I hung around the house yesterday morning doing nothing.

Lunched at Lisa’s. Robert and Ally were terrific. They had a friend over and were playing house.

A picture of Corey and Robert appeared in Conch Color this past week. It was taken at soccer practice. A good looking Dad with a good looking Son!

I walked Duval afterwards. Parked my car at Square One and walked west towards the Gulf. From La Trattoria to Front Street motorcycles were parked on both sides of the street. And what bikes! The best that money can buy!

Duval is closed off for the weekend. Bikers and their lady friends walking the street. Mixed in with some normal type tourists. Stands selling tee shirts and hot dogs. Beer every where.

It was humid. The temperaturee had to be 20 degrees warmer in the area where the bikes were parked. It was a mass of humanity!

Some one set a tent up in front of the Red Garter. Breasts were being spray painted at $75 a pair. Business was booming! Women were walking Duval proudly exhibiting their spray painted wares!

The Chart Room had a good crowd last night. I drank and chatted a bit with Marty, Frank and Sean.

And then Mike and Tina showed up!

Mike and Tina are friends I met several weeks ago at La Trattoria. They are from Hartford, Connecticut. They own a second home here in Key West. They were back down for a few days.

Tina and I had an interesting conversation. She was born in Naples. Not Florida. Italy.

My father’s people came from Naples. My Mother was born in Foggia, which is on the east coast of Italy.

Mike and Tina are nice people.

Marty and I headed for the Berlin Bar at the A&B Lobster House. The place was packed! Standing room only. People waiting for tables. The customers were primarily bikers.

Marty and I lucked out. We were able to quickly grab 2 seats at the bar.

A&B had to do 2 months business in one evening last night.

After dinner, we went to the Keys Piano Bar. It was dead! Amazing! I went across the street to La Te Da. Dead, also!

It is the difference in which end of Duval Street you are at a particular time. The Poker Run centers itself on the tourist end of Duval. The bikers did not make their way to the quieter end of Duval where the Keys Piano Bar and La Te Da are located.

Today is Sunday. Love Sundays! The newspapers, Meet the Press, pro football at Don’s Place, the Gardens tonight. What could be better!

As Porky Pig of old was wrought to say…..That’s all for now folks!

Good morning!

I am up a bit later than usual. The sun is out already giving everything a gold tint. Another beautiful Key West day in the making!

Every day tasks sometimes take control. I needed groceries yesterday morning and also had to make a stop at the drug store.

I never grocery shopped in my other life. I missed something. It is fun! For me, at least. I enjoy pushing the cart around. I enjoy seeing neighbors and friends. And sometimes making new friends.

Lunch and the papers at the Yacht Club afterwards.

Then to Borders for about 3 hours. My no cost library.

I have been swinging between 2 books recently. One on Lincoln. The other Hitler. An extreme combination.

I chose the Lincoln book for a particular reason. We have available to us many Lincoln biographies. However most on the shelves today were and are being written by authors who were born long after Lincoln died. Remember, Lincoln has been dead more than 150 years.

I came across a book entitled On Becoming Abraham Lincoln. The author is John T. Morse, Jr. The Lincoln biography was written in 1893, roughly 28 years after Lincoln was assasinated. Morse was born in 1840 and died in 1937.

Ergo, Morse was alive and experienced Lincoln’s Presidency as we do Obama’s today and Bush and Clinton’s yesterday.

I thought it might be a different experience to read the words of a man who actually lived during the life of the person he wrote about.

I was correct!

Lincoln described by a man who was there!

The grammar is different from today’s. It is a bit more cumbersome, heavy. Long sentences. Big words.

The writing is dramatic, however. You can feel Lincoln on every page.

Lincoln is quoted repeatedly. And interestingly!

Those of us born to humble background might say that we came from poor stock. Lincoln…”My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families.”

When Lincoln was schooling in his teen years, he wrote on a piece of school paper…”Abraham Lincoln/his hand and pen/he will be good but/god knows When.” How prophetic! By the way, the grammar is Lincoln’s, including the non capitalized “god” and the capitalized “When.”

More about the Lincoln book another day.

Last night was a scheduled pajama party at the Chart Room. It was scheduled for 9. I arrived early and left by 7:30. I would have enjoyed attending. But I have no pajamas!

