Sunday morning!

I leave for the airport in less than 3 hours to return to Key West. It is time!

Wonderful day yesterday. Confirmation party for Samantha in the afternoon. Family and close friends.

First, some errands to run to get last minute things for the party. My daughter Beth took me to the super market to help. What a great place! It is one of those new ones we only read about in Key West.

Huge aisles! Extremely wide.

Food wise, the preprepared foods seem to be the most obvious change. By preprepared I mean where you can buy your meal all prepared, go home, throw it in the micro and enjoy. Fancy stuff. The operation took up lot of space. Must be very few people cook any more.

The party was terrific! A winner! Beth and her husband Mark had planned it well. They also spent 2 days getting ready for it. They did it all themselves. Rather than catering the party, they find doing the cooking and prep fun and so do it that way.

It was a great Italian meal! Could not have been better!

I ate non stop for 6 hours. I have not eaten that much food at one time in years. Everything was so tasty, I did not want to stop.

So much for watching my weight!

Time to pack for the return trip. Talk to you from Key West tomorrow.

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