I was up early yesterday. The morning was magnificent! Sun shining. A few white clouds in the sky. The water calm.

I was anxious to get back into my routine. So it was off to Paradise Cafe for a breakfast of cuban coffee and cuban toast. And paper reading of course. Followed by a long walk along the waterfront.

Then the height of my morning. A visit to the grandkids!

I was missed! They both ran to me shouting Poppa! What a joy!

A little later I had lunch with daughter Lisa at the Beachfront Cafe. A pleasure to see her also. Her children are so wonderful because she is wonderful!

I watched my food, of course. Only soup for lunch.

Last night I intended to have dinner at the bar at La Trattoria and then go to Larry Smith’s Jazz Night at the Pier House. However the trip must have caught up with me. I felt a bit under the weather so I spent the evening home in bed. And had nothing to eat. A benefit in disguise!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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