I opened my eyes this morning just in time to see the sun rising over the water. A bright yellow ball! Going to be another knockout day!

Yesterday was filled with all kinds of pleasures.

We celebrated grandson Robert’s fourth birthday at noon. He was really 4 on Thursday, but the party was yesterday.

Lisa reminded me that it was 4 years ago to the day that Robert was at Miami Children’s Hospital having surgery to remove the cancer from his liver. And there blowing out the candles was this strong vibrant beautiful young boy! A wonder!

This is the day of the Superheroes. When I arrived for the party, Robert was dressed as Batman. However after he opened his gifts, he became Ironman. A new costume!

These superhero costumes are terific! They even have abs!

The bocci playoffs started yesterday afternoon. Although my team was easily vanquished during the season, I went to support my friends on the Don’s Place team. They had ended up second in the regular season.

They lost! Sad!

Two reasons why. The other team was very good! No question about it! They got the ball on the polina constantly. The two were inseparable! Also not all of Don’s team could show up. Chris, who is spectacular at bocci, was in Hawaii and Roger was off working or at a meeting somewhere. Priorities, gentlemen!

The playoffs are an event! Festival like! Tents! Not only for the food and drinks, but also for the players. Bright blue tents at each end of the bocci courts to shade the players. Wow! It was a festive time! We had our own Preakness here in Key West!

Last night my son in law Corey gave a lecture in the courtyard of the Mel Fisher Museum. Corey is the chief archiologist at the Museum. An interesting presentation! Corey is an expert on slave ships. He spoke last night about the human cargo of the slave ship Peter Mowell which sank in the Bahamas. An interesting tale with somewhat of a happy ending. Most of the slaves were saved. Since the Bahamas were British and slavery was prohibited under British law, the human cargo became free persons and eventually acclimated into Bahamian society.

Then to Kelly’s for wings.

My choice at this point was home to bed, the Pier House to hear Larry Smith or La Te Da. La Te Da won!

I was only going to have one drink. It turned into two. But I had a good time! I even danced!

Today is Sunday. Sunday is breakfast with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids! It is off to Camille’s!

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