I leave for Boston soon. Return Sunday.

My grandaughter Samantha is to be confirmed tomorrow. A big deal for Catholics.

Samantha just turned 16. She is child no longer. A lovely woman!

Studies hard. Also plays hard. She skates. Ice skates. Has been doing so all her life. Does it extreemely well also. She competes. And has won her share of competitions!

Last night was fun!

Too many drinks and dinner at the bar at Latrattoria. Then to the Pier House to hear Larry Smith.

Tuesday is Ladies Night. Larry featured Christine Naughton. I enjoyed her singing.
Extra special however was Mary Deasey who sang a few songs. Especially good was her rendition of John Lennon’s Grow Old With Me. Mary is a first class show person!

And of course there was the lovely Donna the barmaid! Oops! Bartender. Sorry!

I also consumed 3 espresso martini’s. A bad night!

Time to run to the airport. I write from Boston tomorrow!

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  1. Hey Lou – Thanks for the mention. Have a great time in Boston – see you when you get back to Key West!

    Mary Deasy

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