Only joking. You could attend without pajamas.

Marty, Frank and Larry were there during my time. We drank and solved the island’s problems. Then Marty and I left for dinner.

Shiela was leaving as I arrived. She was going onto Duval to look at the motorcyles. Duval was closed off, except to bikers. There are approximately 10,000 bikes in town this weekend. Some as expensive as the cost of a home!

Marty and I went over to La trattoria for dinner. No room at the inn! The place was packed!

We did not want to wait so we opted for Square One.

Square One was fun last night. I am glad we ended up there.

Patrick was not bartending. He is in Iowa this weekend. With his partner of 20 plus years, Les. They are getting married! Iowa apparently recognizes gay marriage. Congratulations Patrick and Les! We all love you!

Reggie was there last night. He has been a Key Wester since around 1970. Reggie plays Santa Claus every Christmas for my grandkids. And many other grandkids in Key West.

Reggie looks like Santa Claus. Portly. Round face. Rosy cheeks. And his own white beard! Tie this with a happy disposition and you have Santa Claus!

I learned something I did not previously know about Reggie last night. My grandchildren have a Santa Claus with a distinuished academic background. Reggie attended Choate and Yale!

The meal was outstanding. Business good.

Michael Stewart is the charming host and owner of Square One. This month the restaurant is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Michael is to be commended. He has established Square One as a premier Key West eating place.

It was early. I was tired. So I left. And was home in bed before 10.

Enjoy your day!

A new water pill and my ankles will be fine!

Last night was the best bocci time we have played in 2 years! We won all 3 games!

The first was a blow out. 16-6. It was followed by a 16-13 victory in the second game. The score was close, but we were never in danger. It was our game!

The third game was a problem. We played Fairfield. They were up 8-3. We inched forward. But Fairfield seemed to stay ahead in a very close game.

However, we hung in there. Rob made a once in a lifetime shot and we won 16-13.

Rob, Michael and I played at one end of the court. David, Don and Keith at the other.

It was a good night!

We celebrated afterwards at Don’s Place.

The bikers started coming in last night. They will arrive in full force this evening. US 1 will be busy with groups of 30 and 40 bikers at a time roaring in!

Enjoy your day!

It is the middle of the night. I am awake and cannot fall back to sleep. Some nut telephoned me. Wrong number!

So blog time has been moved up a few hours.

Yesterday was golf. Except I did not play.

When I finished the blog, it was pouring rain. Buckets! As predicted. So I went back to sleep.

Spent the day home puttering around.

The Chart Room was busy again last night. Marty and Captain Peter holding up their end of the bar.

Don and Chris from Fulton were there also. It was their last night in Key West. They return home to upstate New York tomorrow. They were having dinner last night at the newly remodeled Antonia’s. Nice people. I enjoy their company. I will miss them. They return in February.

Larry from Dallas came in. We chatted a bit, also.

Marty and I decided on the Hot Tin Roof for dinner.

We arrived just as a large group was leaving. Like 30-40 people. A wine tasting party was ending.

We had dinner at the bar and chatted with the new bartender Michelle and Manager John. Both were a bit whipped from servicing the wine tasting group.

And then home to bed and sleep. Only for 4 hours, however. I am a light sleeper. I hate it when I wake as I did this evening. I hope I can fall back to sleep when I finish the blog.

I have a 9:30 doctor’s appointment in the morning. Flu shot time. In addition, my ankles have been swelling for a week. It has been years since I have had this problem. An age caused situation now. See the doctor and get it fixed.

Tomorrow night bocci.

Enjoy your day! And, oh yes, stay healthy!

I started yesterday with a haircut. Lori. My lovely barber.

Even haircuts are better in Key West!

Then it was over to the Yacht Club for lunch. The bar was crowded. Every one was eating there yesterday. Took my time. Chatted a bit. Read the papers.

Lisa had some major dental work yesterday. A complex root canal. She telephoned as I was finishing lunch. She was home and hurting.

So I went over and sat with her for a couple of hours. Father/daughter time. A good thing!

