I met only nice people yesterday.

I was trying to get my passport done.

My first stop was the Federal Building. I assumed that was the place to go. It was not. However the deputy at security was very helpful in directing me to the correct place.

It was the Community College on Stock Island. Drove over. Huge parking lot. Huge buildings. Where to go? I lucked out. The first door I entered was the place. How’s that for good fortune!

An extremely knowledgeable and pleasant woman in charge. Within minutes, I had a short form application in hand with specific instructions jotted down by her on a piece of paper. Complete the paper work and mail everything yourself to Philadelphia. She even gave me a black pen to take away. The application required black ink only.

The application was a piece of cake. When finished, I took it to the Post Office. The one in the Winn Dixie Plaza. The helpful woman at the college advised me to send it priority mail traceable. The post mistress behind the counter was a charmer. She smiled constantly. Helped me with the special envelope, etc.

Three public servants in one day. All pleasant. All helpful. Not a grouch among them.

The rest of my day was busy. Too busy.

I fine tuned today’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. World wide. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Some interesting topics. Like today’s Supreme Court, the Connecticut death penalty, a slave revolt in New York City, a tax on beards, Brigham Young and his 27th wife, the birth of Hostess Twinkies, and more.

Spend an hour listening to me challenging the world!

Bocce last night. Terrible! Me and the whole team! No one any good. We were killed, decimated and destroyed! It was a money game. We lost to a very good Larry Smith team. It was bad!

The only good thing was that I got to meet Jessica. Jessica is new to Larry’s team. I think she is Shane’s girl friend. Young and pretty. Of Italian heritage.

I found her employment fascinating. She is a civil servant. Works for the State of Florida. She assists in breeding/growing/raising coral. Coral is dying. The reefs and fish are not becoming endangered, they are endangered. The ocean is important to Florida in many respects. The coral Jessica is developing will eventually be taken out into the ocean to be replanted at and repair the reefs.

Good going, Jessica!

Everyone enjoy their day!

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  1. Awesome Lou! Found you! One correction ( and only in case others read it that are familiar w nursery projects)… The coral nursery in the middle keys that I help maintain already has staghorn coral that consists of a variety of genetic strains. Why different genetics? Preliminary data has potentially indicated that the individual genetics of the same coral species may be more resilant against environmental stress than others. This is something to be looked at further. Nursery-reared coral will be outplanted by our agency for the first time next week along with more corals reared by our partners throughout the keys. Very exciting to be a part of much needed cause in a very hands-on way!

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