Good morning world!

Cold and rainy here in Massachusetts.

Yesterday was shopping day. Except I did not buy anything!

I spent 3 hours in the Newbury Street area.

I was searching for some new bright colored sport shirts. Found nothing that appealed to me. So I bought nothing.

I was disappointed in Brooks Brothers. Too small. Not enough of a selection. Nothing like the Brooks’ stores in New York City.

As usual, Louis turned me on. Love their clothes! Except you have to be a male Twiggy to fit in them. And that I am not!

Louis now has a restaurant in the back corner on the first floor. Small and intimate. I would have tried it, but it was too early for lunch.

Women’s apparel shops rate a 10! Some great female clothing out there! If I had a woman with me, I would have bought her a few pieces.

I had to wait 3 hours for my daughter to pick me up. Three hours is a long time to walk around. Especially in the bitter cold. The wind was biting. I was dressed for it. In layers. Leather jacket, sweater, shirt, jeans and boots.

I figured I would buy a paper and sit in a hotel lobby reading for awhile to rest up and wait for my daughter. Good luck!

Try to find a newspaper in the Newbury area! Next to impossible!

I stopped in several hotels. Large and small. None have a paer/cigarette stand. The stand is gone. I have outlived the amenity.

There are no street vendors selling papers.

Finally I found a drug store on Boylston that sold newspapers. A victory! Or sort of.

I wanted a New York Post. They had it. Now where to sit to read. As I walked out of the drug store, what do you think was on the next corner? Borders! My home for reading in Key West.

The Boston Borders on Boylston is big! Several floors.

I needed one of their small comfortable black easy chairs to collapse in and read my paper. I found one on the first floor right in front of one of the huge picture windows.

I rapidly captured it.

There was a chair opposite me also. Already occupied. By a homeless bag woman. Slumped over asleep in her chair with her cart and belongings in front of her. Big City living.

I started to read the paper. Newspaper reading is a favorite thing with me. Something looked awfully familiar with the paper. It suddenly dawned on me! I had purchased yesterday’s paper! Sometimes I can’t win!

So I did what I do in the Key West Borders. I grabbed one of their books and read free for an hour till my daughter called.

Last night was quiet. We stayed in. Watched old movies on TV.

One of them was Ghost. Patrick Swazey, Demi Moore and Whoopie Goldberg. Still a tear jerker. A good movie! Sad that Swazey is now fighting pancreatic cancer. Made the movie a bit more edgy to watch.

Party time this afternoon. The Confirmation celebration continues.

Tomorrow I return to Key West.

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