The sun is coming up! Another glorious day in the making!

The weather has been fantastic this past week. Low 90s. A touch of humidity. Summer is upon us here in the keys!

I play golf this morning. It will be hot! Perspiration big time. Good for the weight!

Yesterday was quiet. A walk. Played with the grandkids for a while.

Spent a couple of hours at Borders reading Barbara Walters’ Audition. A winner! One of the reasons I am enjoying it is we are basically the same age. So I am reliving my life as I read about hers.

The 3 sex affairs play a very small part in the book. I don’t know about in her life. They could have been left out.

Drinks and dinner at LaTrattoria last night. The town is dead. So too was the restaurant. A quiet meal and then home to bed for the West Virginia results. When is is this Democratic primary going to end? In spite of her huge victory last night, Clinton is doing more harm to her image than good. I am beginning to question what her judgment would be if she were President. She just does not want to give up and get out. Much like Bush and Iraq!

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