the New York airport, they assumed they would go through the scanning device and then be gropped. As they were waitng in line to go through security, the group was devided in two. Some went through the x-ray scan and gropping. The other half went through security the old way. Walk through the arch. Donna and Terri walked through the arch.

They were disappointed. They had prepared for the gropping. Neither wore a bra. They were curious to see the security guard’s reaction.

Sometimes you just can’t win!

My concern, and theirs also, is that what happened to them is not the way to operate airport security. If we need scanning and gropping, then so be it. But do it to everyone. It seems dangerous to me to only do it to half the travelers.

Enjoy your day!

What a gorgeous day yesterday!


In the low 80s. Just enough breeze.

Slept with the windows open last night.

Fantastic weather for January! Unusual! January is generally Key West’s cold month. Perhaps it came early. December was cold cold! Remember how I complained!

My day yesterday started with the dentist. More prep work for the February invasion of my mouth. I am not a happy camper about what is to be.

Then I took a walk. My dentist’s office is on Simington, a block off the Atlantic. I left my car in the dentist’s parking lot.

Walked to Duval. Out on the pier. The beach was packed. So were the streets. People laughing. Tourists enjoying themselves.

Then to the Reach. Walked the Reach’s grounds. Followed it up by going through the Southernmost’s grounds. Stopped to say hello to Lisa. She was not in. And back to my car.

A 20 minute walk. No big deal. But nice. One problem, however. I got tired. I think it is my medications. I have a heart doctor appointment on monday and will discuss my suspicions with him.

Stopped at Publix on the way home. Needed a few things. Spent all of $12 and change. Think I buy little because I enjoy going to Publix so much.

Worked on the Amazon Kindle legal blog when I returned home. Took a walk back in history to Teddy Roosevelt.

Even though the walk in the morning tired me, I still went to the gym. A glutton for punishment! A little boxing and the tread mill did not bother me. I don’t understand.

Dinner last night was at Pepe’s. A long time since I have been there. Ate at the bar.

Pepe’s is the oldest restaurant in Key West. Very old. It is claimed the pirates of yesteryear used to meet there and plan their raids on the Spanish galleons.

My friend Jean Thornton is undergoing surgery in Atlanta this morning. Vein stripping. Good luck, Jean! Don’t talk too much after they give you the happy/laughing gas!

Jean is known as the Golden Girl. She and a friend, who is the other Golden Girl, dove many years ago with Mel fisher and found gold and jewels. Her life instantly changed!

Golf this morning. The weather will be perfect. Hope I do not tire after 9 holes.

Tonight, Larry and Jenna and their show at the Bottle Cap.

A good day ahead!

Enjoy your day!

“There is no joy in Mudville…..mighty Casey has struck out!”

Syracuse lost last night! By 8 points. 74-66.

Pitt was the better team. Last night.

My analysis as to why we lost.

Our fabled zone defense failed. A rare occurrence. Pitt kept getting in the middle. Repeatedly. Two Pitt players at a time generally. The end result easy shots. Pitt spotted Syracuse’s weakness and capitalized on it. Big time! I was surprised Boeheim could not come up with a defensive strategy to thwart the situation during the half time.

A strange game. Pitt opened fast. All of a sudden Syracuse was losing 19-0. Then Syracuse came back. A big run, also. Seventeen unanswered points. Score now 19-17. Should have been an even game from that point forward. It was till the last 3 minutes when Pitt just blew us out. And Syracuse still hung in there!

Syracuse seemed to tire. Early on. I thought Syracuse played flat footed. A bit back on their heels. The zip was lacking. Unusual for Syracuse. They are athletes in the finest sense who can generally run up and down the court for forty minutes.

Our star player and high scorer Kris Joseph did not play. He is still recovering from a concussion. Not an excuse. But his not being in the line up does add to the mix.

I am sure Syracuse and Pitt will meet again. Perhaps in the Big East Tournament or March Madness. Whatever, the game would probably have a different outcome.

What a difference a day makes…..

The weather sucked yesterday. Rained most of the day. Last night also.

This morning is lovely! A sunny 76 degrees. Only a slight wind. The water moving along.

I intended to watch the basketball game at the Sports Page Bar. As I was preparing to leave, the wind and rain increased. Howling wind! From the west! I have never seen wind from the west in Key West. Additionally, the rain was monsoon type. Sideways and driven.

TV and the internet reported severe weather coming in. Wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. Possible flooding. I decided to stay in and watch the game at home.

In fact, I spent the whole day at home. It was that kind of day. Overcast and rainy. I occupied myself by writing some bits for Key West Lou Law. My Amazon Kindle legal blog. I also worked on friday’s radio show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

This Key West Lou monicker is expanding. It was not planned. It is just happening. I am also working on a book. Looks like we are going to have a Key West Lou series!

Enjoy your day!

