Sundays have become pretty routine. Quiet easy days. As the Good Book says…Sunday should be a day of rest!

And for me it has so become!

Breakfast as usual at Camille’s with the family. Always good. And interesting! The grandkids continue to impress me. They are a constant source of joy!

Then to the coffee house to read the Sunday papers. Two and a half hours. The New York Post and New York Times.

Did nothing all afternoon.

Wings at Kelly’s last night. Then home to watch the LA/Boston game on TV.

I would like to say I had a good night’s sleep. However I did not! For some reason I woke at 1 am and was awake the rest of the night.

I gave up the battle of trying to sleep at 6 and went to Paradise Cafe for breakfast. It was still dark.

While reading the morning papers and doing the Cuban coffee and toast thing, a mild uproar occurred at my feet. It startled and initially scarred me.

The rooster was trying to do the hen. She was not having anything to do with it or him. They had a battle royal before she was able to get away. Actually the rooster ran off. She got the best of him.

Some females do not like morning sex!

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