Woody died.

Robert “Woody” Warren.

Another star now flashes in the heavens!

Woody was a short thin man. Bespeclted. Conservative appearing. Soft spoken.

He could be found at 5 every evening sitting at the bar at Square One. A kind word for all. Everyone’s friend.

Woody came out of Wall Street. He settled in Key West around 1981. His partner of many years died either before Woody came to Key West or soon thereafter. I never really found out.

Woody opted to remain a solitary figure thereafter. He always spoke glowingly of his partner.

Woody was also very kind to my daughter Lisa when she first came to Key West 10 years ago. He was one of a group who took her under their wing, so to speak. Interestingly most of those who first befriended Lisa were those who hung out at and frequented Square One.

Woody, you are so missed!

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