A glorious Sunday yesterday!

Typical Key West!

I walked the Atlantic at Smathers Beach in the morning. Then took the sand chair out of the trunk of the car and sat on the beach for a while. Just me, the water and God.

The weather turned last night. It rained heavy all night. Woke me up several times.

This morning it is totaly overcast. More rain is predicted. The temperature however is 72 and will remain in that area all day. The rest of the week is projected as sunny and in the mid 70s. Great Key West weather for mid January!

Jenna showed up at 4. We had to work on Friday’s radio show. She is my producer. A smart woman. Educated and trained in the field of communications.

I dined alone at Hogfish last night. I like the word “dined” for dinner at Hogfish! I bought the Sunday New York Times on the way over. Me and the Times for two hours while picking at hogfish!

I caught the last half of the Jets game. What a turn of events from the last game. Terrific football!

Donna telephoned me from New York late last night. She wanted to tell me about Terri’s show at Feinstein’s. A hit once more! Packed house! Standing ovations!

Love you, Terri!

Today is a one event day. Only one thing of importance. The Syracuse/Pitt basketball game tonight! Two giants meeting! I have no idea who will win. Of course, I want Syracuse to win! But I have no prediction. This is a game of games. Two matched teams colliding.

Syracuse will not be at full strength. Leading scorer Josephs is sidelined with a concussion he received in Saturday’s game. Syracuse has a bench. Young, but a bench never the less. Lets see if they can step up.

I will be at the Sports Page Bar watching the game. Join me, if you can.

Enjoy your day!

Syracuse! Wowie! Big time basketball!

Syracuse decimated Cincinnati yesterday.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. It was all alone by the telephone. I was the only one in the whole bar for the first half of the game. I was the only one watching the Syracuse/Cincinnati game at any time.

Whooped it up all alone!

Monday night is the game of games! Pitt!

Syracuse is undefeated and ranked #4 nationally. Pitt has only one defeat and is ranked #5 nationally. The winner may very well be the best of the best in the Big East!

The game yesterday was at noon. Afterwards, I walked Duval. The weather was perfect. Shorts wearing time again!

Duval was crowded with tourists. Every one appeared to be having a good time. There is something about Key West that brings out a special joy in people.

I have noticed a difference in the last two years on Duval. There are more ice cream shops. There were only two for years. I always wondered why there were not more. I concluded people preferred drinking to ice cream. I was wrong. There are now several ice cream shops and two gelato stores. All doing a thriving business!

I stopped at the Coffee House. A long walk there and eventually back. Sipped coffee and browsed the New York times.

When I returned home, I worked on yesterday’s Key West Lou Law blog on Amazon Kindle. The topic involved video voyeurism. Men sneaking pictures of naked women with hidden videos and cell phones beware! You can go to jail and/or have a healthy dollar award made against you. Just Thursday, a South Florida jury verdict came in for over $400,000 against a landlord who had a hidden video in his 27 year old female tenant’s bedroom.

Someone made me a gift of Kansa City steaks for Christmas. I am still eating them. So good! I stayed in last night and cooked a strip steak.

I also stayed in because I wanted to watch the Miss America contest. My desire in that regard begets my age. I have always found contests of this nature exciting. Not because of the bathing suit portion. Rather it is that these contests are life changing for the winners.

Last night a young lady of 17 won. She is from a town of 8,000 in Nebraska. Who knows what life will now hold for her. She may end up a movie star, a political leader, a corporate CEO or a house wife. Whatever, it is the beginning of the all American dream come true for her.

Sunday! My day!

Meet the Press! Don’s Place!

Jenna and I are meeting at 4. We will be working on Friday’s radio show. Afterwards, I am not sure what I will be doing.

Terri White! Star of stars! My friend! Tonight she appears at Feinstein’s in New York City. Break a leg again, Terri!

Terri and Donna return to Key West this week for a few days. Their bedroom awaits. It will be good to spend a few days with them again. Terri is performing this coming weekend with the Key West Pops. Then immediately back to New York City for more Feinstein’s and other engagements.

My Facebook friend Jim Brown is an oracle of wisdom. He sits out there on the island of Crete and writes these gems of wisdom. Wisdom? Some yes. Others just funny. Some, I am not sure. But special they are!

On Facebook today, Jim expressed one of his profound thoughts from his perspective. I share it with you as he wrote it. “…drunkenness is an amazing thing, u get to see things you want to see.”

Enjoy your Sunday!

Another great Key West morning!

Sun bright. Not a cloud in the sky. A bit windy. Probably 15-20 miles per hour. The palm trees are bending. The water is moving. Waves. One to two feet high.

Still cool. Sixty three degrees. But…..forecast is for 70 degree weather today and low 70s the rest of the week. The cold front is slowly moving out. Finally!

