Great golf day yesterday!

I won $15! Says it all! I played well for me!

Our four some played a 2 man scramble. I was teamed with Roger. Our opponents were Larry and Aaron.

Roger is the best golfer in the bunch. He drives long like a pro. I am the worst. Never break a 100. So we were teamed together.

Larry and Aaron play about equal. Generally shoot in the low 90s and every now and then in the high 80s. So they teamed together.

No strokes for anyone.

Yesterday I did not need any! I played over my head!

It was a close match. We won 1 up on both sides and also the all over. A great feeling! It was a pleasure playing with you Roger!

Last night I met the bad guys from the night before. Mike Yutzy, Pete Alfano and Adam Alfano.

We were to meet at 6 at Kwest to hear Bobby Nesbitt. I was a bit late. Mike telephoned me to say he was a bit uncomfortable with the place and would wait for me outside.

Kwest is a gay bar. For 2 hours each Wednesday, the whole world is permitted to enter. Even women! For Bobby Nesbitt! Otherwise it is strictly for guys so inclined and features for example wet jock strap contests on the bar.

Well these worldly three were not comfortable with the surroundings. I was not on time. So they disappeared for awhile. They finally showed up. I tried to ease their self imposed discomfort.

It was like singing to the choir!It helped a bit, but not much. Mike had to take a wicked piss. He would not go into the men’s room! So suffer he did! And well deservedly!

Ho ho! No, ha, ha!

Later we had dinner at LaTrattoria. Another great meal!

And great conversation! These are intelligent guys. Very interested in the coming election. Mike seems to be a McCain supporter. Makes sense since he now lives in Phoenix. Pete is an Obama person! He is a creature of New York City. Adam is quiet. It was difficult for me to fix his political leanings.

But smart guys all! Being the political junkie I am, I found the table conversation stimulating and exciting!

Pete is obviously a ladies man extrodinaire! Smooth. He talks to ALL the women he can! Never passed a good looking one without stopping to chat. A talented communicator! I envy him. I never had the talent.

After dinner, they left town. Their Key West trip concluded, they were off to spend the night at Adam’s place in Ilseamorada. Adam had a 5 am fishing charter this morning.

They will return to Key West. I am confident of it.

The sun is up. Time to walk.

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  1. Lou I am not a Mccain supporter! I am a Clinton supporter. Since Obama looks like he has the nomination, I will shift my support to him. although I have my doubts, I want a Democrat in the White House. I mentioned I think it will be interesting when the Republican political machine gets going, what happens. They have no shame and will pull out all the stops.
    And what scares me is the poll #s are close now. And the country is such a mess, yet about 45% of the country would vote Mccain!I dont get it. He is probably more qualified than Obama, but not the right candidate in my opinion.
    Unfortunately, my vote means little, as I am in AZ, MCcain country.

  2. Don’t be fooled by these guys Lou! Listening to them for too long could have long-term effects. Look at me (Cora), I have been dating “smooth-talker-Pete” for a while and I am starting to believe things he tells me! And for that matter, I spend 2 days with your friends, Yutzy and Pete, before they came to see you and I don’t even get mentioned in your blog?! Where’s my blurb?

  3. lou, i have know capt.peter for about 15 years. he has sailed hundreds of thousand miles in his own boat, crossing the atlantic several times. he has great knowledge of the lifestyle as well as looking the part. what he does now is called…a job….

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