Beautiful morning!

Blue water, blue sky. From where I sit, I can look out the open window and see the top of a palm tree blowing in the wind as it cuts the water and sky. I may never leave this chair!

Catch up time. The trip to Boston caused me to miss a few items which need commenting.

First, bocci!

The season ended last Thursday. I missed it since I was in Boston. My team won 1 and lost 2. As a team, we finished tied for 8th place out of 14 teams. Not good considering we were tied for first at mid season with a 15-4 record. Can you imagine! We had won 15 games at that point! Generally all 3 in an evening.

Then came mid season and disaster. We only won 3 games in the second half of the season.

Why, I do not know. Nor does anyone else on the team. We went from good, no great, to bad! As with the Brooklyn Dodgers of old, wait till next year! Hopefully!

Restaurants seem to constantly change. By way of service, food and so forth. The restaurant remains, but its performance level fluctuates. Sometimes radically.

Pisces has been a favorite this past year. However the last 2 meals there have left much to desire. So much so that I question whether I will be eating there again for awhile.

Pisces is probably the most expensive restaurant on the island. Thus it has a high standard to meet. So so food does not pass. My last 2 entres were so so.

And even the decor could use a bit of touching up. Although remodeled several years ago, it is time again to do something. The place looks drab and worse has a drab feeling.

Last year Pisces opened a roof top area for dining. It was absolutely beautiful! Comforting also! A winner!

The roof top portion is never open any more. Me thinks the wait staff is too lazy to climb the stairs.

Attituide. The wait staff has always had an attitude at Pisces. It goes with the place. So generally accepted/tolerated. However when the food is going downhill, it is a bit too much to take!

And the silverware needs replacement! It really is worn!

Enough said about Pisces.

On the other hand, Antonia’s is on a roll! Their food has never been better. Great! And half the price of Pisces!

My granddaughter Nicole graduates from high school June 14. Don’t get confused. I have 11 grandchildren.

Nicole lives in Utica. I am very proud of her.

Nicky was already accepted at one college. However she wanted to go to Hartwick. Hartwick wait listed her.

She went to work to sell herself to Hartwick. She got a personal interview. She also dunned the admissions person with e mails frequently expressing her interest, what she could offer to the school and so forth.

Her efforts succeeded! She has been accepted to Hartwick!

I am thrilled for her. But proud more! She knew what she wanted and went after it. She will succeed in life!

Good girl, Nicole!

The 5 pounds I gained in Boston are gone. It is easy to lose once a person gets back to Key West and starts indulging Key West style. Little food and lots of booze! No, not really. But Key Westers do eat less. Maybe it is the heat. And fish is eaten twice a day.

Yesterday was a good golf day.

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Kwest. Afterwards I had dinner at the bar at Antonia’s with my friend Aaron.

Enjoy your day! I am going to enjoy mine!

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