There is no joy in Mudville. Mighty Casey has struck out.

Syracuse lost to Cincinnati last night. I don’t even want to discuss it. It had to happen. Better this week than next. Syracuse should still be a # 1 seed in the big tournament.

It was a bad evening watching the game. It was a good morning doing my Internet show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour.

The post show comments primarily covered three topics.

My advice to women that they should beware. The men are going to take them back to the middle ages. I suggested if their husbands were one of the guilty, then they should stop sleeping with them, stop cooking, stop cleaning the house, and stop doing their clothes. Their men will soon get the message loud and clear.

The battle should be fought now before the ladies get trampled upon even more. The argument is not a religious one. It is a political one. The women are being sacrificed to obtain political advantage.

This one is funny, but true. We know what pantyhose are. Well men, mantyhose, aka guylons, are on the way. Started in Italy. Now all over Europe. The United States is next.

The final topic was that many Chinese women are going over the border to Hong Kong to deliver their children. There are a number of benefits to be obtained by so doing.

I watched the Syracuse game at the Sports Page Bar. It is also spring break time. The place was packed with college students. They are all so young!

I never did a spring break. Could not afford it.  When I returned home from college on holiday or break, I worked in a meat packing house from 6 in the evening to 6 in the morning. I was in the union. Made terrific money. Which I desperately needed. My children benefited from my meat packing days, however. They were spring breakers big time.

After the game, I stopped at the Chart Room. Emily and four tourists. Chatted briefly with Emily. I like this girl!

Emily told me Cheryl and Roger had been in. Cheryl related my screw up to Emily.

Yesterday morning, I invited Cheryl and Roger to dinner last night at the Yacht Club. Did so in yesterday’s blog. A half hour later I remembered the Syracuse game at 7. Love Cheryl and Roger, but Syracuse basketball is more important. I telephoned Cheryl and begged off. She laughed, was good about it.

Then to Don’s place. I was looking for some one to discuss the Syracuse disaster with. Good luck! No one to be found. Very few patrons at Don’s. Kurt bartending. Puff at the bar. They briefly mentioned  they had heard Syracuse lost. I had one drink and said my good nights.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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