Interesting dinner last night! Ate at Pisces again. The fish is so good! Great preparation and presentation! However this time I avoided the watermelon martinis. Instead I enjoyed my usual couple of gins.

One of my dinner companions was Lou Hernandez. An interesting man! Lou was born and raised in Texas. After school, he did a stint in the military and then ended up working for the government in Washington. Many years ago he settled in Key West.

Since that time he has anchored himself in the community. He is a most respected individual!
At the present time he is the CEO of Helpline. Helpline is a not for profit that basically does what its name connotes. It provides help! Any person with any kind of need can call and receive advise and assistance. The range of help covers all the many needs of a modern populace. Aids, disability, spousal abuse, addiction, need for basics such as food and medicine, etc.

Lou is also community minded. He presently serves as Board Chairman of Keys Energy Services. Keys Energy provides electrical and other utility services from Key West north to the end of the Seven Mile bridge. Roughly 50 miles of keys. Board membership is an elected position by the people of the lower keys. A four year term. Lou has been reelected three times. I believe he is in his tenth year of service.

Lou also served as County Democratic Chairman for a time.

So we had great dinner conversation! The environment and politics!

For whatever reason, I could not sleep last night. I have been up since 2 am. Not so bad however. It gave me an opportunity to see reruns of the Democratic debate and Mitchell’s report on baseball and steroid usage.

The six Democratic hopefuls looked good. I was impressed with all of them in this the final debate for a while.

Senator Mitchell’s report was a mind blower! Not so much that steroids and other power inducers were being used. Rather it was the extent of the problem and the fact that a number of very prominent athletes were involved.

We live in morally sick society. It is a continuing and growing problem. Those who are at the top consider themselves omnipotent. They think they can do anything they want without responsibility coming into play. Corporate CEOs are another example. As well as our government officials in Washington. The public/people be damned! And the cancer is moving down the ladder into our younger business and professional generation. We have become a “me” society as opposed to an “us” one. I hope this next presidential election will move us in a reverse direction. Since the sickness is greatest at the top, the solution/cure must start there and move down to the populace. It will take time to reverse, but it can and must be done. It is time for the pendulum to start swinging the other way!

So I was out of bed before 6 and into town having Cuban toast and coffee at Paradise Cafe. And reading the morning papers. I love reading the morning papers!

By the time the sun came up, I was ready for my morning walk. I did the waterfront. It was interesting watching the island come to life. Tino rode by me on his bicycle. It was good to see him. He starts his day at 7 am a few mornings a week. This former federal government investigator from Chicago is now a dock master at the A & B Marina.

Since it was only 8 am, I stopped at my daughter Lisa’s on the way home. Participated in breakfast with my 3 and 2 year old grandchildren. Always an interesting experience! Played with them a bit. Made plans to have dinner with them tonight. And then I was off to my Raccoon Key home to write to all of you.

And I still have the whole day ahead of me!

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