Rain, rain, go away! Little Louis wants to play!

It has been pouring all night. Today is Wednesday. Golf day!

Yesterday was dentist day!

I survived on soup and coffee for 3 days so I would not damage the portion of the cap remaining. I knew from prior experience the dentist needed something to bond onto.

The first time the dentist blew air on the tooth, the balance of the cap dropped off. So much for my diligence!

So what I had anticipated would be a 20 minute visit turned into 2 hours of turmoil! I am being fitted for a new cap. Have a temporary in place. Return in 2 weeks for the permanent one.

I could not wait to go out to dinner last night. I could eat! And eat I did at Antonia’s.

Enjoyed dinner at the bar. Seated nearby were Marty and Captain Peter.

Marty is a court stenographer who has a home in Miami and an apartment in Key West. He is here week days taking depositions for attorneys.

Captain Peter is a Key West icon. Tall and stately. Bar handle moustache. White hair. British or Aussie accent. Distinguished appearing. However he does not operate a boat. Though he looks the part, he does not play it. He has sat at the same corner of the dock in front of the Conch Republic for years selling tickets for a sunset sail. Nevertheless he is known throughout Key West as Captain Peter.

Following dinner I was off to the Pier House for Larry Smith’s woman’s night. Madge Johnson was the featured vocalist.

Madge’s successful singing story is typical of the Larry Smith saga.

Madge is a school teacher by day. She now is also a professional singer by evening.

About 10 years ago Madge was one of the Larry Smith fan club. As I presently am. When he is playing, I go to watch and hear. One evening Larry cajoled her into singing. He sensed her talent. He thereafter worked with her, boosted her confidence and is responsible for the voice quality and professionalism Madge now has.

Madge also sings in the choir at St. Paul’s with Mary Deasy. At one point Mary joined Madge for a duet. They made beautiful music together!

I must have invoked the gods! The rain has stopped! I am off to golf!

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  1. I’ve read with some interest your account of life in Key West. I must disagree with a recent, snide remark about Capt. Peter. He does a terrific job selling tickets for an afternoon out on the water, but he IS, indeed, a Captain, and has sailed the world himself. Many of us have positions here in paradise which only hint at our previous lives up on the Mainland.

  2. Glad to read that you have met Peter. He is a Key West Icon – you are right about that. To say that he does not operate a boat! That is not correct! He lives on a boat that he has sailed all over the world – crossing oceans alone!! I look forward to reading about your next meeting with him. He does not talk about hinself unless you ask. He is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met!! You should get to know him.

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