The Chart Room was fun at cocktail time. At 6:30. Marty, Che, Captain Peter, Gary and Tescia. A little later Boomer showed up. I generally run into Boomer at Don’s Place and bocci. First time at the Chart Room.

Antonia’s recently remodeled. Marty and I opted to have dinner at Antonia’s and view the result. Magnificent! Owners Christopher and Patrick did well. The remodeling amounts to just a bit more than an updating. The place was a winner before and I am glad they did not make any major changes. If it works, leave it alone!

It was also good to see Tiffany and Jill again. Both charming ladies!

Poker Run is this weekend. The bikers are coming!

This is an annual Key West event. About 10,000 bikers and their companions will come roaring in on Friday. And roar out on Sunday and Monday.

And roar they do! Can you imagine all the noise they make. The interesting thing is most Key Westers do not mind.

Poker Run is sponsored each year by the Rotary. Yes, the Rotary. A seemingly strange combination. But it works and has worked. The Rotary will take in somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. That money is donated to charity. This year the Diabetes Research Institute and to fund local scholarships.

In addition, the bikers are genrally affluent persons in disguise. Doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs. They spend a lot of money whooping it up. The local merchants benefit big time.

The tide is a bit high this morning. It will get higher before the day is over.

One of the headlines in yesterday’s Key West Citizen was “Lunar Pull to Flood Streets.” There is some sort of lunar convergence that will make some of the Key West streets difficult to navigate. We are in a new moon phase at a time when the moon is closet to the earth. The closeness of the moon increases the gravitational pull.

The water runs higher. The storm sewers cannot handle the increased flow. The streets flood.

And if it rains, the situation is even worse. It is overcast and thundering now! It will be raining.

Wendy Grom is a local Key Wester. I have never met her. However I feel like I know her well. She writes on Facebook. I read her comments every day.

A few days a week she shares an interesting greeting…..Happy Humping! This woman has her head screwed on properly!

I wish you the same. And if the day does not provide such good fortune, enjoy it otherwise!

Yesterday was a mix.

My first task was to get my debit card back. You will recall the ATM machine at Bank of America had swallowed it Friday evening.

I went to the bank. Sat quietly for 20 minutes waiting to talk to an officer. I explained my plight to her. Could I have my card back? No. The bank did not have it. Why? The bank does not operate the ATM machine. Who does? Brinks. And Brinks automatically destroys all cards so ingested.

Ok. So give me another card. A replacement card. Cannot do. You have to call the Customer Service number on the back of your card. But I do not have the card, so I do not have the number.

She gave me the number.

I called. Never spoke with a real person. It was one of those computerized responses, press 1 or 2 things. It will take a week for me to receive the replacement card.

Why is everything so complex? What happened to simplicity?

Then I went for a walk. I needed the exercise. Did Duval Street from the Atlantic to the Gulf and then back again.

On the return trip, I stopped at the Coffee House on Duval. I ended up spending 2 hours there. Leafed through the Key West Citizen, New York Daily News and New York Times. And drank 2 cups of chocolate mocha, thereby waiving any benefit from the healthy walk taken. The mocha was good! It was worth it!

Lunch was at home. I made a sandwich and sat outside at the tiki hut bar in the shade. A slight breeze. Quiet and comfortable. Placed me in a contemplative mood.

It was soccer time at 5! Robert was playing. He looked good!

The soccer takes place behind the grammar school on Stock Island. Hot! No shade! No breeze!

I respect the parents who sit there for 2 hours watching their young ones. I exercised my grandfather rights last night. I left after 20 minutes.

It was off to the Chart Room!

Marty, Captain Peter and Mark were holding the bar down when I arrived.

Don and Chris Teich came in. A nice couple. First time we met. They came looking for Key West Lou. They were staying at the other end of the island at the Casa Marina.

Don and Chris are from Fulton, New York. Fulton is outside Syracuse and just a stone’s throw from Oswego. Don has a big job with a manufacturing plant there.

Don and Chris visit Key West 3 times a year. They love it here! I suspect that some day they will end up buying.

Don said he and Chris said were sitting on the beach early Saturday afternoon. Chris had her computer with her. She was concerned my blog was not yet up. Was I alive, dead or what? I did not have to explain. She had become aware of the computer problem I experienced over the weekend.

