The battle of man vs. chickens continues!

I was at Paradise Cafe yesterday for lunch. The chickens showed up. Management water gunned them again. The chickens ran.

I doubt the chickens will be either dissuaded or defeated.

First for the reason expressed yesterday. There are so many of them in Key West!

The other reason which dawned on me yesterday is that the Paradise Cafe represents a food supply. The chickens literally live off the crumbs which fall from the tables! There is no better source of food in the neighborhood!

I spent most of the day glued to the TV set and the Democratic meeting re seating Florida and Michigan. It was not as thrilling as I had anticpated, but it kept my attention. This is going to be one hell of an election!

Last night started with drinks at Beachside and then dinner at Antonia’s. We were out with Serge and Karen. Good people! Good company!

Today is granddaughter Ally’s third birthday! A big day! I have tons of gifts for her. I will start giving them to her at breakfast at Camille’s shortly. It is Sunday!

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