Where do I begin…

A few days ago I wrote with pride regarding my granddaughter Nicole who had been accepted at Hartwick College. Not the greatest of students, she had been wait listed at Hartwick. However she was determined to be accepted! She sought and obtained a personal interview. Thereafter she bombarded the admissions officer with e mails.

Her perseverance and determination were rewarded. She received an e mail 2 days ago that she had been accepted.

Yesterday Nicole received her formal letter of acceptance in the mail. Enclosed was also a notice of scholarship. Nicole has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship! Wow! The school was impressed with her diligence in the pursuit of admission. Again wow! And good girl, Nicky!!!

I played golf yesterday morning. These new high tech clubs help. Everyone should have the hybrid! And Yankee Jack has loaned me one of his big headed drivers. It takes time to get used to. However yesterday I started getting off the tee well. Especially on the back nine.

There is a new show in town. A burlesque show! Burlesque went out of vogue in my early youth. I did have the opportunity however to see a couple of burlesque shows while I was in college.

I attended college in New York City. Across the river in Newark, New Jersey was an old time burlesque theatre. We used to sometime drive over to catch a show. It was to see the ladies! They used to do an almost total strip, wave a few pasties and feathers and so it went! Ah, the perversions of youth! There were also singers and comedians and acrobats. But we were only there for the female art!

So I can claim minimal experience in the burlesque world!

I attended the new show upstairs at Kelly’s last night. A winner! Go see it! A real bargain. Only $25.

It runs on Friday evenings at nine.

The show was not like old time burlesque as I remembered it. It was more of a spoof/mimic of the old. And oh so funny!

The cast is composed of Key West housewives, mothers and girl friends. Only one male. All amateurs. I think they are doing the show more for the fun of it rather than the money. Whatever, all were good and again I recommend the show to you.

The summer is upon us here in Key West. Yesterday the temperature was 92 degrees. Humidity is getting heavy. I have had to sleep with the air conditioning on the last 2 evenings. And I hear every one saying they are now sleeping with the air on.

I am looking out the window as I write. The water is calm. Like glass. The palm tree hangs motionless. No breeze.

It is going to be another hot one!

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