Yesterday was special! It was Sunday! It was Ally’s birthday!

My granddaughter was 3 years old!

We had a birthday luncheon. Ally’s parents, brother Robert and grandparents.

It was a pink time for Ally. A very pink time! As she wanted it. For the past couple months, she insists on everything being pink for her.

Lisa baked a pink cake. With pink frosting, of course. And at Ally’s special request, a big A on top of the frosting for Ally! She is into letters also lately.

And the gifts! Everything pink!

She was transformed into a pink princess!

The long dress, tiara, wand and shoes! Even pink sunglasses!

She looked magnificent! So beautiful! And so proud! She preened the rest of the afternoon!

By the time the party was over, I was tired. So it was home to bed for a nap.

It was no wonder I was tired. Remember it was Sunday. So as usual we started the day with breakfast at Camille’s. Then the birthday luncheon. I overate the cake. I overate period! My poor body needed to rest.

Last night we had a “light” dinner with Donna at Kelly’s. We all picked at a whole deep fried snapper. Small. Had some wings and brie and shared a dessert. Really not much food! Sounds worse than it was. SurprisinglyI was still a bit hungry when we finished.

We topped off the evening with Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase at the Pier House. The featured vocalist was the ever enchanting Carmen Rodriguez. A wonderful performer! A great voice!

She entertained us with jazz and rock and roll tunes. A lot of Linda Ronstadt.

Carmen is a Conch! A very big deal here in Key West. The title/label means she was born here. An item of pride!

The summer is definitely upon us. It was very humid yesterday and last night. Heavy tiring humidity!

It appears to be starting the same way today. The sun is up. There are scattered clouds. The water calm. And no breeze! It is the lack of breeze which is the humidity indicator!

Enjoy your day! I am going to try hard to enjoy mine!

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