It was announced yesterday that Zsa Zsa Gabor had the better part of one of her legs amputed. Sad. I always enjoyed her. She was a movie and television star as I was growing up. Now 93, she is in rough shape. She made me and a whole generation laugh. I wish her well.

Zsa Zsa was a feisty woman. Nine husbands. Some type of record! The best story about her was when she was stopped by a police officer while driving. He was going to give her a ticket. She got pissed off and slapped him!

Commit the crime and do the time. She spent a few days in jail.

After doing my blog and making breakfast, I was off to the dentist. Second day in a row. Third day to complete the same procedure. A CAT scan type x-ray of my mouth.

The machine had to circle my head and shoulders. It would not. Kept getting stuck. I am a bit hunch backed. Plus I have a large rib cage.

Finally after an hour yesterday, they were able to get the machine to move around and take the pictures. Everyone happy! Not for long, however. The x-rays did not develop for some reason. It was back to the machine again. More body manipulations. Finally success!

I am heading for major dental work next month. I am not happy about it. I hate the dentist! Since I was a kid. I recall when I was about 3, my father took me to the dentist. They were brutal in those days. I speak of the late 1930s.

The dentist hurt me. I pushed him back, leaped out of the chair, ran to the elevator, went down and out into the street.

Bad memories ever since.

I was overdue for a manicure. Nails were too long! Visited Tammy and had her take care of them.

Then the gym. Still working out. Still dieting. Diet close to going out the door. It is day by day now.

When I returned home, I did my Amazon Kindle legal blog for the day. China Law and Bad Milk. An interesting combination!

Last night I wanted to eat at the bar at Outback. Good luck! Friday is busy at Outback! Whether a table or the bar, I had a 30 minute wait.

So I walked over to the Chinese restaurant. Tough one to eat at on my diet. But I am proud to say I did it with minimal cheating.

Big day for Syracuse basketball! Syracuse plays Cincinnati at noon. Syracuse is ranked #4 nationally. Cincinnati #25. I am not sure, but I believe Cincinnati may have only lost 1 or 2 games. Going to be a tough one. The Big East is THE conference this year. The best of the best!

I shall watch the game from my favorite stool at the Sports Page Bar.

Enjoy your day!


Radio show time!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour!

Ten this morning. KONK 1500 AM in the Florida Keys and Cuba. Worldwide for viewing on the internet at

It has been a big week news wise. A sad one in certain respects, also. Today’s show will discuss happenings from four continents. North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Far reaching and encompassing.

Join me! You will not be disappointed!

Yesterday I worked! At least it seemed like work. I thought I was back practicing law. It was that kind of day.

My work day started at 7 in the morning and finished at 7 in the evening. Non stop!

First the blogs. This one and the Amazon Kindle legal blog. I wrote both back to back. Consuming several cups of coffee in the process. All I need is a cigarette dangling from my lips and I will look like a writer.

Then the dentist. I have major dental work scheduled in February. Yesterday was a prep start. Took 2 hours! And I have to return later today for more.

I had a manicure scheduled. Had to cancel. No time.

Hit the gym. There definitely was need to relieve building tension.

By this time, it was 5 o’clock. Jenna and I were on the telephone till 7 fine tuning today’s radio show.

A full day. With no breaks in between.

Did I enjoy it? I don’t know. The day was not consistent with being retired. No naps, no Coffee House, no reading the newspapers.

I was hungry. It was after 7. I had missed lunch. What to eat.

I bought sausage at Publix the day before. Hot Italian sausage. It was on sale.

I have not had sausage in years. Being Italian, my former wife would occasionally cook it. In the oven in oil with potatoes and peppers.

I had a craving.

I cooked the sausage for dinner. What a mess!

I fried two pieces. Put a small amount of oil in the frying pan.

A disaster! Took forever! Oil splattered all over the place! Pan greasy! Stove top greasy! Floor greasy! Dish greasy! Silver ware greasy!

If you did not notice, greasy is the operative word.

Things got so bad, I sat down and laughed! I thought what an ass!

The clean up took a little while.

Oh, the sausage was excellent! Loved it! Next time, the oven.

I also decided along the way that perhaps I should write a book. Cooking in Key West! Part of the Key West Lou series. Ho ho.

This morning the radio show. Then the dentist again. Definitely a manicure.

At some point this afternoon, I will write my Amazon Kindle legal blog for the day. The site on Kindle is Key West Lou Law. Today’s subject matter I do not know. I have had no time to think about it!

Enjoy your day! Join me on the radio show!

My ears were cold on the golf course yesterday!

Sixty two degrees while we were playing. It was not the temperature so much. It was the wind. Brutal! So strong that on two occasions balls were moved by it while being putted. Once with Don and another time when Larry was putting. You could see an absolutely straight putt all of a sudden move 6-12 inches sideways because of a sudden gust.