They are staying a few more days. I hope they run into Gary and Tescia from Oswego.

The best part of all this is that Don and Chris are Syracuse fans! We talked a bit of football last night.

Marty, Captain Peter and I left for dinner at the Hot Tin Roof. When we got there, the place was closed. Floors were being redone. Marty suggested the bar Berlins at the A&B Lobster House. I have not been there in 15 years. So off we went!

On the way, we ran into our reporter friend Sean. He joined us.

The food at Berlins was a winner! Big time! I had a Maine lobster, snails and pastry appetizer covered with a wonderfull sauce. To die for! Just enough. I ordered nothing else.

The movie star Patrick Swayze died yesterday. A loss. May he rest in peace.

Two of his movies are in the forefront of my mind. Dirty Dancing and Ghost. I especially enjoyed Ghost. Sensitive and emotional.

And that famous line…”Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” No one will.

Enjoy your day!

It is just after 4 in the morning. The night has been long. I have not been able to sleep well.

Such is life…..

Yesterday was a good day. It was Sunday.

I was up early. Drove over to Lisa’s. Had breakfast with the family.

Robert and Ally were painting. They paint well. Especially for young kids. Both have been painting for a couple of years. Proteges in the making!

Robert is learning to play the guitar. At 5! I am impressed! He is at the beginning. He knows his notes. He played each one for me and identified each as he played them.

I stayed a couple of hours and read the Sunday papers.

It was the start of Sunday professional football. So it was Don’s Place to watch the games in the afternoon. He has TV sets all over the place, inside and out. I sat behind the outside bar with a group. There were 5 TVs with 5 different games going on at the same time. The TV sets were lined up right next to each other.

Not confusing at all.

I was interested in the Philadelphia/Carolina game. So I basically stayed focused on that set.

I am a Syracuse University grad. Donovan McNabb is a Syracuse grad. So I am a follower of his exploits and those of Philadelphia.

I was sitting next to Larry Smith who also is a Philly freak watching the game. He was in an arm sling. His shoulder replacement is coming along well. He thinks he will be back playing piano at the Wine Galley in a week or two. Golf is another story, however. It may be months.

What a game! When I left, Philadelphia was winning 34-10.

They either have a great defensive team or were exceptionally lucky yesterday. Several interceptions, sackings, etc.

There is always next week and the weeks after which will tell.

I went home to watch the last hour of the golf tournament. Tiger won big. A talent! What more can be said.

I had dinner with friends last night at the Yacht Club. Talked with Bob Burton for a while. My old friend. I see him seldom. He and Jack Baron were partnered for 52 years. Impressive.

And then home to an early bed.

Have a good day!

I am back to normal regarding my computer. When I retuned home yesterday afternoon, it was up and running. Only took AT&T 24 hours!

Whatever, I am thrilled! I was lost without it! How dependent we become!

I had an early lunch at the Pier House yesterday. Eggs benedict. Ate out on the deck and read the newspapers.

A water spout appeared to the west. All of a sudden! A tall whirling spiral.

Everyone got excited.

I have seen them before. Larger and up close. I am always fascinated by these giants of nature.

The one yesterday came and went. It was not hovering that long nor did it come close to shore.

Threatening rain was the weather specialty yesterday. Ominous clouds all day. A few sprinkles here and there.

I spent the afternoon on the living room couch watching golf and college football. My bedroom TV is still on the blink.

Last night I took a quick ride over to Hogfish for dinner. Ate at the bar alone. A good Saturday night crowd.

Today is the beginning of Sunday professional football. That means Don’s Place! Don sets up multiple TV screens inside and out and the whole world watches pro football on Sundays there. Today is the day!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Saturday!

No blog yesterday. My computer is still down.

I had my computer guru over to discern the problem. He said it was the AT&T hookup. I telephoned AT&T. The problem was immediately diagnosed over the telephone yesterday morning around 10. They said it was there fault and my service would be up and running within 2 hours.

More than 24 hours later I am still waiting. As soon as I finish this blog at Lisa’s I am returning home to harass AT&T. The only problem is I think they are harassing me!

Lets compound the situation. Yesterday was not a good day over all.

