Good morning!

Another great Key West day ahead!

Yesterday was Sunday. My Sundays are falling into a routine.

Breakfast at Camille’s with the grandkids.

I did not eat. Still dieting. Only had a cup of coffee.

It was Lisa, me and the kids! My son in law Corey was off in Louisville giving a lecture.

It was a very difficult time for me! All that food! So close! And the smells! So good! When dieting, one must avoid the near occasions of sin! Otherwise it is sooooo painful!

Then to the coffee house to sit on the front porch and read the Sunday New York Times. For free, of course!

Yesterday afternoon I did something different. Something I have not done for 20 years!

I went jet skiing!

Gregg showed up at my dock. He has a new masterful jet ski. He said hop on! So I did! And away we went!

Scarry at times! We got up to 60 miles an hour! The curves made me hold on for dear life!

Exhilerating! A real WOW!

The rest of the day was quiet. I hung out around the house doing nothing, watching television and sleeping off and on. This diet drains me of energy and desire. I am happy to be a couch potato!


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