We were all dressed for a Key West winter. Except I did not have a hat that could cover my ears!

I played with Don, Yankee Jack, Larry and Tino. Larry was the big winner. $17. I lost $4. But was not the big loser. Yankee claimed that fame yesterday!

As I write this blog at 8 in the morning, it is 53 degrees in Key West. The cold front will leave us over the weekend and temperatures will be close to 80 again.

I am a glutton for punishment. Went to the gym after golf. I had skipped a couple of days. My weight is down and I am becoming complacent. I am also sick of the diet. I am stuck at 26 pounds lost. I do not know if I can continue to 30. The diet has become an effort!

Last night was Syracuse basketball!

Syracuse handily beat St. John at Madison Square Garden. 76-59. Syracuse was just too good for St. John. That does not mean I was overly imnpressed with Syracuse. They missed too many easy shots. They also were not working the offensive backboard hard enough. Their defense was outstanding, as usual.

Syracuse has three tough games in a row coming up. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Villanova. The next two weeks will tell just how good Syacuse is.

I watched the game at the Sports Page Bar. There were two other Syracuse fans. Don from Syracuse and Marty from Oneonta.

Kristan, where are you? You were not working at the Sports Page on Saturday when I was in. You were not there last night. Miss you!

After the game, I hurried over to the Bottle Cap. Larry and Jenna tme. I got there about ten minutes after the show started. A good show! Larry and Jenna’s exchanges are genuine and enjoyable. The best of the best last night were Peter and Holly Diamond. Great singing and dancing. Warm.

Petra continues to amaze me. She is talented and amusing.

I did not complete my Amazon Kindle legal blog on Somali yesterday. Sorry. Everything was going on at one time! I will publish it later this morning. Read about Somali where they speak with a forked tongue about their women and children.

Timing is everything.

I wrote on Kindle a couple of days ago about pedophelia. Since then there have been two reported child molestations in Florida alone. The first was a 4 year old boy in Miami that I spoke of yesterday. The latest involves a 4 year old girl from Lake Worth. She was raped! In a residential neighborhood. She was found afterwards walking the street in a state of shock. The culprit has not yet been identified.

Just how sick have we become as a society? Not just with child perversion, but in every respect. Across the breadth of our nation. I think we have a fever and sick stomach. Have recent events sufficiently shaken us up? Can we cure ourselves?

Only time will tell.

Enjoy your day!


We had it again at supper time last night.

Fog is foreign to Key West. A few days ago we had fog also. I wrote at the time that it was extemely rare. And then early last night, fog again! Big time! Pea soup! I could not see the MTV house 300 feet across the water!

I telephoned my son in law, Corey. Corey knows everything about the water. He is an archeologist, a diver. For over 25 years he has lived in Key West and searched Spanish galleons beneath the ocean.

Corey could not understand why the fog. Strange to him, also. He has seen it in Key West so few times in 25 years.

I might add the fog was also eerie. I was out on my deck. I expected Dracula to tap me on the shoulder!

Compounded with the fact yesterday was another absolutely beautiful day! 80 degrees. I went to the beach again. This time Smathers. I found a palm tree and settled in the shade beneath it. I brought my small laptop with me. I wrote/composed.

It is just before 7 this morning. Cold outside. Temperature 64 degrees. The projected high for today, also. During the night the temperature dropped to 52.

It never ceases to amaze me how the temperature can drop so dramatically. Twenty plus points in a matter of hours.

A cold front came in. It will be with us till the weekend.

After a couple of hours, the fog was beginning to lift. I decided to go to Hogfish for dinner. I thought what a beautiful sight it would be to see the fishing boats in the fog.

I was correct! The view from my table at Hogfish was magnificnet! A painting!

It was a bit damp. I had lobster bisque to warm up. Then some hogfish. And read yesterday’s newspapers.

Golf this morning. I will play. Sixty four is not bad golf weather. I shall dress for it. Long pants!

Tonight Syracuse basketball! I am into it! Seven o’clock at the Sports Page Bar. Syracuse plays St. John.

After the game, it will be over to the Bottle Cap to catch Larry and Jenna and the Larry Smith variety show.

Yesterday’s Amazon Kindle blog concerned itself with pedophelia. There have recently been many incidents. Some nut also wrote a book on how to safely practice pedophelia. Weird!

Anyhow, this morning’s news tells us about a 72 year old Miami man who was arrested yesterday for touching the personals of a 4 year old boy. The incident took place in the boy’s parent’s store. It was caught on a surveilence camera.

This type perversion has become an every day problem.

Today’s Amazon Kindle blog concerns itself with Somali and its treatment of women and children. Somali is located at the horn of Africa. There have been recent developments which are shocking. The Somalians preach one way to live but actually practice another. The government receives significant American dollars for a fraudulent way of life.

The Somalian Kindle blog is revealing!

Enjoy your day!