Hot and humid!

Yesterday was a tough one. Temperature hit 94. Heavy humidity.

I started walking and it hit me! So I jumped in the car and drove to Home Depot. I walked inside in air conditioned comfort!

Then to Paradise Cafe for lunch and the papers. Sat outside in the shade. Still hot!

Now from hot to cold!

Last night I had dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Christoper the owner was there. Christopher is originally from Turin, NY. Turin is about 14 miles north of Utica from whence I come.

Christoper told me it had snowed yesterday on Tug Hill, a suburb of Turin. Three inches on the ground!

Out came the cell and I immediately telephoned my father back in Utica. We talk almost daily. I have been telling him for the past 3 weeks that it would snow again in Utica before Memorial Day. It always snows late in May. One last burst of winter!

I told my father that it snowed on Tug Hill. He knew. He said the temperature was 36 degrees. I asked if it had snowed in Utica. He said no, BUT it had snowed last week. However the snow melted as it hit the ground so he did not tell me. Actually he did not tell me because he did not want me to know I was correct. It is a game we play.

It snowed last week in Utica. It snowed yesterday on Tug Hill. In between the area had been experiencing 75 degree weather. Amazing, isn’t it! And that is the way it is every year!

After Antonia’s I went over to the Pier House to hear Larry Smith’s jazz night. Wonderful! With Skipper on the drums and Alex on the horn! Great music!

I am going to walk this morning just as the sun breaks over the horizon. It will be cooler and easier.

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