Great to be back in Key West!

A beautiful morning!

The start of a wonderful day!

Boston is a great city! But still cold and damp this time of the year. 85 degrees is better than 45!

I had a pleasant experience yesterday.

For the past several years I have been flying Continental. My return flights yesterday were on American. How nice the American personnel were! Everyone smiles! All interested in helping with questions and problems.

In contrast with Continental where everyone appears dour and unhappy.

I had come to accept this cold non personal treatment. I assumed because of the economics of the airline industry, employees were being put upon and did not care about customers. Now with the American experience under my belt, my attitude is if one can do it, they all can. And should!

Last night I had a quiet dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. Great fish! Mahi mahi! In the short time I was gone, I missed the taste of fresh fish. Especially when well prepared as it was last night at Antonia’s.

My body has taken a 5 pound beating in 5 days! Too much of that good Italian cooking! I will be rid of it in 5 days. Going to start now with a 3 mile walk along the waterfront. Might make it 5 miles!

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