I have 3 TVs in the house. Two are working fine. All of a sudden the one in my bedroom will not give me direct access to a picture, except for a sign telling me the picture will be up and running in a minute.

I called Comcast. No problem. Their problem.I was assured it would be remedied forthwith.

Twenty four hours later and I still do not have television in my bedroom.

The best is yet to come.

I was out of cash. I use Bank of America. It was after 5. I went to Bank of America on Flagler to use the ATM machine.

There were several people in line ahead of me. They put in their cards and got their money. Now it was my turn.

I put my card in. The screen came up a different color than normal. And the message was that the machine was out of money and I would have to go to Bank of America on Southard to make a withdrawal.

No problem.

But there was.

The machine swallowed my card. It went in, but never came out. No matter what button I punched.

The bank was closed. It is closed this morning. I have to wait till Monday to get the card back.

The card swallowing did it for me. No computer, no bedroom TV and now no debit card. What a way to live!

I stuck my friend Marty with drinks and dinner last night.

Thursday was bocci! We won 1, lost 2.

We still have not returned to days of glory. The team was winning the first game 10-2. We lost 16-12. Same thing in the second game. A big lead and then we lost 16-13. We finally looked good in the third game. Killed the opposition by a big number!

Our problem is simple. It is not that we are not good. The problem is we lack the killer instinct. We get a lead and then figure we can slide to victory. Not the way to do it! We must learn to maintain the intensity!

Key West is full of women! Womensfest! I was at the Keys Piano Bar last night. They overwhelmed the place!

I have a soccer parade to attend this afternoon. Robert and Ally will be marching with their teams and all dressed in their soccer uniforms. Exciting for them! Exciting for me!

Enjoy your day!

My computer is still down. I am at Lisa’s writing my blog again today.

Someone is supposed to come to my home to fix the computer today. I can’t wait. Terrible living without accessibility to one’s primary communication tool. It’s living alone!

Key West is into Womensfest. An annual meeting of lesbians from all over the world. A big deal!

Yesterday two movie stars of days gone by were in town. They are here for Womensfest.

Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame. She is also a former owner of 3 restaurants in Key West.

Remember Cagney and Lacey from 1980s television? Two female cops. One of the stars was Sharon Gless. She is in Key West for the event also.

Speaking of events, I had a big one to attend last night before going out on the town. My son in law Corey has been the Director of Archeology at the Mel Fisher Museum for over 25 years. A good guy! A real good guy!

Down on the water near Turtle Krall is an old small wooden building which once housed a turtle factory. Turtle meat was considered good eating and popular at one time. The Museum recently took over the building and have been working hard on turning it into a Turtle Museum.

The responsibility for so doing and the responsibility to oversee it now that it is open is Corey’s.

And a good job he did!

Last night was the grand opening. Everyone was there. The place was packed.

It is another Key West winner.

Good job, son in law!

Robert and Ally were there with Lisa. They are 5 and 4 respectively. Robert was all over the place playing and enjoying. Ally on the other hand was fearful of the crowd. She held tightly onto Lisa’s hand all night with down cast eyes. Interesting. You would not know it the way Ally runs around the house and talks non stop. I felt sorry for her. She found her surroundings last night intimidating.

Afterwards, I went over to the Chart Room. I was late. I figured the place would be packed. It was empty!

Finally Marty showed up. Then Captain Peter. And then all of a sudden the place was packed!

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. If it were not for Womenfest, the place would have been empty.

Fortunately Beecha was working. I got my usual hug and kiss.

Met a nice guy at the bar. His name is Larry. He is a retired fireman from Dallas. Has only been in Key West for 4 days. He has retired to Key West. His son teaches physics at the Key West high school.

We bought him a drink and told him about the Chart Room. I suspect he will be there this evening.

I caught President Obama’s address to Congress on a rerun in the middle of the night. He will get us to some sort of universal health care. I was bothered by the Congressman who shouted out during the President’s speech and accused the President of lying.

Where has civility and respect for position gone in our society. This type conduct is sick and appears to be a growing illness today. It is ok to disagree, to argue. But do it with propriety.

I just got a telephone call. My haircut appointment was for 10 this morning. I missed it. I forgot. Next Tuesday now. Too many mundane things on my mind.

Enjoy your day!