Bocci last night!

We finally won again! One game! But a win is a win!

We were matched against the third place team. Made the win and our overall playing even sweeter!

The first game was relatively close, but we lost.

Then came the second game. We killed them! 16-5. It was like days of old. We could do no wrong! From our cheering and jumping at the end of the game, you would have thought we won the world series!

It was great to be back!

The third and last game was close, but not to be. We played very well again. However we lost 16-14.

My bocci career is over for awhile. Next week is the final week of the season. I shall be in Boston. It has been a fun season with obviously many highs and lows!

If you rise early enough, you can see dolphins in front of my home. About 6 am. Yesterday I was out on the dock reading the papers around noon when three dolphins swam by. So beautiful! So graceful! So close! Only 25 feet away!

I started yesterday with a bike ride. Something I have not done for quite awhile. The wind was strong so I should not have ridden. The resistance is fantastic when you are riding against the wind. A real workout!

Discovered a new lunch place! The Shrimp Shack on Stock Island!

It is on the same road as Hogfish. About 300 yrds beyond Hogfish. Another downtown Stock Island establishment.

It is in the back of a building that houses a fresh fish market. You eat on the dock. And right next to you 10 feet away are the shrimp boats. What a sight!

I had fish and chips. A big time WOW! Large chunks of fresh fish deep fried. Tender and juicy. And the fries! Large cuts from real potatoes! Lightly salted to perfection.

I highly recommend the Shrimp Shack!

The price of gasoline is holding steady here in Key West. Just $.15 under $4.00 a gallon. When will we reach the magic number? It is a certainty!

When Bush started his Presidency in 2000 oil was $10 a barrel. Today it is pushing $120. What can be done? How? When?

No one seems to be doing anything.

In the meantime we continue getting reamed at the pumps! No one seems to care. I take that back. Someone does care. The oil companies!

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