Played golf yesterday with dour Aaaron and happy Yankee Jack! Luv them both!

My game is improving. However my score does not yet show it. Golfers will understand!

Then a pedicure and manicure. My relaxation after beating myself up on the golf course!

I continue reading Barbara Walters’ book at Borders. It grows on you! I did not like it at first. I suggest you read it.

Dinner after Bobby Nesbitt last night at Antonia’s with Donna and Mary Jo. As usual, good company and good food!

Donna and Mary Jo had been in Miami yesterday to see a surgeon for Mary Jo. Apparently Mary Jo is not yet ready for surgery. He wants the tumor to shrink more. So it is several more weeks of chemo for Mary Jo. She is not a happy camper about it, but will do it. One tough lady!

The sun is up. Another great Key West day in the making.

I am going for a walk before it gets too hot.

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