Played golf yesterday morning. It was fortunate we did not play for money. My game sucked.

It was very humid. No excuse. However the last 5-6 holes were torture. Like digging ditches.

I was shot! So I spent the afternoon in bed.

Had dinner at the bar at LaTrattoria. Spaghetti and oil with garlic and red pepper. So good! Then next door to Virgilio’s for a drink.

Although the season is over, Key West fills up on the weekend. Prices are dramatically reduced at the hotels/motels and most restaurants. Key West is a quck cheap trip fix!

The dramatic increased cost for a barrel of oil yesterday is being felt. The market dropped big time. The cost of a gallon of gas will probably increase today or in the next few days.

How much can we take? When is someone going to do something about it?

Our elected leaders and aspiring candidates seem to give the problem lip service. Is there no solution? I am sure it is a complicated problem. But we need relief! And we must assure that our Nation is not brought to its knees economically.

I remind you again that Reagan did not defeat Communist Russia on the battlefield. He destroyed their economy!

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