Sunday afternoon provided a warm and enjoyable experience.

The place was St. Paul Episcopal Church on Duval Street. St. Paul’s is one of those huge old time churches where one of any faith can feel at home and close to God.

St. Paul’s is a different type church. It seems to dance to a different tune. An appropriate description as you will soon understand. And fitting perhaps because St. Paul’s is located in Key West.

Until recently, it was the best place to be at noon each weekday for one hour.

There is a large baby grand piano up front just outside the alter rail. It has always been there.

And at noon each day the church organist would play broadway tunes on the piano. Camelot, My Fair Lady and the like.


Many the day on a walk in the heat of the mid day sun I would stop in at St. Paul’s to cool off and also listen to the music. So did many others!

I found I was still in church and experienced the comfortable feeling that normally accompanies a church visit. Meditation would set in. Self-introspection. A few words were exchanged with the Almighty.

Mary Deasey sings in the choir at St. Paul’s. Sunday afternoon at 4 she headlined a musical show from the alter rail. She was accompanied by several other leading Key West singers. Love songs, happy songs!

Larry Smith directed the entire performance. From the baby grand, of course. And he was his usual terrific professional self.

Many attended. People of all ages.

It was a wonderful time!

And as I thought Sunday afternoon and at those noon times when I would stop in, what a good use of God’s house!

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