The rape of the American public continues! The price of gasoline in Key West went up another $.10 a gallon last night. Two days ago I reported it had reached $4 a gallon. Yesterday it went to $4.10 a gallon!

Will it ever end? Will it ever go down!

I remember when my wife and I were young kids and courting. In the early 1950s. We had her Dad’s car. It was running out of gas. Between the 2 of us, we had $.25. It bought 1 1/2 gallons of gas!

Oh, for the good old days!

I read an interesting column in yesterday’s Sunday New York Post. It was written by a think tank oil expert out of Washington. Her thoughts on the cause of the problem are worth sharing.

She said the oil producing countries were punishing the United States by randomly raising oil prices for 2 reasons. Iraq and Israel. They were unhappy we were in Iraq. They disliked our support of Israel.

The writer appeared to have deep insight into the problem. She further advised that these same countries were buying up the stock of the major oil companies supplying the United Stattes. Shocking! In the end the Arabs, Venezualans and Russians will own Mobil, Shell and the like. And then what a number they will do on us!

Saudi Arabia is one of the culprits described. They are our “friends.” We protect them militarily. Friends like them we do not need! Such duplicity!

When are we going to find our balls again as a Nation! We need the motivation the Texans had when they fought Mexico for independence. Remember the motto on their flag: “Don’t Tread On Me!”

New and decisive leadership is required. Enough of Bush and Cheney. They took us down this path.

I hope Obama can do it. November is a long way off. And late January even further when he would take office. Between now and then the price of gas will further increase. We could be paying $5-6 a gallon by then.

And these oil producing nations will have been further enabled and empowered.

Wake up America! What could not be done militarily is being done economically. We are being led down the road of economic destruction. The end result is the same, whether by bomb or market. Look what Reagan was able to do to the Russian nation.

Get mad! Talk! Shout! Clamor! Complain! Eventually voices will be heard. And then our leadership will do whatever must be done! We can recover! We will recover! But we have to get mad first and let our elected officials know in no uncertain terms we want them to act!

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