What a difference a day makes!

It is 27 degrees here in the Boston area. Cold! A far cry from the low 80s I left yesterday in Key West.

The high here today will be 55. Ugh!

The plane trip was uneventful. The planes were on time. Packed as usual.

It never ceases to amaze me. Once I hit the north country in the cold months, people start to look weathered and worn! I flew through Cleveland. It started there. The winter takes its toll and shows its toll! We need sun and sun tans to make us vibrant looking.

My granddaughter Samantha is 16. Besides being beautiful, intelligent and all kind of great things, she is an ice skater. Has been skating since she was 6. Ten years! Thousands of hours of practice and thousands of dollars of lessons!

And it is evident!

She is good! Not just grandfatherly good! Good in her own right!

I watched her practice last night. Rather watched her take a lesson from her coach. At the Babson College ice rink. Indoors. Cold? Freezing!!! That cold! I sat shivering in my leather jacket.

It has been 3 years since I saw Samantha perform. What improvement! So graceful! So smooth! So beautiful!

It brought tears to my eyes. For several minutes. And then I realized how cold it was. I actually thought for an instant my eyeballs would freeze! So much for the tearing.

Smanatha’s most recent competition was a staewide one. She won a medal in all 4 of the competitions she participated in. One gold and 3 bronzes. She is good!

Tonight Confirmation. How I will spend my day I do not know. I am without a car. Isolated in Wellesley!

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