I filled my gas tank the other day. $71.00!

My sports car requires premium/high test. I paid $4.20 a gallon. Regular was around $3.95 a gallon.

Yesterday regular was $4.20! A $.25 increase in only 2 days!

The question no longer is what is going on. We know what is going on. We are being ripped off!

No one seems to be doing anything about it.

And I fear that we as a people do not yet really care! We talk a good game. We complain. But that is about it!

There are 2 major gas stations at the same intersection in Key West. One had regular yesterday at $4.20 and the other at $4.04. A $.16 per gallon difference!

The more expensive station had 6 cars pumping gas and the cheaper one only 1.

You explain it!

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