Breakfast with the grandchildren yesterday morning.

Robert is just a couple of weeks short of 4. Batman is his hero! Spiderman a close second!

He has all kinds of toys and other Batman paraphanelia. Including Batman costumes and pajamas. Even Batman sheets!

Yesterday at breakfast he was talking about Ironman. Who is Ironman? I had never heard of him. Neither had my daughter Lisa. Apparently Robert had. He talked on and on about him. A new good guy/hero figure.

After breakfast I walked over to the coffee house to read the papers. One of them is the New York Times. While wandering throughthe entertainmment section, lo and behold, there was a page long advertisement for the new movie Ironman!

Where Robert picked up on Ironman I do not know. But he was into him and knew all about him. A wonder!

I am having the carpets in 2 of the bedrooms cleaned this week. The walk in closet in the master bedroom is carpeted. So it was time to clean out the closet. The first time in 12 years! What a mess! The things we accumulate! The things we save! Twelve huge black garbage bags were packed and left curbside last night for the garbage people to pick up.

Afterwards when I walked into the closet, it was like walking into a whole new room!

Last night was drinks first at Alice’s. And some interesting bar conversation with other customers. Politics of course! Everyone agrees this primary is no good for the Democratic Party, the country or Obama. Sad!

Dinner later at Martin’s. Good German food in a pleasant outdoor dining setting shadowed by flaming torches stuck in the ground. Cool!

This morning I see from the TV that the Reverend Wright saga is ongoing. Apparently Wright made a major speech somewhere last night and is doing a breakfast speech later this morning. The commentators are all suggesting last night’s speech was not helpful to Obama. Maybe someone should tell Wright he is not running for
President, but that Obama is. Some people just crave the spot light and don’t care who or what they hurt. Other people are just plain crazy. I do not know what Wright is or for how long he has been so. But whatever he may be, he is screwing up Obama’s candidacy.

My annual physical today. I have already taken all the preliminary tests. I always have a concern when I do one of these physicals. You never know…

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