What a beautiful day to wake up to!

It rained last night. First time in 47 days. For all of 5 minutes!

However there is some sort of front which is upon us. There is a strong wind. The water is moving rapidly with small whitecaps evident.

The temperature projected for today is in the mid 80s as opposed to the mid 90s we have been experiencing. A cold wave!

Yesterday was Sunday. Breakfast with the grandkids at Camille’s. Always a fun time!

Then to Lisa’s home to watch Meet the Press. My daughter Lisa and her husband Corey are political junkies also! The fruit does not fall far from the tree!

I was having lunch at home when one of my caps broke. I lost half of a front tooth. All that remains is the white gold post. Except that the white gold post is dark gray!

Respectfully, I look like a homeless person who has not seen a dentist in many a year!

This is a holiday weekend. How would I get a dentist? So I am stuck looking like this till Tuesday at least. Which means my vanity will not permit me to leave the house!

I read. I am into Virginia Senator Jim Webb’s book A Time To Fight. Good reading. The book provides excellent insight into Webb’s motivations. He would make a good Vice Presidential candidate to Obama. A Vietnam veteran, he served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy under Reagan. He is a thinker also! I enjoyed observing the operation of his mind, his thought development, his rationalizations and justifications.

Since I was stuck home, I decided last night was a good time to watch the HBO special Recount, the story of the 2,000 Presidential election. The only problem, and one of which I was unaware, is that my expensive cable hook up does not provide HBO! Life sometimes sucks!

It was an early night to sleep.

Today I am going to walk. However I am going somewhere where I will see few people and no one I know. I do not wish to open my mouth!

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