Well, I finished my first full day in Utica. It was not bad. Actually, good. But I have become a Key West person.

The weather yesterday was low to mid 70s. Just a touch of heat. More on the cool side.

Fortunately for me!

My air conditioner on the car went! Only warm air from the vents!

My personal car in Utica is a Mercedes-Benz. A 1988 420 SEL. I bought it new in August 1987. More than 20 years ago. It has only 110,000 miles on it. I take very good care of the car. I baby it!

At the time of its purchase in 1987 the car cost $54,000. A lot of money then! A lot of money now!

Because of its abhorrent cost at the time, I vowed to always take good care of the car. It was my intent to drive it forever. Never to purchase another car. A reflection of my cheap nature!

And if I had not purchased an additional home in Key West , I never would have acquired another car.

When I first bought the house in Key West, I brought the Mercedes down for the winter. I had it flat bedded down and back so as not to abuse the car.

I did one season only. A month after I had the car returned to Utica, I had trouble starting it. The problem was that the salt in the air in the keys had corroated some of the wires.

So much for the Mercedes ever breathing Key West air again!

As you can see, I love my Mercedes and do take very good care of it. I feel like my baby is sick with the air conditioning problem.

We both, the Mercedes and I, are going to have to suffer through the weekend. I do not want to waste any of my brief time here sitting around a garage waiting for the car to be fixed. So I will drive with the windows open the next few days. It will not be harmful to the car. The Mercedes is scheduled for repair next week after I am gone.

Lunch with my father yesterday. Then to Barnes and Noble for reading and coffee and girl watching.

My father is doing well. For his age! He is 94.

We had a good time and some very good conversation.

Last night we met some friends at our golf club, the Yahnundasis.

Wednesday night is now jazz night and free hors d’ouerves and pickies.

There was no music.

Except for the wings, the rest of the food left much to be desired. Even if it was free!

The wings were almost as good as Kelly’s however.

Utica is an Italian town. All of us last night were of Italian American extraction. So it was off to Cafe Florentine for Italian coffee and pastries.

Cafe Florentine is an old time Italian cafe. A cup of coffee and a pastry. Originally and still in East Utica, it now has another store in New Hartford. The Florentine is really old time! Older than me! And I am soon to be 73.

The conversation got around to the increased cost of things today. Except for Gus who is in his late 50s, all of us are in the late 60s early 70s age range.

We all remembered when we could buy a pustie of 10 cents. Last night one cost $1.50.

And the pustie was half the size!

What all of us forget when we have these conversations is that the 10 cents and other radically cheaper costs were 50-60 years ago! So the increase is really not that dramatic.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening. Spent with friends of many years. All with common roots.

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