Yesterday I filled my tank at the Shell station at Key Haven and US 1. AT 10 am.

I have to use high test/premium. I paid $3.85 a gallon.

2 1/2 hours later I returned home. So I had to drive past the Shell station. The price was now $4.10 a gallon.

A $.25 increase in 2 1/2 hours!

And regular had gone up $.25 a gallon also to $3.85.

A disgrace! A national disgrace!

We are pouring American livs and American money into Iraq. Iraq is one of the largest producers of oil in the world! They are banking oil profits daily. One of the reasons for their “civil war” is that they are fighting over how to divide up the oil profits.

While we are doing for them, what are they doing for us? Nothing!

Saudi Arabia continues to exist because of the United States. The war mongering Arab countries do not attempt to topple the Saudis because they know we would step in and protect them.

So what do the Saudis do to help us with the gasoline problem?

I would to say nothing. However I am not sure.

Remember Cheny has more than once visited Saudi Arabia. But we are never told why.

The oil companies continue to prosper. They make billions in profits and yet our gas prices go up. Throwing our economy into a dizzy!

Bush and Cheney are former/maybe presently oil men and big corporate people.

Not all Americans are suffering. While regular people are pinching pennies to fill their gas tanks, American oil companies are pocketing huge profits.

I could say it does not make sense. But it does make sense. We are geting reamed!

I missed yesterday afternoon’s party. I laid down for a half hour and woke up 4 hours later! This diet knocks me out. Yes, I am still on it.

I made Jim’s going away party last night. His wife Jules threw it. Jim is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. He leaves for the middle east this week.

The party was at the outside bar at Don’s Place. A perfect venue!

Don is one of the smartest businessmen I know. A story for another day however.

About a 100 people attended.

When I arrived, Jim was seated on a huge chair with a shawl over his shoulders and a crown on his head. He was being roasted!

The food and booze were plentiful. Especially the food! So much!

I neither drank nor ate.

One of the deserts was a mud pie. First time I ever saw one. A large ceramic pot was used to bake a chocolate cake. Then a flowered plant was placed in the middle of the cake. It looked like a potted plant, plain and simple!

It must have been awfully delicious! People were eating around the plant like there was no tomorrow! I was jealous!

I have to shower and hurry into town. It is Sunday morning and Sunday morning is breakfast with the grandkids at Camille’s!

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