A brilliant gorgeous Key West day in the making. Bright sun. Cool breeze. Blue sky. No humidity.

God is in His Heaven! All is right with the world!

Another interesting Internet show yesterday morning. I spent some time discussing the Supreme Court. An analysis of the court overall and a look at the political thinking of some Justices which is plaguing the Court today.

Turns out the Supreme Court was the topic which drew the most post show comment. Most considered it an eye opener.

After the show, I chatted with Jenna for a while. She was at the radio station. Dressed to kill! Beautiful! You always look good, I said. But why so special today? Jenna is the star at the new local TV station in Key West. She was attired to tape a show later in the day.

We made a date to attend Larry Smith’s show at St. Paul’s Church a week from tomorrow. It will be at 4 on a Sunday afternoon.

I stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. I did not have time for breakfast before the show. Read the newspapers, drank coffee and enjoyed a large toasted bagel with cream cheese.The cream cheese is lumped on the plate, not the bagel, and resembles a huge scoop of ice cream.

Spent the afternoon at home. Wrote next week’s KONK Life column. Had to get it out. The deadline was 5 yesterday afternoon.

The subject matter was a bit scary. I titled it 1712 Slave Revolt In New York City. The revolt in and of itself was not the thrust of the column. It was the punishment which twenty Africans suffered afterwards. They were burned at the stake!

Burning has been a favored method of punishment from the earliest days to the present. The world should know it is still with us. An example being 400 women who were burned in an Iraqi city in one year as recently as 2006.

Last night was Passover. Happy Holiday to all my friends of the Jewish faith!

For the past several years, Christian Louis has celebrated Passover with Donna and her family. I have been honored to be invited to the Passover dinner. I do it all when I attend. From the skull cap to the readings to singing to sipping the wine to eating the special foods.

I was invited again this year. Never made it. As I was getting ready to leave, I fell down the stairs. The center stair case in my Key West home. Only two steps. But enough to bang my head on the tile floor and some how hurt my leg.

I spent the evening in bed with an ice pack on my head.

Tomorrow is Easter. Terrific. Love family holidays. There will be an egg hunt for Robert and Ally in the morning. Easter dinner with Lisa and family. Sitting around gabbing. Watching the final round of the Masters on TV.

What could be better!

I am not ready for Easter, however. I still have to buy Robert and Ally Easter baskets. It will be done today. I might even get Lisa one. A daughter is a little girl to her father forever.

Jean Thornton, where are you? You are back in town. So I am told. Since Thursday.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Numerous folks in my department tuning into your show yesterday, once again, very compelling! The glasses look great too!

    Do take care on the stairs. Be safe!

  2. I have to agree about the SCOTUS and the thoughts of some of its judges.. The recent remarks concerning the Court by our President were absurd.. Patrick

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