There is a story out of Miami Children’s Hospital to be told.

My grandson Robert will be 4 May 15. A lucky young man. He was born with cancer of the liver.

Babies/humans are not born with cancer. It is an after birth acquisition and affliction. However it does happen. In less than .007 per cent of births. Medical science does not know why it occurs when it does.

Robert was 3 days old and in our Key West hospital. He did not look right. He was not functioning properly.

An x ray showed a mass in his abdomen. He was immediately helicoptered from the Key West hospital to Miami Children’s Hospital. That is what that helicopter is for that sits outside our hospital. To take care of emergency cases. And when they move, they move!

Off Robert went! With medical staff. But no parents! Only the patient is allowed. The patient’s age is immaterial. So my daughtert Lisa and her husband and I and my wife drove helter skelter to Miami.

When we arrived, a team of doctors were waiting. Robert had been examined and diagnosed. Immediate surgery was required.

Robert had 2 major surgeries over 4 days. On the 4th day of his life and on the 8th day of his life.

He had a cancer tumor attached to his liver. The tumor was 2 3/4 inches by 2 inches. Significantly larger than his baby liver!

The medical care, treatment and attention at Miami Children’s was spectacular! The best!

After about 10 days, Robert was permitted to return home with his parents. My recollection is that Lisa never got to hold Robert till he was 5 days old.

Anyhow, since cancers at birth are so uncommon, Robert has become a medical case study. Miami Children’s periodically sees him, examines him and makes sure he is A-OK. He will be so tested till his 18th birthday.

At first he was seen monthly. Then quarterly. Now every 6 months. The whole family packs up for a day trip to Miami. Now this even includes Robert’s younger sister Ally.

Robert gets probed, pressed, x-rayed, blood drawn and all the other nice things that can be done to the body.

Yesterday was his first 6 month visit.

Miami Chrildren’s Hospital is a gigantic operation. Like a college campus. Many buildings, thousands of visitors and an understandably huge medical staff.

Yesterday Robert was examined by Dr. Peskaru who was part of the original team that first operated on Robert. She told Lisa she saw his name on the day list and wanted to see him again after so long.

She examined him and told Lisa he continues to be in good health. Thank God!

And then the doctor shared a personal and private moment with Lisa. She told Lisa that they see about 150 of these cases a year. Very few make it. Robert was a success story. And that is why she wanted to see him again.

Lisa and the doctor shared a tearful moment together. My eyes are filled as I write this.

Life is sometimes good! God helps!

I am off to the golf course. I need it!

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