It has finally happened! The inevitable has occurred!

A gallon of regular gasoline costs $4 in Key West!

I cannot tell a lie. It is really $3.999. One/tenth of a penny short of $4. That is $4 to me and everyone else!

Where will it end? When?

We are being gouged!

If Bush and Cheney went to war in Iraq over oil, they screwed up that scenerio also.

We hear nothing concrete from our major presidential candidates on how to solve the problem. Hillary saves us a few dollars over the summer by suspending the federal tax. Obama says her cure is a band aid and panders to the American public. McCain seems non committal.

I remember when Kennedy was President. He said we would put a man on the moon within 10 years. We did!

A major feat!

If we could do that, why can’t we solve the energy crisis? An alternative to oil must be found. Lets stop kissing ass and stand on our own two feet. We can never be truly strong again if our economy is dependant on the whims of foreign nations.

It is Sunday morning. Breakfast at Camille’s with the grandkids!

It is also Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, past and present!

Two mothers I think of often and miss terribly are my mother and grandmother. Both are long gone. However they are in my mind almost every day. A happy Mother’s Day to them also!

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