Petunia has died.

A long time Keys resident. Much admired.

Petunia spent most of her life on Stock Island. At the Monroe County Jail. The petting zoo and animal farm portion.

Petunia was a pig.

John Desantis is a staff writer/reporter with the Key West Citizen. In a front page article yesterday, he spoke of Petunia’s death.

For those unfamiliar with the zoo, it is maintained by the prisoners at the jail.

Key West dances to a different tune in many respects. An  example is its daily newspaper. The Key West Citizen. Yesterday’s front page news was all local. Not one bit of national news.

The front page articles were a story about the Governor being ready to sign a bill to upgrade Keys sewer projects, a large picture of two young girls holding a butterfly, the School Superintendent and alternative schools, the County Commission scheduled meeting to vote on new mooring rules, a political candidate forum, and John Desantis’ article on the zoo.

The national news was on page 7 across from the comic page. Probably where it belonged.

The valuable, the important, to Key West residents is that which is occurring locally. A factor recognized by the Citizen.  Those matters which affect them in a knowing fashion on a daily basis. The President, his security guards, Cuba, Romney and the like can wait. Till page 7.

The Citizen dances to the same tune as the citizens of Key West. A different one.

I am still home bound. I was tempted to step out last night for a time. A drink or two and some friends. But decided against it. I was not ready.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Almost all local papers print from just one or two sources..AP, Reuters or NYTimes. All of them left leaning.

    That is why it's so important to be a discerning reader and get your news from more than one source. Watch different channels, including Fox, listen to NPR, read the NYT, WSJ and scour the internet to find the truth.

    Anyone who gets all their information from just one or two sources is sorely misinformed.

    Lou, I wish you would talk more about the national media not doing their job. They didn't properly vett BHO and look what we ended up with.

    In fact they never asked him anything that would upset him. Watch this election as to how they treat him, vs Romney. That should tell you all you need to know about the shape our national news media is in.

    They are sometimes called the fourth branch of government but they certainly are not that now.

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