The weather front is still upon us. Nothing bad! Really good!

The temperature has dropped from the mid 90s to the mid 80s. Humidity is at a bare minimum. There is a strong breeze coming off the Atlantic Ocean. Actually a stong wind! It is the this air off the Atlantic which has cooled things down.

All of which meant I was freed from the Home Depot yesterday!

I walked instead on Smathers Beach which runs along the Atlantic. I took full advantage of the stimulating breeze!

Yesterday was Memorial Day so I could not see a dentist. I hope I get into one this morning. I am very self conscious about the gap in my mouth.

Also because of the dental problem, I did not eat normally yesterday. I am fearful of breaking off what is left of the cap thereby preventing a simple bonding to repair it. So it has been soup and coffee for me!

I stayed in the rest of the day avoiding the public!

However last night I had enough of staying in. Had to get out! Last time I was out in town was Friday. Baby sat Saturday. Stayed home Sunday because of the tooth. 72 hours of no fun would be too much!

I opted for dinner at the bar at LaTrattoria. Only soup. And a couple of drinks, of course!

Then to La Te Da. Bobby Nesbitt plays on Monday nights.

There was a good crowd of locals to see and hear him.

Mary Jo, of course. How she does it, I do not know!

And realtor Martha Robinson. A lovely lady and good friend. Martha confuses me. She once was married and had children. Then she became a lesbian for many years. Last year she switched back to men. Now she does both. Confusing is the proper word! I love this lady!

And the list goes on. Including Garden’s Hotel owner Kate Miano, female impersonator Randy Roberts and the charming Vera Schiff.

Wonderful people! A wonderful performer! All made for a great evening!

If you are interested, I spoke rarely. Kept my mouth shut. Smiled a lot. And no one was aware of my deformity!

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