Great day yesterday!

An early walk. Again at Home Depot. The summer humidity is upon us!

Then cuban toast and coffee and the papers at Paradise Cafe. Followed by playing with the grandkids awhile.

Last night a special friend arrived in Key West. Mike Yutzy! Mike now hails from Phoenix. A money man! Involved in finding the green for major investments in the real estate field. A tough business at this time!

He brought with him his friends Adam Alfano and Pete Alfano. Adam and Pete are cousins.

These guys all grew up together on Long Island.

Adam now lives in Isleamorada. He owns and operates a fishing boat. A nice guy! Use him for your fishing trips. He can be reached at

Pete lives in New York City. On the upper east side where all the today movers reside. He is a money man also . Works as a consultant on various deals.

Interestingly Mike and Pete both went to Fordham. I went to Manhatttan. Collegiate rivals. Across the park from each other in the Bronx. Of course I went about 40 years before these guys!

Somewhere along the way before we met last night, Adam found Ollie. Ollie lives in Key West. In fact, Ollie is a Conch! A very proud thing! Born here! She works at the Ocean Key House doing nails and also goes to the community college studying nursing.

We started the evening at Antonia’s at the bar. Then dinner. A great table! Interesting people! Great conversation!

Then down Duval Street packed in my convertible with the top down. Gave them a first hand view of Duval Street!

I took them to the Pier House and Larry Smith. Vicky Rausch was singing. Another other good time!

Note that we are imbibing along the way. We started drinking at the bar at Antonia’s and were still doing so. These young guys put them down easy! And seemingly without any damage. I was getting bombed!

I was the guide. So the next stop was Irish Kevin’s. Somewhere along the way we lost Ollie. And then at Irish Kevin’s we lost Louis. I had had it! Too much booze!

Young guys always want ladies! Well, so do older guys! That never changes. So I left them with instructions to move on to the Red Garter and Rick’s across the street if the eternal search at Irish Kevin’s was unsuccessful.

The Red Garter is a gentlemen’s club. A modern description for a strip joint! Rick’s is a local rooftop hangout where young females gather. Note carefully that I have never been in either place! Scout’s honor!

The drive home was difficult.

We may get together again tonight. I told them I am only interested in their company for the early evening. Bobby Nebitt at Kwest and dinner. Then they are on their own!

It is Wednesday morning. Golf time. My head feels as big as the head on my new driver! Ohhhhhh!

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  1. Lou, i must warn you…RUN NOW! Do NOT spend another evening with those fellas! it is nothing but a slippery slope. i spent 3 years with mike yutzy in las vegas and it took 9 years off my life! by the way, im just messing around with you. those two are great to have drinks with, good laughs, and intelligent conversation. im not joking about vegas though. i will be meeting mike in vegas in a few weeks too relive the old days. i am currently sitting here in the middle of sticksville, bavaria, germany basking in a brisk 58 degress. so, to say the least, i am jealous. i have no idea who you are, but mike says your a great guy and to read your blog. i felt compelled to respond to what you had written. take care, drink another one, and another one, then call a cab. maybe mike and i will have to catch a drink with you sometime in the future…

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